Passing Observations 12 (A Coronavirus Special)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. I can pretty well guarantee that the `temporary’ powers the Government has given itself (and the police) will turn out to be permanent. When Governments grab power they tend to hang onto them. As Milton Friedman once observed `nothing is as permanent as a temporary Government programme’. In the UK, one former Supreme Court Judge, is reported to have talked about `collective hysteria’ and to have used the phrase `police state’.

2. The Government knows where all pensioners live but, despite having forbidden relatives or friends to visit them, has made no effort to ensure that the elderly are receiving food supplies. How many old people will starve to death? How many dead bodies will be found behind locked doors?

3. Some pathologists have decreed that dead patients who have the coronavirus must now be cremated without examination. I’ve seen a briefing which states: `If a death is believed to be due to confirmed COVID-19 infection there is unlikely to be any need for a post-mortem examination to be conducted and the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death should be issued’. The key word here is surely `believed’.

4. In the UK, shops are due to open in June. There is talk that people will be reluctant to go back to the High Street because they are too frightened of the coronavirus. This is partly true. But it is part of the propaganda. (Encouraging us to remain fearful.) The truth is that shopping is going to be a miserable experience. And the closure of many public loos will make shopping impossible and impractical for many people – especially those with children and the elderly. (Remember that back at the beginning of March I predicted that part of the plan was to marginalise the elderly? Well closing public loos is part of that.)

5. The BBC Director General, speaking on a BBC programme which was reported on the BBC website claims that 94% of the population accessed a bit of the BBC in the 3rd week of March. We can assume that this was their best week and, of course, I am sceptical of anything the BBC says about anything, but it is worrying that anyone still uses the BBC. I hope no one relies on the BBC for news. The woman along the way with the curlers and the pinafore provides a much more reliable source of news than the BBC.

6. The United Nations estimates that worldwide 25 million jobs will be lost as a result of the coronavirus. Some claim the figure could be as high as 190 million. Actually, virtually no jobs will be lost because of the virus. It’s the lockdowns and social distancing which will cause the job losses.

7. Every fact I have provided has been absolutely accurate. Every prediction I’ve made has been proven accurate. So why don’t the authorities admit that they got it wrong? Even if they wanted to do so the scientists, the politicians and the media are now wedded to this deceit. Even if they wanted to, how could they possibly admit that they got it all so very, very wrong?

8. By exaggerating the number of deaths the authorities are endangering us all. You cannot investigate a disease when you don’t keep proper records. As the weeks pass by we should be able to learn a good deal about this coronavirus. But we won’t be able to do any useful research because we don’t know who really died from it and who died from something else. We can’t work out whether the disease mostly affects people who are meat eaters, or who have been vaccinated against the flu or who have red hair because the information we have is inaccurate and useless.

9. The UK Government has admitted that the NHS has 2,295 empty intensive care beds. The average number of empty intensive care beds before the coronavirus `crisis’ was 800. So, the NHS has 1,495 more empty intensive care beds during the coronavirus `crisis’ than it had before the so-called `crisis’ began. And it has been reported that almost half the beds in some English hospitals are lying empty.

10. It is difficult to take the lockdown laws seriously when so many senior figures seem to take little or no notice of them – or bend them to suit their `special’ circumstances. Could it possibly because those senior figures know the truth about the danger of the coronavirus?

11. The Government in the UK admits that 60,000 people have now died unnecessarily because health care has been devoted to the coronavirus. That figure will soar. As I predicted many weeks ago it will continue to rise. It is crucial that hospitals are opened up to everyone who needs help.

12. I have been told that a website is promoting an old email address as a contact address for me. I am afraid that for technical reasons beyond my control I no longer see emails sent to any of the old email addresses connected with this website. I apologise for not providing an email address but I am told that over 2,000 people a day are sending emails to defunct addresses and I wouldn’t be able to open and read that many emails – let alone reply to them. I hope you understand. Everything I know about anything is in my books, on this website and in the videos I am recording. Thank you for caring and for your support. It means everything to Antoinette and myself.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 26th 2020

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