Passing Observations 147

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. In Britain the mainstream media vie to be as bad as the BBC. No one should ever trust anything broadcast on ITV, SKY, C4, C5, GB News, Talk, LBC or any of the rest of them. None of them, I’m delighted to say, would let me within a mile of their studios in case I startle their viewers or listeners with banned truths.

2. For a while, as I made my horrifying video entitled `Anaesthetics: Why you are in great danger’, I allowed myself to dream it would change things. But it won’t course. Making it was a waste of time and much heartache. But it’s there. I tried. And who knows: if people keep sharing it maybe we can stop this horrendous lurch back into the Middle Ages.

3. The demise of the NHS began when GPs were allowed to stop providing 24 hour cover for their patients. It must have been a hard sell because the Government offered GPs a much higher income for much less work. Reluctantly, no doubt, GPs agreed to receive a lot more money for a lot less work. Today, I find myself convinced the BMA wants to destroy health care in the UK. I’m serious. The medical establishment, which is packed with really stupid people who are convinced that climate change is real, thinks there should be fewer investigations and treatments. Junior doctors (in the BMA) are going on strike for a 26% pay rise that would close wards or push taxes higher for millions who are already struggling. And the BMA has advised senior doctors who stand in for their junior, striking colleagues to charge hospitals up to £262 an hour on top of their annual salaries. Annually that would be a rate of £544,960 a year

4. Children will in future be allowed to use Chatbots to help them write essays. They will even be allowed to use Chatbots when taking examinations. Why do they bother with the ritual of examinations? Why not just give every school child a fistful of certificates? The chatbots will, of course, be fed politically correct, woke garbage and every essay will read like something which has come straight from a BBC newsreader’s mouth.

5. I have never believed that covid-19 was the result of a leak from a laboratory. The conspirators created this myth to make the gullible believe that the infection was something special and very dangerous – and to encourage them to accept a special `vaccine’. In my video entitled `Final irrefutable proof that the covid-19 pandemic never existed’ (April 19th 2021) I proved conclusively that the covid-19 fake pandemic was actually less fatal than an ordinary flu.

6. Dilbert’s creator was, predictably, shot down in flames for sharing his personal views on something or other. The woke now refuse to separate the creator from his work. Just think of the writers who have been vilified by the woke. Kipling, Dahl, Shakespeare, Buchan, Wilde, Dickens – the list is endless. Rowling is attacked even by actors who owe their careers to characters she created. The woke are merciless.

7. Electric cars, being heavier than petrol and diesel vehicles, do far more damage to road. And result in air contamination with emissions from road surface wear. The electric car supporters always forget to mention this.

8. The Japanese government is requiring citizens to use an ID card if they want medical care. Doctors there are suing their Government. The ID cards, called My Number cards are required to access childcare and free lunches at school. Social credit is coming fast.

9. The health risks from wind farms were identified back in 2009 but they’re still ignored. The noise and vibration from those huge blades turning round can cause migraine, anxiety and heart disease. No wonder MPs oppose wind farms near their homes. Who can blame them? Put the damned wind farms somewhere else, is now official Parliamentary policy in the UK. Even some climate change enthusiasts want windmills stopped.

10. Racism against white people is now official and approved in numerous Western countries.

11. Apparently, the food shortages around the world are all caused by the weather. It is now difficult to think of anything BAD which isn’t caused by the weather.

12. Now that ambulances don’t take heart attack and stroke victims, unfortunate people who have heart attacks or strokes have (in lieu of finding a GP or a pharmacy assistant to help them) have been advised to visit an Urgent Treatment Centre. There are two snags with this. Urgent Treatment Centres are open 12 hours a day so if you have your heart attack or stroke in the wrong half of the day then you are stuffed. The second problem is that there aren’t actually many Urgent Treatment Centres available. There are just 100 in England and Wales. But heart attack and stroke victims should wait for one to be built in their area.

13. Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia was quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying that `Wikipedia is not woke’ and that `it respects free speech’. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen for three years.

14. Researchers have found why so many people are collapsing and dying with previously unidentified heart disease. Apparently 30 million people in the UK have a previously unknown killer heart defect. It wasn’t the vaccine after all. The problem was that tens of thousands of doctors had failed to identify the secret heart disease.

15. Australia health authorities allegedly denied a mother a heart transplant because she was not vaccinated with the covid-19 jab.

16. I was shocked to hear that the US Government has been secretly tracking individuals who had not allowed themselves to be jabbed with the world’s most dangerous pharmaceutical product – the covid jab. Apparently they used health records for this. Who would have ever thought a government would do that.

17. The UK Government is planning to spend £154 billion on more wind turbines. The fact that they are useless is considered irrelevant. And where are they going to put them? I think they should put them all in MPs gardens. And in the grounds of all the royal palaces.

18. All major road building projects in Wales have been stopped by the Welsh Government as part of it National Transport Plan. This is being done to avoid any `negative environmental impact’.

19. Quote of the week comes from `Country Life’ wherein I found this reference to Zelensky, the penis waving piano player: `His statesmanship is real enough, but it’s powerfully reinforced by his choice of signature clothing – something that suggests a response to the exigencies of war.’

20. The chapel of King’s College Cambridge has received approval for 492 solar panels. The city council planning office dismissed the plans as a `symbol’ for climate change (aka virtue signalling) but councillors voted for the plan. The planners said the panels would detract from the architecture of the Grade 1 listed building and would also damage views.

21. Auschwitz was the only concentration camp where the inmates had numbers tattooed on their arms. You didn’t know that, did you?

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