Passing Observations 150

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The International Criminal Court has made Putin an alleged criminal (based on very secret hush hush evidence). This is another clear sign that the US, EU and UK are not looking for peace in Ukraine. (We already knew that, of course, because the incredibly nasty, grinning Sunak said so.) What the allegation means is that Putin can’t attend peace talks anywhere outside Russia. For peace talks to be held, Biden and his glove puppet Zelensky would have to go to Moscow. Fat chance. (America never signed up to the war crimes tribunal, of course, to protect a series of war criminals.) Xi will be in Moscow this week to broker peace talks but Zelensky won’t agree to peace because NATO and the globalists want a big, long-lasting war to destroy the world economy.

2. The people running the world claim to be left wingers or liberals. They aren’t. They are Marxists.

3. Don’t break the law, of course, but do NOT pay the BBC licence fee. The BBC is the voice of the enemy.

4. Ignorant climate change nutters and the war mongering fascist supporters of Ukraine, are together responsible for high energy prices. Their madness will lead to economic disaster and mass starvation and death in Asia and Africa. The idiots waving Ukraine flags and supporting the war against Russia are responsible for genocide.

5. Most human beings use only 10% of the capacity of their brain. However, Sunak, Johnson, Biden, Macron et al only manage to use 1%. And poor Matt Hancock has to get by with 0.1% of his brain. Scientists able to assess the brain function of groups found that the WEF staff and delegates at the last shindig and ego massaging exercise in Davos were using even less than Matt Hancock. Separate studies conducted by subsonic G5 megaverse ray machine showed that no one appearing at Davos had an IQ above 23.

6. I work in Microsoft Word because I have little option but Word Perfect 5.1 was infinitely better designed and more practical. A perfect example of progress taking us backwards.

7. Dr Zac Cox, holistic dentist, homoeopath, founder member of the World Doctors Alliance and UK Medical Freedom Alliance and law student is part of a team which has set up a not for profit team to fight for justice through the courts. Dr Cox was part of the magnificent team behind which protected professionals who were being bullied to accept the covid-19 jab. The team helped reverse the UK Government’s plan to force all health care workers to be jabbed. The legal team is called Kingfisher Justice and you can find out more by visiting Take a look – I think you’ll be impressed.

8. Gas, wood and now nuclear power have all been declared acceptable by the climate change nutters. They didn’t used to like them but they do now. Oil will be next to receive the seal of approval. And British greens, climate nutters and electric car owners must come to terms with the fact that some of the electricity they used in the winter of 2022/3 was derived from coal. Oh dear. (By the way, did you know that a bunch of Democratic lawmakers in the US – the ones promoting the Green Deal Garbage – have millions invested in fossil fuel companies? Check it out. They presumably realise the truth that the world cannot cope without fossil fuels.)

9. Publishers who ban books simply because they disapprove of the contents are no better than book burners. Now, who can we think of who used to burn a lot of books…

10. Humans have acquired many skills and much knowledge over the centuries. But look at the world we’ve managed to create.

11. Too many of the scribblers on social media are the same sorry souls as the ones who used to write or draw on walls ..they especially enjoyed working in public lavatories. I suspect that in terms of literacy and veracity, their work lies between that produced by the BBC and the Daily Mail

12. The world is full of fake news and misinformation, gas-lighting and propaganda, and at the head of this raucous carnival of deceit, lie the once revered icons of the MSM with the rancid, and biased BBC at the head of the line of deceit.

13. I find it very sad that doctors and nurses only go on strike for money. They never go on strike for improvements to the care of patients. How many have gone on strike because of the way the elderly are treated or in protest about the use of a fake vaccine for a fake pandemic? Approximately none.

14. The Las Vegas Water Agency wants to have the power to limit the residential use of water. Wherever you live this is a problem coming to your home too.

15. There is now a campaign for welsh independence. Don’t you need to have a source of money to be independent?

16. If the BBC isn’t independent and honest (which latter it patently is not) then it has no point and should be broken up and sold or, better still, shut down and old. The studios and Gary Lineker’s contract could be sold and the proceeds returned to taxpayers (taxpayers only) as a Christmas bonus.

17. Anyone who describes me as a conspiracy theorist is a liar. You can’t be a conspiracy theorist if all you do is tell the truth. Worse still is the abuse I get from people I’ve tried to help over the last three years. My wife and I have worked ceaselessly (not tirelessly because we are exhausted) to bring truths and predictions and assessments about the conspiracies which have unfolded since the beginning of 2020. Our income has been devastated. My reputation is gone for ever. No one in the world can be more banned than I am. I’ve had serious death threats and one serious attempt on my life has been made. Publishers around the world have stopped publishing my bestselling books – not for commercial reasons but as punishment. And we’ve been banned from obtaining essentials such as medicines because I am considered a dangerous, discredited conspiracy theorist. And I no longer look at anything online because of the abuse the trolls spread. Now, we are approaching the endgame. The snitches, the whingers, the sneerers, the bullies and so on are soon going to realise that the warnings were real and they have no future. We’re all totally stuffed. Only those who have made some preparations for surviving the Great Reset stand a chance. Please read my book `They want your money and your life’ which is available through the bookshops on and

18. Am I the only to have noticed that the members of the Z generation and the millennials consider that they have the right to say whatever they like to other people but at the same time they are so delicate that they must never be exposed to anything unpleasant, disturbing, or thought provoking? Apparently a high percentage of junior doctors (now working less than 40 hours a week, and being paid very well) give up medicine after a year or two because they cannot stand being criticised by senior doctors. (It used to be called `education’.)

19. Why is it that shops and post offices carry signs warning customers not to be rude to members of staff but never have signs telling staff members not to be rude to customers?

20. We’re being told energy must be conserved, and yet British PM Klaus Sunak has a swimming pool at a country home that uses so much electricity that additional supplies have had to be provided.

21. Seymour M Hersh is one of the great American investigative reporters. He was recently widely described as `discredited’ after he exposed the way the Americans blew up the Nord Stream pipeline to put pressure on Europe to join the war against Russia. I recommend his autobiography `Reporter’. BBC staff should all read a copy to find out what the word `reporter’ means.

Copyright Vernon Coleman March 2023

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