Passing Observations (Coronavirus Special 14)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. Much is being made of the claim that 100,000 people have died of the coronavirus in America. Might I suggest that those who find this figure (which is generally agreed by doctors to be a wild exaggeration) a good reason for the lockdowns and social distancing, take a look at the number of people who died in America last year of the flu (the figure for which is generally agreed to be accurate).

2. It seems that in the UK, the Government is planning to allow hairdressers to open before dentists. Both lots of workers get up close and personal with their patients. But dentists work in sterile surroundings and are well accustomed to wearing masks, gloves and so on. So, what is going on? I believe this is all a deliberate attempt to destroy NHS dentistry Ė and save huge amounts of money. (See the piece about NHS dentistry on this website.)

3. In order to satisfy social distancing requirements, there are plans to widen pavements everywhere. The cost of this will, of course, be phenomenal. But the side effect will be to make roads narrower and, inevitably, to make all sorts of motorised travel (cars, lorries, etc.) even more difficult. And so less oil will be used. There is no doubt that all this is part of the plan to save our rapidly diminishing stocks of oil. (If you want to know more about what is happening now I suggest you read my book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change which is available on Amazon.)

4. On 27th May the EU announced that they would be putting together a recovery fund of 750 billion euros. This was widely reported by newspapers and TV. In my book Coming Apocalypse (published in April) I suggested, in the March 14th entry, that the EU would need to raise £700 billion. (The truth, I am afraid, is that my keyboard doesnít have the sign for a euro and so I put my estimate down in sterling. Still, pretty close.)

5. I now think it was a pity Corbyn didnít win the last election in the UK. We would have had a communist government but I donít think it would have been quite so communist as the government weíve been given by Comrade Boris. And we would have certainly had less social distancing.

6. All Trump has to do to win the November election in the US is to demand a TV debate with the unfortunate Biden who wonít know why he is there or who the devil Trump is.

7. Iím not surprised to see China getting heavy with Hong Kong. Nor, indeed, will the readers of my book Coming Apocalypse be surprised. Here is what I wrote in that book (my entry for April 14th): `Itís illuminating to think back to the days before the panic began. In France, the yellow vest riots were still in full flow. President Macron had pretty much lost control of his country. In Hong Kong, the demonstrators were causing mayhem and the Chinese Government was facing serious problems. All over the world, protestors were causing chaos with demonstrations inspired by climate change campaigners. In Europe there were increasing tensions as countries such as Italy and Greece struggled with a currency that was too strong for them. The German people were becoming very tetchy about the future cost of supporting the European Union. And the issues over Brexit were still causing serious concern among hard-line Remainers Ė who were still hoping to overturn the democratic will of the British people. In the United States, the ideological battles were heightened as the Presidential election got underway. The world was, in short, in rare turmoil. Today, the world is pretty much one big police state. Demonstrations of any kind are outlawed. Public meetings are outlawed. Elections have been cancelled. And there is now talk that social distancing will have to be indefinite. Researchers talk of a need for more surveillance. Convenient, eh?

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 28th 2020

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