Passing Observations 113

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Slovenian readers will, I hope, be delighted to know that my book `Meat causes cancer and other food for thought’ is now available in Slovenian. Look out for it in local bookshops or online.

2. For years now I have received a threatening letter every month from the BBC’s licence fee thugs – ever keen to collect a debt I don’t owe. Now I also get a letter telling me that my smart meter is waiting for me. Screwed up, both pieces of paper help to start a log fire though it does seem a rather expensive way to supply me with fire lighting materials.

3. British taxpayers gave the queen a massive £87.5 million in 2020/2021 (an increase of £18 million on the previous year). Why do we do this? Among all her other goodies, the queen has a stamp collection worth £100 million . And, another thing, the queen is spending £369 million doing-up Buckingham Palace. How much do carpets and curtains cost these days?

4. The Environment Agency in the UK warns that rising sea levels could force towns to relocate. If I thought there was any evidence for this scary claim it would be a worry. But I don’t believe there is so it isn’t. The Environment Agency should be disbanded and the money used to buy ice creams for everyone.

5. The royals specialise in hypocrisy. They preach global warming and overpopulation but fly by private plane and breed like rabbits.

6. A woman took a job seven years ago. She worked four months. She’s been pregnant ever since (with six children). She’s now had six years of maternity leave.

7. Company bosses are paid millions. Why? I doubt if there is any big company in the world which couldn’t be run just as well by any one of 50,000 individuals chosen almost at random. Running a big company is mainly done by managers and administrators. The boss is usually just a figurehead with too much salary, too much office, too many secretaries and too big an expense account.

8. Now they want people to wear masks because of monkeypox. But monkeypox is contagious not infectious. What do they want people to do? Wrap themselves in hundreds of masks?

9. I recently mentioned that the UK Government is determined to impoverish the elderly by charging them an extra, unprecedented tax as a punishment for being old. Only the elderly who are still working (to try to make ends meet) will have to pay the tax. The new tax will ensure that over a hundred thousand old people die of cold and hunger next winter. A kind reader tells me that the same thing is happening in Canada. It is abundantly clear that the conspirators are determined to kill off the elderly first.

10. The cricket authorities have decided to get rid of the word `batsman’ because it is sexist and politically incorrect. And the fielding position `third man’ has to go too. But what are they going to do about the round red things with which the game is played?

11. I believe that incompetent doctors (and the NHS) killed both my parents. The details appear in my book `Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer’. Incompetent doctors also tried to kill me. But, on reflection, that might not have been entirely an accident.

12. Serious violence in England rocketed by 23% after the lockdowns were lifted. An astonishing 146,856 people went to Accident and Emergency departments for violence related injuries in 2021 – that’s 27,745 more than in 2020. Another reason for those 10 hour waiting lists in casualty departments.

13. Global warming enthusiasts are merely in love with their own public sense of self-righteousness. They are virtue signallers par excellence.

14. Many shops and business are now open only between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Banks, of course, have cut their opening hours even further than this. Cutting working hours like this is often inconvenient and utterly bizarre and seems to fit in with the now commonplace determination to avoid actually having to do any work. The shorter working day will lead to even more businesses going bust.

15. I am tired of politicians talking about the importance of protecting free speech. There is no free speech. I am banned from all mainstream media and most of the internet and if I try to give a speech in a public place I will almost certainly be arrested.

16. `Give me liberty or give me death’ – Patrick Henry.

17. A new bill in England will speed up the approval of gene-edited crops – making it much faster than under previous EU regulations. I doubt if these dangerous foods will be labelled as such and they will not be tested, of course.

18. The Australians are spending £14 million to put a flagpole on that big bridge of which they are so proud. A politician said it was a small price to pay. I’ll put up a flagpole for £13 million if the Aussies would like to get in touch.

19. `The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.’ – Benjamin Disraeli

20. The mainstream media is telling readers that the best health test is to try standing on one leg. If you can manage it for ten seconds you will, according to the bird cage lining material producers, live for ever and a day. I tried it, fell over and cracked my head on the edge of a bookcase. I now won’t live for ever and a day. I note that none of the mainstream media experts warned readers not to try this test while standing at the top of a flight of stairs.

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