Passing Observations 13 (Coronavirus Special)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB CB DSc FRSA

1. Opticians are closed, of course. So millions of people will be suffering enormously. And what about motorists who need eye tests in order to retain their licences? No one in government cares. What about patients with developing eye problems? No one in government cares about them, either. Cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration will all go undiagnosed. Will this lunacy ever end?

2. If you havenít already done so please subscribe to my YouTube channel. It doesnít cost anything. And there are no adverts or sponsors on the videos. We are trying to put up at least one video every day. And the old ones remain Ė unless or until they get banned by YouTube.

3. Dominic Cummings was supposed to be the brain of the Conservative Party. He is, it was said, the man who understands what the public wants. I read that he was able to manage public opinion. Really? If he is the best brain the Conservatives have then heaven help us all. His absurdly arrogant behaviour has destroyed the British Governmentís lockdown policies (not a bad thing, so thanks to him for that), split the Conservative party (serves them right for employing him), wrecked the Prime Ministerís credibility and lost any reputation he had himself. Brilliant. Not bad for a highly paid advisor who was supposed to work behind the scenes and help the Prime Minister run things. If the fellow had any integrity, self-respect or respect for his employer he would have resigned ages ago. If he was employed in the private sector I suspect he would have been fired for arrogance, incompetence and simple, old-fashioned stupidity. But heís a sort of uncivil servant so what can we expect?

4. Attempts are constantly being made to `monsterí Sweden and to fake the Swedish mortality figures. The problem for the UK and other countries is that Sweden hasnít really had a lockdown. The Government there trusted the people to behave sensibly. And the death rate has been a fraction of the death in the UK. Britainís aggressive lockdown and social distancing policies have been an utter disaster. And the utterly pathetic Boris Johnson will be remembered for having got just about everything wrong. If he hadnít contracted the bug himself and then had a child with his mistress he would by now be as popular as Corbyn used to be. The Buffoon Boris is surviving only on public sympathy.

5. Big energy companies are now banning customers from joining their cheapest deals unless they have smart meters fitted. That suggests to me that smart meters are `goodí for big energy companies. And we already know they are good for the government Ė because smart meters enable the authorities to turn your supply on and off when they feel like it. Smart meters certainly arenít much good for customers! The inconvenience and disruption simply isnít worthwhile. As we all lose all trust in the government it is important to stay alert. We wonít be letting the energy company install a smart meter.

6. I used to play golf but after wrecking my shoulder I gave up. The other day I decided to try a little chipping and putting in the garden. It was quite fun. Yesterday, I left a dozen golf balls on the lawn. Well, they are waterproof arenít they? This morning they had all gone. Who the devil took them? Fox? Squirrel? Crow? Seagull? My favourite is a seagull. Or several seagulls. Iíve seen one swallow a fat ball from a bird feeder in one gulp. A fat ball and a golf ball are much the same size. Now that the police arenít allowed to arrest sunbathers they wonít have anything to do so Iíll give them a ring and ask them to come and look for bill-prints on the grass.

7. We acquire our immunity to a whole range of minor infections through being in daily contact with other people. Being in contact with many infections keeps our immune systems in tip top condition. When groups of people are isolated they become dangerously vulnerable to infections. And so forcing millions of people to stay under house arrest for considerable periods of time will make them very vulnerable to infections of many kinds when (or perhaps that should be `ifí) their isolation ends. This is well known to everyone except governments around the world and their highly paid scientific and medical advisors who seem to have a combined IQ of 11.7 when the wind is blowing in the right direction and who either donít know this simple truth Ė or donít care.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 27th 2020

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