Passing Observations 157

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Any doctor who goes on strike should have their stethoscope tied in a knot. Permanently. The striking doctors clearly have no empathy, no respect and no sense of responsibility. Plus, they are all coffee shop communists who are a threat to the safety of the nation. Patients would be better off without them and these numbskulls should all be exiled, along with the sheep stealers, to Australia. They have to learn that there are always consequences. Doing what is wrong is often easy. Doing what is right is frequently hard.

2. Charlie, the hypocrite who would be king, is wildly over-compensated by taxpayers for his modest duties. And it is absurd that hard pressed taxpayers should have to give money to his wretched army of worthless, unemployable relatives. It is absurd to damage the British economy by turning the day after the day after the Coronation into a bank holiday. It is even more absurd that taxpayers are spending £8 million to issue every public body in Britain with a portrait of the king. And finally, it is sheer treachery for him to signal the end of Christianity in England by turning his coronation into a multi denominational New World Order Chrislam circus. Unless he and the utterly awful Archbishop of Canterbury take great care to ensure that they incorporate all branches of the Muslim world, the Hindus and the Jews, they will create new divisions. Charles is a freak and utterly unfit to take on any role of leadership. Queen Elizabeth II should be the last British monarch. The royals had a good run for their money but Charles’s enthusiasm for the Great Reset is a betrayal too far. We should dump the royals, bin all their titles, turn all the royal palaces into taxpayer controlled holiday lets and become a republic. Let us never forget that the entire royal family promoted the killer covid jab. Now, in the land of the vaxxed the cretin will be king.

3. The UK has lost half of its public loos. Councils everywhere are closing down loos, claiming that they can’t afford to keep them open. This is nonsense, of course. Loos are being closed as part of the Great Reset. The conspirators don’t want us travelling. They want us staying at home, using our own loos and doing all our shopping online.

4. A performance of The Bodyguard musical in Manchester ended early after two members of the audience had to be removed by security for singing along with the singer of `I will always love you’. The show was closed early because the unauthorised singing was described as a `major incident’. How times have changed. When Noel Coward’s play `Blithe Spirit’ first appeared on the London stage in 1941 the programme for the first production contained the following note: `If an air raid warning be received during the performance the audience will be informed from the stage. Those desiring to leave the theatre may do so but the performance will continue.’ That was the way England used to do these things. `The show must go on’ used to be the motto in theatre-land.

5. The mayor of London has given £40,000 (presumably not out of his own wallet) to help create a home for two Eurasian beavers in Ealing. Great Reset nutters want to release beavers to `help prompt a biodiverse ecosystem’ (don’t they love posh words?). This is a great idea for the illiterati because as everyone over the age of seven knows, beavers love making dams. The dams then create floods which drive people out of their homes and make huge tracts of rural land uninhabitable. I do find it odd that the Mayor of London found £40,000 to spend on such a project since there are already at least 50 beavers living in the River Avon near Bristol. These beavers have already built 20 dams at no cost at all to the public. An ecology type person was critical of the appearance of the Avon beavers – who were apparently not introduced officially. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

6. Politicians in the UK seem surprised that there are very few houses available for rent. They should not be surprised. New taxes and laws have turned renting properties into a game suitable only for the utterly insane and self-destructive. But those unable to find somewhere to live will be able to find accommodation in the cardboard box boxes of tiny flats being built by the Schwab followers. They won’t have to compete with the armies of illegal immigrants being looked after in England because they’re all living the life of Riley in smart hotels with taxpayer funded room service. Anyone hoping to find a hotel room for a summer break will be disappointed. And they shouldn’t look for a cottage to rent because new laws and taxes mean that the owners of holiday homes are putting them on the market and flogging off all their dodgy furniture and cheap crockery. The Great Resetters are making life very difficult for anyone hoping to travel anywhere these days. Gosh, what a surprise. I saw the other day, by the way, that the state-controlled BBC ran a piece about the shortage of rental properties in the UK and, at the bottom of the article, included a section or renters entitled `What are your renting rights?’ And it is, of course, the proliferation of rights for renters which is helping to make it difficult for people to find properties to rent.

7. Orthodox Christian priests in Ukraine are being arrested and exchanged for Ukranian prisoners of war. No one in the West seems to give a damn. Thugs and warmongers can do what they like to Christians without anyone lifting a murmur in protest.

8. I rang Which magazine the other day to cancel our subscription. To be honest I don’t remember taking it out but I’ve been giving them money so I suppose I must have done. Anyway, the telephonist to whom I spoke asked me why I wanted to cancel. I answered that I found the magazine useless and far too woke. `Is there anything else?’ he enquired.

9. The world is being swamped by people in non-jobs. In the last 26 years the number of construction workers has gone up by a modest 15% whereas the number of real estate agents has risen by 98% and the number of lawyers has gone up by a massive 116%.

