Passing Observations 117

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Have you noticed how whenever a celebrity fails a PCR test, the mainstream media immediately classifies them as having covid-19? We’ve gone backwards two years and the assumption again is that a positive test means that you have covid-19. It happened recently to Mick Jagger. And it happened at Wimbledon.

2. Have you noticed that local councils in England are busy closing public loos? This destroys local businesses and wrecks tourism. The effect is particularly potent in seaside towns which rely heavily on visitors in the summertime. I know one small town which has been virtually destroyed by the closure of public loos in a parking area which used to be popular with coach parties. (The usual trick is to leave the loos un-cleaned for a month and then close them for health and safety reasons.) The result is that English holiday resorts are not dying – they are being murdered. The murder is helped, of course, by the fact that car park charges are rising rapidly. Oh, and remember those rows of deck chairs on sea fronts? Well they are now no more. Health and safety loonies think that they could collapse and damage someone’s handbag strap.

3. Knighthoods and other honours seem, these days, to be handed out for those who have proved themselves able to make large sums of money for themselves while, at the same time, minimising their tax liabilities. Oddly enough, it helps if the person being honoured has made a large donation to the ruling political party.

4. The Glastonbury Shindig now seems to be the official Party Conference for the Woke Party.

5. Check out the most fervent anti-Brexit campaigners. And then check out a list of enthusiastic Bilderbergers.

6. Toyota built an electric car. Unfortunately, the wheels tend to fall off – just like the cars which the clowns drove when circuses were allowed. Even for an electric car this is considered a disadvantage. Mind you, anyone daft enough to buy an electric car deserves what they get. The police bought some of them and then found that the batteries ran out as they were chasing the bad guys.

7. The UN secretary general says that new graduates should not work for climate wrecking companies – he defines these as fossil fuel developers. The UN secretary general should go back to his typing and shorthand and leave the serious stuff to the grown-ups.

8. The odd thing about lefty lefty liberal, woke luvvies is that they love useless and outmoded British institutions such as the BBC and the NHS.

9. Staff at the Czech owned company which won the next 10 year licence to run Britain’s National Lottery are big winners. The pay of 11 board members and key managers rose by 39% in 2021.

10. `There is but one truth for all – one life for each to give. Who stands if freedom fall?’ - Kipling.

11. The woke nutters are still screaming about log fires. They want them all stopped immediately. I am not aware of any evidence (scientific or anecdotal) that anyone has died as a result of sitting beside a log fire. But I know lots of people (myself included) who obtain great relief from sitting by a roaring fire. Looking into the flames is far more entertaining than anything available on the television. So I intend to sit by my log fire until I too am ashes.

12. The BBC reneged on its deal to allow 75-year-olds to watch TV without paying a licence fee. But the BBC has found enough money to award its staff a huge pay rise. The ignorant, treacherous, dim-witted bastards working for the BBC are getting a 5.34% increase. And dim-witted presenters are receiving huge salaries which I suspect no one in the independent sector would pay them.

13. `We live in a society full of preventable disorders, preventable diseases and preventable pain, of harshness and stupid unpremeditated cruelties.’ – H.G.Wells

14. Patients waiting for an operation should ask their GP to refer them to a private surgeon working in a private hospital. UK citizens are entitled to operations in a number of private hospitals. You just need to ask your GP to refer you.

15. More parents need to be aware that the majority of schools are now run by left wing lunatics who are filling children with Great Reset propaganda. Parents need a close eye on the rubbish their children are taught.

16. Is Germany now the most corrupt country in the world? A German insurance giant called Allianz has agreed to pay $6 billion in fines. Volkswagen systematically cheated on emissions standards for its cars. Deutsche Bank was fined $7 billion in the US.

17. Around 90% of climate change nutters are unemployed. The rest are teachers and social workers. Odd then the climate change protests are secretly financed by billionaires. You’d think they’d notice, wouldn’t you?

18. Boris Johnson seems more selfish, more self-interested, more intrinsically corrupt than any previous British politician. (And given the number of politicians who have ended up in prison that’s quite an achievement.) The bottom line, of course, is that Johnson probably appears that way because he is that way.

19. Our special correspondent in Germany has written to tell us what is happening over there. First, in some areas of Germany, because of the shortage of heating fuel, hot water is only available at certain times of day. Second, during the coming winter people will be housed in large halls to cut heating costs. Third, the cost of a one year dog licence is now 60 euros. The fee for a second dog is 90 euros. The fee for a third dog is 120 euros. And additional dogs each require another fee of 120 euros. These plans reek of social credit and the Great Reset.

20. Just a reminder: as I reported on 23rd June, the Chief executive of jab maker BioNTech has told health watchdogs that they have to decide soon whether or not to approve the new covid jabs for the most recent strains of the coronavirus – without needing clinical data. WITHOUT NEEDING CLINICAL DATA! They now want to jab people with the stuff without testing it at all.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2022

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