Passing Observations 159

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Tougher energy efficiency regulations mean that in the UK it will be illegal to let a commercial building with an unacceptable Energy Performance Certificate. And even tougher laws are on their way. Half of all commercial property in London will fail the 2027 target. Many buildings will have to stay empty. Many will be demolished.

2. There are almost nine million people in the UK who are classified as `economically inactive’. The biggest group isn’t the unemployed – it is those with long-term health problems. And the biggest long-term chronic health problem is long covid even though research shows this doesn’t exist.

3. 'The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practised in past centuries.’ – David Rockefeller at a 1981 Bilderberger meeting. So now you know.

4. Banks count the interest bearing loans which they have made as `assets’. So, if a bank lends £100 million to two teenagers setting up a software company then that £100 million counts as an asset of the bank, even if the teenagers have used it to buy a plane and a boat and to have lots of parties. That is just one reason why banks are stuffed.

5. Nat West (a big British bank) uses every £5 of shareholders money to finance £100 of what it calls `assets’.

6. The difference between the book value of the assets of US commercial banks, and their debt liabilities, was over $2 trillion in March 2023. If people want their money back the banks will disappear unless the Government uses taxpayer money to bail them all out.

7. The UK Government now says that it is banning nitrous oxide because it is misused by 16-24 year olds. But that’s not what the Government said when I made my video about anaesthetic gases recently. So what is the real reason? Why haven’t doctors protested? After all, if drugs are banned because they can be misused then all drugs will have to be banned.

8. Nine out of ten North Sea oil producers are investing less because of Sunak’s windfall tax on oil companies. The result will be that Britain will have to import more oil. And prices will go up, up and up. As planned. Inflation is going up and up.

9. A woman in France is on trial for insulting Macron on social media. A man in America is facing prison for sharing a meme. A teenage boy in Canada was arrested for saying that there are only two genders and for protesting against transgender individuals using the `wrong’ bathrooms. Tread carefully.

10. When Steve Jobs (of Apple) was asked whether he allowed his children access to the iPad he replied: `Actually we don’t allow the iPad in the home. We think it’s too dangerous for them in effect.’

11. If you want to know what’s wrong with the NHS in the UK please read my book `NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right’. You can obtain a copy via the bookshops on and

12. The British Government is so pleased with the way its recycling programme has forced the people into becoming compliant idiots that it is making the recycling programme even tougher. In future citizens will have to sort their rubbish into seven different bins – which may well be collected on different days of the week. No one will ever dare go on holiday because of the risk of missing a collection. However, only the woke and the idiots sort their recycling.

13. I saw a photo of a striking teacher holding up a sign which said: `We still want to be teaching 30 years from now’. I find it sad that teachers still think they have a future. Robots will have taken over all teaching long before then (and students will stay at home to be taught). There will be no teaching jobs in less than five years’ time.

14. Bought and paid for truth deniers at the BBC lead the world in lies and propaganda. Do not encourage them by paying the BBC licence fee – that’s like sending money to Schwab at the WEF. (But don’t break the law, of course.)

15. When governments fear the people that’s liberty. When the people fear the Government, that’s tyranny. When governments violate the law, that’s oppression.

16. The Pacific Island of Vanuatu won a historic vote at the UN to push through an obligation for all countries throughout the world to fight the alleged climate change crisis. Vanuata has a population much smaller than Manchester in England.

17. Climate change is the world’s most dangerous cult.

18. One of the saddest of sad thoughts is that we get the leadership we deserve.

19. Which is worse: doctors knowing that the covid jabs were kill shots, or doctors not knowing anything and not bothering to find out?

20. My long out of print book `Addicts and Addictions’ is now available again as a paperback. The book deals with addictions to legal as well as illegal drugs. You can purchase a copy via the bookshops on and

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