Passing Observations 105

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The USSR banned the film High Noon because it glorified the individual rather than the State. The irony was that Carl Foreman, the producer, was banned in Hollywood for allegedly being a communist, having communist leanings, not denying he was a communist or refusing to talk about others who might be communists or have communist leanings. One, more or none of those things. `High Noon’ will doubtless not survive the Great Reset.

2. We have one of the expensive and useless European Union bulbs in one small room in our house. (The room is called the butler’s Pantry since you ask – though, sadly, we have no butler.) I always turn that light on an hour before the sun goes down and then leave it on until we go to bed. I do this because the bulb takes an hour to start working properly and I’m fed up with bumping into things in the half darkness. (This EU bulb is an outlier. I bought a huge supply of proper, old-fashioned light bulbs before it became illegal to sell them, buy them, own them or use them. It seemed pretty clear that anything forced upon us by the EU would never work properly.)

3. Cultist protestors/vandals recently smashed up petrol pumps at a motorway service station. Er, how did they get there? I do hope they didn’t use any fuel driven transport.

4. I recently saw Dr Hilary Jones described as the `most loved doctor’. I’m surprised no one complained to the Advertising Standards Authority.

5. Many towns have massively increased their car parking charges. I predict that the towns which survive the hard times ahead will be the ones which kept their car park charges low. The towns where the council doubled car park charges will die a slow but inevitable death.

6. The double jabbed are more likely to go to hospital with covid-19 (the re-branded flu) than the un-jabbed.

7. The number of people with atrial fibrillation has gone up by 72% in England in recent years. Why on earth could that be?

8. Serious violence went up dramatically – a 23% rise – after lockdowns ended in England and Wales. A staggering 146,856 people went to accident and emergency units with violence related injuries in 2021. That is 27,745 more than in 2020. This is one of the reasons why hospitals cannot cope.

9. A man in Lewisham, England was given a £65 fine because his car’s shadow was in a disabled parking spot.

10. It is now clear that I was right when I warned that people who had been given the mRNA covid jab should not give blood as donors. The jab is still in their blood for an unspecified period after jabbing.

11. The UK Government says that 160,000 people died of covid-19 in England since March 2020. But if you remove the people who died of cancer, heart disease or pneumonia the real total is 5,115. The figures show that covid-19, the rebranded flu, was actually quite a mild variety of the flu.

12. The BBC is losing its licence fee. It would help them a great deal if everyone stopped paying the licence fee now (legally of course) and gave the BBC an opportunity to living in the real world. The BBC is not a broadcaster. It is a narrowcaster. In my view the BBC is bigoted, prejudiced, blinked, shamefully ignorant, narrow minded and untrustworthy and as a source of news and information it is as unreliable as YouTube.

13. In Passing Observations 104 I referred to Terry Nation as the creator of Dr Who. This was an error, I’m afraid. My dear friend Dr Colin Barron tells me that although Terry Nation wrote the second Dr Who story in 1963, and introduced the Daleks to the world, Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, who also created The Avengers. Colin (who writes books as Colin M Barron) knows more about films and TV than anyone I know (or, probably, anyone in existence). His books on films are brilliant. I particularly recommend `Battles on Screen’, `Victories at Sea’ and `Dying Harder’. They are absolutely packed with fascinating stuff. Treat yourself and buy all three.

14. Am I the only one to have noticed that doorbells don’t last long? We have to replace every doorbell every three months. They just stop working. I don’t think they like being outside in the cold and the wet though installing them indoors seems a trifle silly.

15. The most popular diet in Britain is called the seagull diet. It consists of chips and ice cream. Antoinette says that she'd like to come back as a seagull so that she can eat ice cream and chips all day and not worry about her weight with the added bonus of being able to annoint mask wearers in the street from a height of 6ft.

16. According to the new UK Highway Code, drivers can get into trouble in the UK if they drive in a car which is stuffy. The punishment is two years in prison. It is also an offence to wear the wrong sort of sunglasses in sunny weather. Or not to wear sunglasses at all. Driving after taking hayfever medicine can result in six months in prison. And driving on wet roads after a summer shower may be regarded as a driving offence. Paying at a drive through or toll road with a mobile phone is also an offence. Not pulling in to the pavement or verge if a cyclist is approaching on the other side of the road may be an offence too. Life on the open road is such fun these days.

17. The European Medicines Agency reports that in the period up until 23.4.22 there were 43,898 deaths among people in Europe who had received the covid-19 jab. And there were 4,190,493 injuries. My prediction that the jab would prove more dangerous than covid-19 has been proved accurate.

18. The Office for National Statistics in the UK suggests that mortality among children who received the covid-19 jab exceeded mortality among children who didn’t have the jab. The mainstream media does not discuss this. And MPs are not allowed to discuss it. And I get attacked, demonised, ghosted and banned for mentioning it.

19. As predicted last year, it is now known that the covid-19 jab creates antibody dependent enhancement – making covid-19 worse by priming the immune system to over-react.

20. It is now clear that, as I warned was happening nearly two years ago, elderly people in the UK (and elsewhere) were murdered in a massive programme of genocide. Here’s another prediction: no one will be punished for this.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2022

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