Passing Observations 161

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. I laughed out loud (and my laugh could best be described as derisive) when I read that an organisation called Reporters without Borders had claimed that media freedom is under threat. I don’t know who these people are but where have they been living for the last few years? There is NO media freedom these days. I am completely banned from all mainstream media and from at least 95% of the internet and I very much doubt if I am alone in this. Everything I said and wrote about covid, lockdowns, masks and the toxic jab has been proved absolutely accurate. And yet I am still banned. I repeat: there is no media freedom anywhere in the world. Reporters without Borders need to open their eyes to the real world.

2. Nothing your Government does is for your benefit. No law, no regulation, no rule is for your benefit. Remember this.

3. In Nazi Germany, children were told that they must report their parents if they were thought to be betraying the Nazi cause. Exactly the same thing is going to happen in your country. The social credit scheme is being built upon the betrayal of family and friends, and the only loyalty that is allowed is loyalty to the State and to the myth of Global Warming. The BBC even ran a feature the other day telling indoctrinated children how to indoctrinate their parents about the climate change myth. If you want to know more about precisely how social credit is going to change your life (for the worse) read my book `Social Credit: A Nightmare on your Street’. You can purchase a copy via the shops on and

4. Is there a single politician in the US who isn’t in bed with rich donors – be they commercial lobbyists or nations buying support, allegiance or arms deals? Tragically, not even Presidents are immune.

5. It is now clear that Charles (call me `Klaus’) is so full of hubris and self-importance that he has no ability to understand the British people – who he clearly regards as his vassals. The media has done everything it can to boost the popularity of the man who would be king. But they have failed miserably. The tampon would be more popular than Charles will ever be.

6. Renters are going to find it increasingly difficult to find houses or flats to rent in Britain where the left-wing Government (run by climate change psychopaths) is doing everything it can to force landlords to sell their properties.

7. In future developers will have to install a second staircase in all buildings which are more than 30 metres high. This is being done because of the Grenfell Tower disaster (where many lives were lost after a block of flats caught fire) though it was not thought that a second staircase would have made a difference. The extra staircases will cost the industry £1.6 billion and will push up housing costs dramatically.

8. Banks around the world are in serious trouble. Astonishingly, many are trying to get out of trouble by taking extra risks and lending money on 95% and 100% mortgages. Bankers are barking.

9. The UK Government is planning to `declare war on inefficient homes’ and to force home owners to make changes to their homes which will satisfy the requirements of climate change psychopaths. We all need to be worried.

10. There are currently only 75,000 specially designed homes for the elderly in the UK. Most other countries have ten times as much appropriately designed housing available for the elderly. There are three million British pensioners wanting to downsize who cannot find suitable accommodation. And so young people cannot find homes to buy. And hospital beds are clogged with elderly patients who cannot go home.

11. By the year 2040 there will be 17 million people aged over 65 living in the UK.

12. Car park spaces are getting narrower. The only spaces wide enough for use are the ones reserved for the disabled and for mothers with babies and small children. In practice it is often the elderly who have difficulty in getting out of their cars and they, not mothers and babies, should have access to the wider spaces.

13. Google is being sued by the American Government for having an alleged monopoly over advertising in the `digital marketplace’. Google is accused of anticompetitive and exclusionary conduct, of eliminating competitors and of forcing publishers and advertisers to use its products. It is ironic, is it not, that the founders of Google originally claimed that their motto was `do no evil’. For years now Google has been one of the most evil companies on earth.

14. Meta, the company which owns Facebook and Instagram, has announced another 10,000 job losses and is removing 5,000 job vacancies. Unemployed IT staff will never work again in such highly paid jobs. They need to retrain to become plumbers or drains experts. Indeed, I heartily recommend a career in plumbing or sewage as offering the most remunerative prospects for ambitious young men and women.

15. Voter ID has been introduced in Britain but there was never any need for it. The authorities could simply send a voter card to everyone entitled to vote. Voter ID is all part of social credit and the new digital world.

16. Anyone who banks online is just as lost as someone who has been bitten by a vampire.

17. Why is it that although plastic bags were outlawed (thereby making shopping a nightmare) the same companies which eschew plastic bags wrap everything they sell in plastic? DVDS, biscuits, shirts and toys are all entombed in plastic. Removing these items from their plastic coverings requires a sharp knife and much sticking plaster.

18. The BBC is to news reporting what pro wrestling is to sport.

19. No one who has ever worked for Goldman Sachs should be allowed to hold any public position.

20. Living standards everywhere have been falling for years. In the US and the UK and most other western countries household income has, at best, been stagnant since the start of the 21st century. And now, with inflation soaring, things are going to get much, much worse. The Bank of England was right to warn that we all have to get used to being poorer. If you want to know more about the future they’re planning for us all please read my book `They want your money and your life’ which can be purchased via the bookshops on and

21. As a direct result of all the lies told about health and health care, life expectancy is falling throughout the world. The key to better health is quite simple: honest advice about food, vaccines, drugs and so on. Sadly, most media articles which deal with health (including both the mainstream media and the internet) are close to 100% wrong (having been bought or manipulated by advertisers and lobbyists) and most so-called media experts on health are lying, cheating, good for nothing scumbags who have been bought by drug or food companies. (It’s true, but am I allowed to say that?)

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