Passing Observations 148

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. In 2019 , 29 oil wells were drilled in the North Sea. In 2022, there were just six. Taxes and the refusal of banks to back oil exploration have sent the oil companies elsewhere in the world. Britain will have to import its oil – adding to inflation. Britain is stuffed.

2. I long ago discovered that the best way to begin a conversation with a utility company or a government department is to start with a formal complaint. I find that usually moves things along quite well.

3. For a long time, dentists have often worked for companies which own the premises where they tinker with teeth. Now GPs are likely to be employees. There are a number of companies around running GP surgeries.

4. There hasn’t always been a Prince and a Princess in Monaco. The royal line began when a member of the Grimaldi family (Honore II) decided to declare himself to be a Prince. I’m thinking about it.

5. It is reputed that Philip II spent eight hours a day fiddling with his paperwork. And that was in the 16th century.

6. Apparently, over 50% of British adults believe that Mount Everest is in the UK. And that was before lockdowns and the teacher strikes.

7. The EU forbids the docking of pigs’ tails but 99% of French pig farmers still do it and because they are French.

8. Nothing kills a career faster than over exposure. Oh, and being boring. And, of course, repeating yourself a good deal. I wonder if anyone making money of ‘Arry will ever mention these simple truths to the dunderheaded spare, who is apparently even more unpopular on both sides of the Atlantic than his Uncle Andrew. The royal family has become a joke. Republicanism beckons. Incidentally, I see that `Arry has confessed to having used cocaine and marijuana. I do hope to hear that the fuzz will be waiting to have a word with him when (if) he next comes to Britain. If middle aged child Harry the Putupon gets someone to write another book for him it should be titled `How to Become Increasingly Unpopular’. I did think for a while that he was entirely talentless and without skills. But I was wrong. He is brilliant at doing things and saying things that make people loathe him. If that’s a talent then he’s got it in spades.

9. A study of doctors showed that 90% were, after being given a set of case notes, confident that they had made the right diagnosis. Sadly, they were right just 15% of the time. And the medical establishment still claims that doctors can make diagnoses over the telephone or via one of those zoomy things.

10. Not many years ago I used to watch golf, cricket and grand prix racing on the TV. I even paid the licence fee so that I could do it. Today, none of those sports is available on the BBC (probably because they are wrongly regarded as the delight of middle aged white males) though the purveyor of untruths and distortions does still provide viewers with two weeks of tennis every summer. And, coincidentally, all 22,000 highly paid BBC employees find it necessary to go there to set up microphones, tinker with cameras and check that the strawberries and champagne are up to scratch.

11. So, it was to avoid a row with Sturgeon that Johnson decreed that school children should wear face masks in school. And who were Sturgeon’s advisors? If you’ve watched all my videos you won’t need to guess.

12. The UK Government thought of killing all the nation’s cats to protect us all from the flu. I wonder if anyone realised just what this would have done to the rat population.

13. The politicians and the media seem to think that Brexit was about money. They’re wrong. The British people voted to leave the EU because they realised that it was run by leftover Nazi bastards. If you want to know the truth about the creation of the EU please read my book `The Shocking History of the EU’. It will shock you.

14. You can now watch most of my old videos through my channel on Brand New Tube. And there are nearly 4,000 copies of most of my videos on Bitchute.

15. The police and the medical profession have this in common: both spend just one day a week actually dealing with people in need. They spend the rest of their time dealing with red tape and paperwork. And this is no accident.

16. I have, with some sadness, come to the conclusion that the vaxxed must now be considered a different species – physically, mentally and spiritually. The medical, moral and legal significance of this is mind numbing.

17. Honest editors of Wikipedia (and I assume there may be one or two) are helping to sustain a corrupt enterprise and fake encyclopaedia. Bad people can pay to have their entry cleaned up. The entries for truth-tellers are changed and sealed. Any honest Wikipedia editors should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

18. An acquaintance had to pay £5,000 for a bat survey on his house. Why do we fuss over bats so much? If they lose one attic they’ll find another? There are a gazillion bats around. They’re hardly endangered. It’s as daft as protecting rats. Which they will probably soon do. (The real reason for this is to force people out of the country and into new high rise blocks in towns and cities.)

19. Professional authors often use pseudonyms (I have used a number myself). There are a variety of good reasons. But why is so much online material anonymous or written under really crass pseudonyms? If it’s worth saying then it is worth owning.

20. When scientists produce several explanations for a single phenomenon, the simplest explanation is usually the one most likely to be true and so, for example, covid-19 was merely the rebranded flu.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2023

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