Passing Observations 120

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. The EU has decided that gas and nuclear energy are now suddenly `green’ and acceptable forms of energy for the Greens. This, of course, rather makes a mess of the British government’s policy on gas boilers. (Incidentally, it is often forgotten, by the way, that the euro was created to go with a single European government. The euro’s problems will continue until Europeans plead for that single Government. This was always the plan.)

2. It is the willingness, indeed enthusiasm, of totally corrupt organisations such as Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and broadcasters such as the BBC to comply and to suppress the truth which enables the conspirators to succeed. It is newspapers such as The Guardian which used to have good reputations but which are, like the BBC, now linked to Bill Gates, the man whose polio vaccination programme is now believed to be responsible for outbreaks of polio around the world – including in the UK - which must eventually take the responsibility for leading us into a world where freedom itself will be a forbidden concept; into a world of social credits and the Great Reset. And it is the way that the medical establishment is now in thrall to the pharmaceutical industry – the most thoroughly evil industry in world history, worse even than the arms industry and more relentlessly lethal than the tobacco industry – which is truly shocking. It is the medical establishment – including trade unions such as the British Medical Association, scores of medical journals and statutory bodies such as JCVI and MHRA which exist, in theory at least, to protect the public, which appear to have sold the truth to the highest bidder and sold our future to an industry and a bunch of evil conspirators. In my first book `The Medicine Men’, which was published in 1975, I pointed out that a profession which takes orders from a trade can no longer call itself a profession. What I saw then was that the medical profession was pretty well owned by the drug industry and that members of the medical profession had become little more than agents, salesmen and pushers for the industry. They had sold their virtue for a handful of free pens, a few luncheons and an easy life. It is their ready obedience which has enabled the drug industry to kill and maim without compunction and without hindrance.

3. There has always been an unhealthy `revolving door’ relationship between drug companies and medical regulators. I do not currently know of any doctors advising governments or the mainstream media who do not have, or have not had, some sort of relationship with the pharmaceutical industry.

4. Here’s a good way to concentrate your mind: work out how many years you’ve got left if God is good to you. Then work out how many hours you have left. Then you will be inclined to avoid wasting any of them.

5. There are far too many trolls around. We need a cull of the trolls.

6. Over half a million men are now claiming paternity benefit. They stay at home because their wife has had a baby. Are men now breast-feeding? The absurdities never end.

7. I passed a sandwich shop the other day. Just an ordinary little shop. They were selling sandwiches for £9 each. Now, that’s what I call inflation. And it hasn’t really got going yet.

8. Here’s how mad the world has become. While sitting in a café the other day I took out a small penknife to sharpen a pencil I was using. And I was so worried that someone would call the police and tell them that a man had a knife that I hid my hands behind my cup. That’s the world they’ve made.

9. The benefits system was designed to stop people working. If people work they are worse off than if they just accept their benefits. Everyone knows this. What most people don’t know is that the system was designed to bring about economic collapse. It was designed with this in mind. Remember: nothing happens by accident.

10. The world is full of trickery these days. I ordered two tubes of expensive oil paint. They were sent through the mail and the delivery was recorded by the postman. But the packet was empty. However, since the packet had been delivered I was unable to claim for the loss.

11. Three times recently I have posted letters with more than enough stamps on the envelope and the recipients have had to pay extra. Yesterday, I received a letter with a Royal Mail `postage paid’ franking – but the envelope had been surcharged `item underpaid – fee to pay £1.50’. Is this a new way for Royal Mail to gouge a profit out of customers? Charge at both ends? Like auctioneers.

12. Traditionally, the three most crooked industrial complexes in the world have been weapons makers, the pharmaceutical industry and the banks. Those three have been joined by a fourth: the surveillance industry.

13. An MP described the Russian war as `barbaric’. Can anyone remember a war which wasn’t barbaric?

14. There are now 100,000 Ukranians living in England. That’s nice. But what is the cost to the nation? I ask only because tens of thousands of older, taxpaying citizens in England can’t afford to eat and won’t be able to afford to keep warm this winter. As a result they will die. Western governments are spending billions on the war in Ukraine. Our Governments helped create the war. And now we are creating long-term refugee costs that we cannot possible afford.

15. A study by scientists in England found micro-plastic fibres in the lungs of patients awaiting surgery. Some of the plastic pieces were 2 mm long and the same plastic as is used in facemasks. Micro-plastics have also been detected in human blood and in organs – leading to the death of cells and allergic responses. Isn’t it odd that the same loonies who oppose the use of plastic bags want to force people to wear plastic masks?

16. Dentists have been told to keep their windows open (so that the air circulates). This means that dental surgeries are no longer hygienic since flies can land on instruments. This is another `kill’ policy.

17. I always refused to do TV celebrity quiz shows (despite being offered large fees) because I wanted to maintain a little gravitas. I also refused to do any adverts or promotions to protect my reputation for independence. And now I am probably the most vilified and banned doctor in the world. Hurts a bit.

18. An HSBC banker who was global head of responsible investing at HSBC Asset Management and who complained about climate change `nut jobs’, virtue signalling and cancel culture was suspended by the bank. He has now quit saying that his position is unsustainable.

19. We don’t drink tap water. We drink spring water that hasn’t gone through the life cycle of much so-called `drinking’ water today. We don’t want to drink anything that comes out of a sewage polluted river because of the drug residues and chemicals they can’t remove. Drinking the remains of someone else’s contraceptive pill, Valium or steroids doesn’t appeal to me. But the bottled water business has now got silly. There are branded bottles of water that will cost £130. Companies which sell bottled water now talk of `flavour’, `vintage’, `delicate mineral variations’, `body and elegance’ and `creamy with a delicate finish’. I’m not kidding.

20. `People are greedy. The more you do for them the more they expect.’ – Veronica Lake.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2022

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