Passing Observations 128

Dr Vernon Coleman

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye or mind and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. Many of the worst war criminals hung after World War II were lawyers. Most of the rest were politicians.

2. As the global food crisis deepens, policies introduced by the Dutch Government means that 11,200 farms will have to close entirely. Meanwhile, EU policies call for a 13% fall in agricultural production. (Anyone who thinks the global food shortage is accidental needs medical treatment.)

3. Global warming cultists pointed out that the drop in food yields this year wasn’t as bad as 2020 and certainly wasn’t anywhere near as bad as 1981. Er, will someone point out to them that this proves that there is no global warming.

4. Food is the fifth biggest cost for households in the UK. In many African countries, food makes up over half of their spending. A rise in food prices is therefore particularly critical.

5. Germans think they are very clever and fashion conscious. But German men think they look good in tight leather shorts held up by leather braces.

6. Around 770 million people were starving in 2021. It will be worse this year – largely thanks to the sanctions against Russia (brought in by Biden, Johnson and the EU.)

7. `I could have taken Errol,’ Basil Rathbone, talking about the swordfight in the film Robin Hood.

8. In the film Casablanca Peter Lorre asks Bogart if he thinks badly of him. `I never think of you at all,’ replies Bogart.

9. Here’s a joke I just made up. `What’s the difference between a piece of elastic and a bunch of thieves?’ Answer: `One is a rubber band and the other is a band of robbers.’ I look forward to seeing this in a Christmas cracker.

10. Bad venepuncture (taking of a blood sample) turns a relatively simple, safe, pain free procedure into a dangerous and painful procedure. The problem is that blood samples are being taken by staff who haven’t been properly trained – because doctors are working from home and won’t see patients.

11. Journalists worldwide have forgotten that news is the stuff people in power don’t want printing.

12. The UK government spends £2,000 more every year on individuals living in Scotland than it spends on individuals living in England. (The Scots will lose this bonus if they vote for – and win – independence.)

13. There was a time when MPs who were appointed to the Cabinet had to resign their constituency seats and stand again. What a splendid idea that was.

14. Solar panels made in China are made with electricity generated by coal.

15. We watched the film `Thirteen Lives’ the other day. If you haven’t seen it then you must. It’s about the rescue of school boys who were stuck in a cave in Thailand. Every one of the brave, voluntary rescuers deserved a knighthood. None of them got them. Today, entertainers, sportspeople, civil servants and business folk get gongs for doing their job.

16. Students in Wales can now see their exam questions beforehand. Students with ADHD get 25% more time to answer questions. What next? Maybe students officially classified as stupid will be allowed 50% more time. And perhaps students classified as illiterate and/or innumerate will be able to have their teachers sitting alongside them to help with the answers. Why not stop messing around and just give out exam successes to everyone who wants one? Exam results would mean just as much.

17. When Antoinette and I watched the film `Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War’ in a cinema, the audience stood up and applauded at the end.

18. I was the first doctor to describe the covid-19 scare a hoax. I was the first to warn of compulsory vaccinations, the first to warn that governments wanted to kill old people, the first to warn of the end of cash, the first to detail the psychological tricks being used by governments, the first to describe the uselessness of the tests and the first to detail the dangers with the covid-19 jabs. It is more than a little galling now to be attacked by people who’ve only just woken up and who are pushing the idea that there is no such thing as an infectious disease. Incidentally, I’ve been writing about our loss of independence for decades in books such as `Living in a Fascist Country’, `Why Everything is going to get worse before it gets better’ – and many others.

19. Politicians around the world are working hard to make themselves despised and distrusted so that the voters will welcome a world government when it is offered to them. Obedient politicians who have sacrificed themselves will be given important, lucrative posts in the global government, won’t they Boris? Meanwhile, I firmly believe that if everyone stopped using YouTube and the Google search engine this war against the conspirators would be over in a month. Sadly, too many people are addicted to both.

20. `The spirit of enquiry leads up a lane which hath no ending.’ – Beatrix Potter

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2022

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