Passing Observations 155

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Men and women should act with honour, courage and respect. God gave the British people the gift of Matt Hancock to remind us what happens when we abandon these guiding principles.

2. `Bottom line is this, Bubba. It’s you and me. Anything and everything else fucks up, it’s you and me. We’re going to see each other through this, do what we got to do if the sun comes up or don’t. And that’s the long and the short of it.’ – Joe R.Lansdale, in `The Two-Bear Mambo’.

3. More than 80% of all the dollars in existence were printed since 2020. Anyone who thinks inflation is over in the US is clearly in for a nasty surprise. Inflation has got its feet under the table and it’s not going away.

4. The price of everything except human life has gone up dramatically.

5. Have you noticed that most greens and climate change nutters pay for everything they buy with plastic cards and are constantly looking at their plastic smart phones and plastic iPads? Moreover, they wear plastic shoes and plastic clothes and have plastic cameras fitted to their plastic bicycle helmets. And yet they want all plastics banned.

6. `I don’t have much but at least I don’t have a fucking boss’ – Andrew Vachss, writing in `Strega’. (By which the character he was writing about meant that didn’t have anyone telling him what to do with his life.)

7. One of the purposes of AI is to force us to use finger prints, iris scans and face prints to identify ourselves – and to adopt digital ID and digital passports. It will, we will be told, be the only way for us to prove who we are and to defend ourselves against our being impersonated by crooked chatbots.

8. The weather forecasters have managed to be wrong every day this week but they are able to tell us, with absolute certainty, what the weather will be like in fifty years’ time. Another small piece of evidence proving that the climate change myth is a lie – yet another deliberate fraud.

9. I see that a theatre group has put on a play of William Golding’s 1954 novel `Lord of the Flies’. Inevitably, there has been a huge change. Instead of the cast consisting of boys, there are now girls involved. I would suggest that this would change the dynamics enormously and completely alters and devalues Golding’s novel. If the theatre wanted to put on a production with a young, mixed cast they should have done something like Swallows and Amazons or something by Enid Blyton.

10. The plan to impose a special tax on any holiday makers daring to visit Wales is growing closer. Could this possibly have anything to do with the Great Reset plan of discouraging travel and destroying businesses? Those supporting this insane scheme point out that more than 40 destinations around the world are already working to discourage tourists (including Amsterdam). Curiously, Manchester has already introduced a tourist tax though why on earth any tourists would want to visit Manchester is something of a puzzle. Maybe people go for the excitement of being able to pay another tax just for existing and travelling?

11. What a joy it is to be able to report that the celebrity known as Harry wore an £800 white shirt when he attended the Courts of Justice in London the other day. (He also wore a jacket and a pair of trousers but I don’t know how much they cost.) And at the same time a celebrity called Gwyneth Paltrow was also in a court room discussing her skiing holiday. The mainstream media was so excited by these two events that there wasn’t room to report the existence of a war in Ukraine.

12. Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker in the USA, made $16.7 million dollars from her investments during the fake pandemic. It must be nice to know what the Government has planned when you are tinkering with your portfolio of investments. The rest of us have to guess.

13. If we allow the left wing conspirators to take charge then we will be slaves. I’m not going to let that happen to me.

14. In the late 1940s, the ancestors of the modern conspirators decided that a new war was the best way to take control. Then they decided that climate change (the biggest lie in history) was more effective as a starting point. And now they’ve brought back the war.

15. It is patently clear that the people who created, sold, promoted and gave the covid jabs were behaving at the least recklessly and at worse criminally. When, I wonder, will their incompetence, dishonesty and greed be punished?

16. If you find yourself looking for something to read try US Executive Order 14067 dated 8.3.22. Its number is 13.12.DD. And find out what digital currency will really mean.

17. The internet of things is a boon for burglars. It will enable them to know where you are, what you are doing and when you’re coming home.

18. For years I’ve predicted everything that is now happening. It wasn’t difficult. Now things are about to get a good deal worse. Very quickly. They’ve only just started and things are going to get a good deal worse.

19. Farmers are sadly confused. They have not yet realised that they have no future and that within a generation or less their farms will be worthless. `It almost seems as though they are trying to put us out of business,’ complained a naïve farmer recently. Who is going to be the one to tell Jeremy Clarkson what is really happening?

20. In America, the Government is spending 85% of its tax income on the war in Ukraine, operating largely useless regulations and paying off its debts. Red tape takes at least $2 trillion a year from the economy. That leaves 15% for everything else. It’s no wonder the infrastructure is falling apart.

21. The globalists/conspirators are planning to live to 140 – using gene therapies developed and perfected by experimenting on the `ordinary’ people.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023

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