Passing Observations 156

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Credit card debt in the USA is rising dramatically. More and more people are unable to pay off their debts. The US, like Europe, is already in a recession. It seems likely that the institutions to whom the money is owed (the banks) could have more pain to come.

2. Most people now believe that governments are becoming more authoritarian and that their nation’s leaders are not the politicians who are ostensibly in charge but the members of a secret cabal. This means that most people in most countries are now conspiracy theorists. But if the majority believe it, is it still a conspiracy theory?

3. Crypto currencies were brought in to divert and distract the suckers, while the world’s central banks were busy buying up all the gold.

4. Look back at the speeches of Charles the Hypocrite and you will see that he has been a fan of the Great Reset for a long time. He has betrayed, and is betraying, the citizens he purports to lead. His is not, and never will be, my king.

5. `Once you eliminate the impossible (the thought that everything that is happening around the world is just a series of coincidences) whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth (the realisation that we are being manipulated by a bunch of psychopathic conspirators).’ – Sherlock Holmes

6. The prices of agricultural commodities are down by around 20% so obviously food prices will have fallen, won’t they? Won’t they? Crumbs. How could that be.

7. Software developers creating pointless but potentially dangerous Apps and influencers promoting fashions and overpriced products are the dregs of our society. They are the modern equivalent of highwaymen and harlots.

8. Chatbots will result in a quarter of all full-time jobs disappearing around the world. People in administrative jobs have absolutely no future. They will be replaced within two or three years and made redundant. If they want paid employment they should, if they are bright enough, retrain as plumbers or electricians. When you think of chatbots think, please, of the HAL computer in Kubrick’s movie `2001’.

9. Trolls follow me round like seagulls trailing behind a fishing boat.

10. Cricket wasn’t a racist sport until people said it was. The complaints have created racism.

11. It isn’t widely understood but the attack on second homes is global. The French (especially in Paris) have been targeting (and punishing) foreigners with homes in France for some time but now things are hotting up. Foreigners with holiday homes have for a few years been targeted with extra taxes, now they have to fill in special Declaration d’Occupation form (and, in effect, submit a French tax return). This is all part of the plan to restrict travel and to keep us all permanently imprisoned in our 15 minute cities.

12. `It is easier to fool the people than to convince the people that they have been fooled.’ – Mark Twain

13. BBC reporters should remember that they are supposed to be witnesses not participants in the news. Their opinions and prejudices are of no value or interest. The BBC should be closed down and its vast and overpaid staff all found useful employment mending potholes.

14. Native white Britons make up just 37% of the population of London.

15. `So you see, the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.’ – Benjamin Disraeli

16. A petition calling for a pause in AI experiments was signed by Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple.

17. Wikipedia is a retirement asylum for second rate, amateur editors, bigots, idiots, self-important bigots and discredited conspiracy supporters.

18. The mainstream media reports that March 2023 was the wettest March for 40 years in England. They seem to think that proves that climate change is real. In fact, of course, it proves the opposite.

19. The hardest option is nearly always the right thing to do.

20. In the UK, the Government is extending the Nanny State as supported by the communists by offering yet more free childcare for parents. The new scheme will cost taxpayers’ £5 billion a year. What will they do next? Free holidays? Free cars for all?

21. If you want to know how to keep your body healthy, and your immune system in good condition, please read my book `Superbody’. It’s available on Amazon.

22. The CIA is upset at Iran and Saudi Arabia becoming the best of chums (helped by China doing a larger than life impersonation of Barry Fitzgerald as a matchmaker). The White House said they knew all about the move towards peace. The CIA seemed very surprised and slightly disapproving (as well they might). With the Middle East in turmoil (and the balance of power about to change dramatically) the Israelis have made a complete mess of things. It’s not the best of times to be moving towards a civil war and allowing thugs to beat up Muslims praying in a mosque wasn’t wise – whether planned or not. Curiously, I didn’t see anything about the outrageous thuggery in the mainstream media but if Israelis had been on the receiving end the news would have doubtless been treated very seriously. It is a long time since I saw such disgraceful violence as I saw on the video of the violence in the mosque. All the police involved should be arrested and sent down for life. I doubt if they’ll even receive a telling off.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023