Passing Observations 158

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Primitive men could see Venus in daytime at noon. In the 1600s sailors could see it. Now it is only visible, and with difficulty, at night. Why? Is it burning out? Is the sky so much more polluted? Or is the human eye so much weaker. Whatever else is happening I favour the third explanation. I have books in my library from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries with type face so small that I canít read them even while wearing prescription reading glasses. But people obviously used to read them.

2. Rural areas have rotten broadband and Wi-Fi in order to force residents into the smart cities.

3. The WEF wants a rental and subscription based economy. (You will own nothing).

4. The plan is to introduce a Land Value Tax. Land will be taxed according to its estimated future value.

5. Life is becoming consumed by the irrelevant and by the time-sucking bureaucrats whose contempt for freedom and democracy is almost palpable. It is nigh on impossible today to keep up with the ways in which the wicked and mind numbingly brutal enemies of truth are contaminating every aspect of our lives.

6. Globalists around the world have deliberately taken over control of unions everywhere in order to destroy creature economic chaos and destroy society. They have wound up teachers, doctors and nurses in order to destroy the world we know.

7. The Bank of England says inflation will come down. And the British Government says the same. With no respect at all, I think they are wrong. Prices are still soaring. The cost of imported energy is not going down. And unions are demanding massive pay rises. Inflation, as I have been warning for years, is on a dangerous upward trajectory.

8. No one at the WEF or the UN was elected. These bossy people have no mandate to rule our lives. The UNís Sustainable Development Goals were drawn up by lunatics. Ditto the New International Economic Order (which was founded in 1974). Their technique is simple: create emergencies and then provide solutions. The world is in a far worse state than you thought it was.

9. Landline telephones are being taken out of service very soon. The only reason is to force us all to use smart phones.

10. You need to make plans. How are you going to survive the Great Depression?

11. In future you will not only own nothing, you will do what you are told to do, when you are told to do it and where you are told to do it.

12. Surveys show that nurses and doctors in the UK have now lost all public support and affection. It will, I fear, be impossible to regain that lost respect.

13. The cashless society is tyranny sold as convenience.

14. The British Medical Association (the long-time patientsí enemy) has allegedly set up a strike fund to help £60,000 a year junior doctors delay operations and cancer treatment. I suspect that only the conspirators and the globalists will give generously.

15. What is the difference between a social media ban and McCarthyism? No, I donít know either.

16. $3 million somehow moved from the Chinese Communist Party to Biden. No one seems to care. The mainstream media isnít interested.

17. If you want to know exactly how social credit works and how much of a threat it really is please read my book `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Streetí. You can purchase a copy via the bookshops on and

18. Charles, the man who would be king, but never will be as far as I am concerned, has approved gene breeding technology despite the fact that this is another branch of so-called science which has never been proved safe.

19. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the health union strikers by age and race. The photos I have seen certainly suggest that most of the strikers are under 25-years-old Ė very junior employees. How sad that they should start their careers without any obvious sense of vocation, caring and responsibility. Maybe they should look for careers in some other field. For example, there is, I gather, a dearth of fruit and vegetable pickers in rural communities.

20. Meanwhile, none of the strikers in the UK seems to care that the old age pension in the UK is smaller than in any other country. Those pensioners who retired a few years ago receive a diminished pension, even though they have paid tax and national insurance all their working lives, with 75-year-old citizens, for example, receiving a pension of £145.43 a week. In comparison, the average working wage is now between £25,000 and £30,000 in the UK. And nurses, who are demanding a 19.2% pay rise, were already earning considerably above the average wage with incomes between £27,000 and £60,000. Junior doctors, most of whom are also earning far more than the average wage and who are still in training for more senior and very well paid positions, are demanding a 35% pay rise.

Copyright Vernon Coleman April 2023