Passing Observations 163

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The British Medical Association seems to me to be determined to destroy medical care in the UK. They seem obsessed by the pseudoscientific myth of climate change (which some misguided enthusiasts seem to regard as more important than patient care), they seem happy to encourage GPs to avoid home visits and night calls (and some even believe that GPs should do their clinics over the telephone) and, of course, they are behind the strikes of junior doctors.

2. How curious it is that liberal luvvie Gary Lineker, keen tweeter and darling of the woke BBC, should be paid a fortune to help flog crisps. It is difficult to think of a food that does more harm to children and, indeed, to adults.

3. Around 40% of black businesses went bust during the lockdowns and will never open again. I wonder why Black Lives Matter hasn’t been more vocal. I expect they’ve been busy finding statues they don’t like.

4. Truth-telling doctors and scientists have, for the last three years, been regularly cancelled, gaslit, banned, censored, lied about and libelled. But this isn’t the first time that this has happened. If you want to know more about the way doctors and scientists have been oppressed and suppressed over the centuries please read my book `Medical Heretics’ which is available on Amazon.

5. Most of us worry about eating a diet which is healthy for our bodies. We also need to be aware of, and careful about, the information with which we feed our minds. Everything on the mainstream media is suspect and should be dismissed as irrelevant and most of the material on the internet is equally dangerous and misleading. The BBC, of course, is a specialist at serving its victims an unhealthy diet of misinformation and disinformation. (Do it legally, of course, but don’t pay the BBC licence fee. If you do so then you are encouraging the deceivers.) Even Elon Musk has pointed out that the BBC covered up the side effects of covid vaccinations and spread misinformation about masks.

6. The arms dealers are desperate to keep the Ukraine war going. In their ideal world they worship the idea of an Orwell style perpetual war. It is vital to remember that the intelligence services (and I use the word `intelligence’ in the way that it was used in the legendary radio programme `The Navy Lark’) always like to maintain the idea of conflict and threat. When the Government of the day did deals with the IRA, the intelligence services turned to the animal rights movement for an enemy to justify their activities. And so, for example, they were convinced that the ALF was a major threat to the nation’s safety. They didn’t realise that there was no official ALF organisation at all. (In the 1990s I went to South Africa on a tour to talk about the perils of vivisection. Within hours of landing, I gave a lecture and was approached by a BOSS agent in a cheap suit. He claimed he was an animal rights activist and wanted to know if I could give him Alf’s address so that he could send him some money.)

7. Farmers and their supporters are still blissfully unaware that farming is doomed. They genuinely seem to believe that all the bad stuff that is happening to farming is happening by accident or coincidence. And they think that by speaking out they can change things. I wonder when they’ll catch on and realise that farmers and farming have absolutely no future. The plan is to make all our food in laboratories. Within five years farmers will find that their farmland is worthless.

8. The bowdlerisers who have savaged books by Dahl and Fleming have now attacked P.G.Wodehouse’s work. What a scandal. I’m glad I’ve got all his books in proper editions. How long before the politically correct censors set to work on The Bible?

9. Looking back I have decided that the first signs of the End appeared when seaside councils closed boating ponds and stopped renting deckchairs to holidaymakers.

10. This is a good time to stock up on loo rolls, soap, toothpaste and so on. Inflation means they won’t get cheaper. And there are no sell by dates.

11. The authorities want to stop us having real fires. That, of course, is why they built houses without fire places and chimneys. Real fires provide some independence. A real fire will keep you warm and enable you to heat food.

12. America bombed and destroyed Iraq (and stole most of their antiquities) and then charged them big money to rebuild their bombed towns and cities. That’s a good definition of ruthlessness.

13. The choice is a simple one: freedom or slavery.

14. Since 2017, the tax authorities in the UK have had the right to freeze bank accounts and to help themselves to any money they find therein. And the tax authorities can do this to everyone (not just criminals). I bet the mainstream media forgot to mention that. Account freezing orders (known as AFOs) and forfeiture orders require only `reasonable’ grounds for suspecting that the money is `recoverable property’. The standard of proof is `balance of probabilities’. In 2022, the tax people in the UK helped themselves to £140 million (twice the amount they seized in 2021). Fighting to get your money back is slow and very costly and only works if you can prove that your tax affairs were entirely above reproach.

15. All forms of statism are based on the use of (or threat of) force. And statism always makes the bureaucrats richer and more powerful. Those who attack capitalism (whereby people are allowed to get on with life without too much interference) are taking us rapidly towards the fullest form of statism – communism.

16. The UK is now controlled by an endless variety of quangos and agencies which seem to exist to make life difficult (or impossible) for the rest of us. These bodies, which employ 300,000 people, are mostly not officially designated as regulators but nevertheless like to sound official. These people, who search out power like addicts looking for cocaine powder, spend £265 billion of our money every year. The world would be a much better place if they were all disbanded. Sadly, the 300,000 are useless for anything and would end up enlarging the unemployment figures.

17. Company bosses are giving themselves huge pay rises even though their share prices are falling and in some cases plummeting. So, for example, vaccine maker Moderna gave its CEO $19.4 million last year (including a healthy pay rise) while shareholder returns fell by 29%.

18. In 1999, the average home in the UK cost 3.55 times the average earnings. That figure has now risen to 8.93 times average earnings. For house prices to be as affordable as they were in 1999, the prices would have to drop by 60%. Millions of home owners would go bankrupt.

19. The mainstream media has discovered that type II diabetes can be prevented and controlled by diet. Most doctors and intelligent readers have known that for many decades. What a pity that mainstream media health writers don’t seem to do their own research.

20. Britain has an entirely woke establishment that is forcing its absurd obsessions on the country. The cultural elite in the UK is left wing and knows and understands absolutely nothing about science or geopolitics. The leading academics and media professionals are nearly all woke and so far left leaning that they are best described as communists. The current Government in the UK is the most left leaning Government the country has ever had. Most institutions in the UK have appointed special departments to ensure that the institution satisfies diversity, equity and inclusion requirements. Britain, like most western countries, is now dominated by the demands of the United Nations, the World Economic Forum and Common Purpose. To learn more please read my book `Endgame’ which you can find via the shops on and

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