Passing Observations 108

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. I stood in a queue behind 15 people. We were in a supermarket. There was just one till open. The 15 people in the queue stood there like silent zombies – probably damaged by the covid jab. I called out for someone to open another till. Immediately two more members of staff appeared and opened two more tills. The queue melted away.

2. There is a new pressure group called Exhibitionist Rebellion. Members of the group glue themselves to roads and buildings so that people take photographs of them.

3. The Guardian has been unutterably awful since they took `Manchester’ off the masthead. However, the paper has always been useful in that if the critics say a book is worth reading or a film worth watching, I know to avoid that book or film. And if they say that a book is awful or a film terrible, then they’re probably worth looking at. Now that the staff have undoubtedly been jabbed, masked and tested, I find these rules even more useful. The Guardian reviews are reliably unreliable. (And, no, they haven’t reviewed anything of mine for years.)

4. Laurence Sterne, the author of Tristram Shandy and Sentimental Journey, had an eventful life. When he was a child he fell into a mill race and was carried under the wheel. He was saved by a miracle. When he died his corpse was stolen from the grave by body snatchers and sold for dissection. He was saved from this fate when his body was recognised by a friend.

5. There used to be a sign on a beach in North Devon which said: `Do not throw stones at this notice.’ That was all the sign said. I hope the sign is still there.

6. There are still people around who are wearing masks in shops and in the street. They are clearly clinically insane.

7. Since the mid-1990s, the richest 1% of the population in America has taken 38% of all the wealth gains. The billionaires just get richer and richer, while everyone else gets poorer. And since the billionaires can’t possibly spend all their money it just sits there doing nothing useful.

8. According to the UK Government website, the NHS is (or was) looking for staff for its Vaccine Damage Payments Team. I wonder why on earth that could be. It is not as widely known as it should be but anyone disabled by any vaccine (including the covid-19 jab) can claim a tax free one off payment of £120,000 from the Government. The money comes from taxpayers rather than drug companies or doctors. People who are damaged by vaccines promoted by the Government can’t sue but they can get the one off payment. Of course, if you’re paralysed for life a payment of £120,000 won’t get you very far. But it’s all you’ll get. Thanks to Bill Gates, the drug companies are completely immune.

9. For a while in 1899, electric motor vehicles were popular. There are good reasons why they were overtaken and displaced by vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. Electric vehicles are a step back into the distant past. What next? Horse drawn broughams and pony traps?

10. Right at the start of the covid fraud, long before the jabbing began, I suggested that the authorities should start a trial – comparing the health of 20,000 people who were jabbed with a comparable 20,000 people who were not jabbed. Such a trial would have told us the precise risks associated with the covid jab. It is telling that no such trial was ever organised and never will be. There can only be one conclusion.

11. In most countries patients who are scanned or X-rayed will receive their results within hours – often direct from the radiologist. In the UK it can take weeks or even months for a patient to be given their results. And blood tests and pathology tests should be reported on within hours. Once again, patients are often forced to wait weeks before being told their results.

12. An American cardiologist estimates that 30% of pilots in the US may have covid-19 jab induced heart conditions. Anyone who chooses to fly these days is very brave.

13. In Devon, a local council is advertising `a unique opportunity for community groups and local businesses to creatively repurpose public toilet premises’. That, together with massively increased car park charges should keep all those pesky visitors away.

14. Here’s a thought to change the world and to make it a fairer place. Instead of offering a wage or salary to prospective employees, why not ask applicants how much they will accept to do a particular job. Employers might find that executives would accept a comparatively modest salary to be boss of a big company (thereby saving the company many millions of pounds) but also find that applicants would demand a huge salary to clean pub loos on Saturday nights.

15. The worst pain in the world is the one you’ve got.

16. A policeperson has received nearly £1 million from Police Scotland after evidence was found of a sexist culture. Taxpayers who had nothing to do with the sexist culture will foot the bill. (I wonder how much the pay-out would have been if, for example, the officer had lost both legs and then been awarded damages. (The Government pays individuals who are severely vaccine damaged a fixed sum of £120,000 – take it or leave it.)

17. Any country whose leaders ever wore face masks was run by half-wits. Any country where the leaders still wear face masks is run by quarter wits.

18. For the last two years I have repeatedly challenged my critics to public debate. I have challenged Whitty and Vallance of the UK Government and I have challenged Dr Hilary Jones and Piers Morgan of the media. Oh, and Devi Sridhar. None has responded. 19. I keep looking at the BBC Website in the hope that they will one day make a mistake and publish the truth about something. It’ll be a red letter day if they do.

20. A simple way I check to see if someone who has spoken out publicly about the covid fraud, etc., could possibly be controlled opposition is to see if they still have a YouTube channel. If they do then, in my opinion, they are almost certainly controlled opposition or leaning in that direction. If they still have a Twitter account and a Facebook account as well then any remaining doubt I have disappears. I know I could be wrong but in my experience, the authorities do not allow trenchant, `dangerous’ truth-tellers to have accounts on these social media platforms.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 2022

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