10. Productivity in the construction industry in the UK has fallen by 40% in the last decade or so because of all the red tape and paperwork that has been introduced. So fewer new homes are being built and the ones that are built are far more expensive. (And since they are built according to EU regulations they tend to fall down in a stiff breeze.)

11. A senior American politician has warned that the oceans will soon be boiling. If this happens then I strongly recommend that all politicians go for a nice long swim. Incidentally, talking of politicians I trust Robert Kennedy as far as I could kick Joe Biden. As far as I am concerned the world has had more than enough Kennedys. I do not consider the latest version to be any friend of ours.

12. The UK is now officially the laziest country in the world – with a bigger percentage of its population off sick than any other country. They can’t all be addicted to daytime television so what’s the reason? It seems that most are claiming to be too ill to work. The number of adults claiming to be disabled has risen by a third in the last decade. A massive 6.5 million Britons now take anti-depressants (none of which work, by the way). And there are millions who claim to be suffering from non-existent but grandiosely named and much celebrated ‘long covid’.

13. Britain and Europe used to be dependent upon Russia for gas. Now, Britain is dependent on Qatar and the US for gas. (France does at least have its nuclear power – when it works.) I hope that being dependent on Qatar for energy makes people feel better about themselves.

14. The odd thing is that Britain has lots of oil left in the North Sea and piles of gas under Yorkshire but the climate change nutters and the net zero lunatics won’t allow any of it to be used. So Britain has to import everything it needs.

15. The busiest route for aeroplanes in the UK is between Blackbushe and Farnborough airports. The route is 4.6 miles long. One can only presume that the mad greens are exceptionally busy in that region of Hampshire. Remember the Greenpeace employee who used to fly between home and work so that he could balance his job with the needs of his family.

16. The train is going downhill ever faster. It is loaded with explosives, and warmongers such as Biden, Sunak et al have their feet or hands on whatever trains use as an accelerator these days. The CIA and the American Military-Industrial Complex now controls pretty well everything. Maybe it is time for the UK to consider joining BRICS – we would then be on the winning side in World War III.

17. The world is now in a far more terrifying financial state than it was in 2008 or 1929. Governments, businesses and individuals have accumulated 300 million trillion dollars in debt. (Naturally, it will be more than that by the time you read this.) None of this debt can or will be paid. It’s not going to end well.

18. The world is at war to decide who runs the coming world government. The great reset is coming and life is never going back to the old normal. All we can do is to decide how fast the reset comes and how far it goes.

19. The Chinese helped make peace in the Middle East and they tried to broker peace in Ukraine but Biden, Sunak and Zelensky all prefer war – partly, no doubt, because they aren’t the ones being shot at and having their homes blown to bits.

20. Three horses died at the Aintree horse racing meeting which included the Grand National. It seemed to me that these deaths were worthy of serious discussion and that, knowing that demonstrators would be present at the Big Race, the mainstream media would have employed erudite opponents of jump racing to debate the issue. It used to be called `balance’. But the mainstream media aren’t much interested in balance these days. Instead, they confined themselves to attacking the protestors who had tried to stop the race and producing the usual anodyne and rather childish remarks about how well looked after the horses are in their training stables. Having said all that it seems to me, as someone who has been demonised as an animal rights activist for over half a century, that the protestors would have been better occupied campaigning about vivisection (proven to be entirely useless) or the transport of animals by lorry (clearly barbaric and inhumane.)

21. It is clearly going to be a summer of protesting. The nonsense at the World Snooker Championship (when a protestor climbed onto a table and sprinkled orange powder on the cloth) suggests that no sporting event will be safe. It seems likely that the overall aim is to put a stop to all sporting contests and so keep everyone at home (part of the anti-travel aims of the nutters behind the Great Reset). The short-term result, of course, will be less satisfactory for the protestors. Several hundred people will make unnecessary journeys (so that they can return to the venue when the table has been repaired ) and the snooker table itself will have to be given a new baize (effort, energy, money and materials wasted at great cost to the environment). What alarmed me was that no one in the theatre seemed worried that the orange powder might contain anthrax or something similar. I’d have had the theatre cleared immediately. We know that wicked climate nutters have deliberately and cold bloodedly held up an ambulance, so might some other extremists poison a theatre full of people? I have no idea, but these sad, ignorant souls have been misled by pseudoscience and have been brainwashed into campaigning against a problem that doesn’t exist in ways (such as net zero and the abandonment of oil) that will result in the deaths of billions (yes, billions) and bring smiles to the globalists planning to reduce the size of the world population. On a less serious note, I wonder if the nutters will have a go at disrupting the immensely wasteful coronation of the king of the hypocrites? Maybe one will glue itself to the throne just before the hypocrite gets there? What fun.

If you want to know more about the world we face please read my books `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street’ and `They Want Your Money and Your Life’. Both books are available via the bookshops on my websites and Alternatively, if you prefer to remain ignorant, just find a comfy armchair and watch the BBC until the end of the world.

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