Passing Observations 164

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The UK Government is spending £240 million to GPs to update their old phones with modern call systems so that patients can be refused an appointment more speedily. Why is the Government giving GPs more money? GPs have always made a big thing of being independent contractors. Is the Government now going to give all self-employed people free or cheap phones? Meanwhile, the Government has cut 30% from pharmacy funding in the last seven years, and pharmacies are closing rapidly. In the last two years, 160 pharmacies have shut. This will make it difficult for pharmacies to provide the health care alternative the government expects them to provide.

2. When my book collection grows too large for the house, I fill a few bin bags with books and take them to the nearest charity shop. I am now so fed up with being treated rudely by charity shop staff (I obviously donít expect them to say `thank youí) that in future I am going to give excess books to local junk/second hand shops where the staff are usually genuinely grateful. In my experience the rudest charity shop staff are the ones working for a charity called Cats Protection (formerly the Cats Protection League). The other day I foolishly took one of their shops two heavy bags of almost new books. `Are they hard back or paper back?í demanded a woman. `Theyíre mixed,í I said. `I donít want hardbacks,í snapped the woman. Never again.

3. Am I the only one who gets confused by the labels used by various brands of homosexual? Whatís the difference between LGBTI and LGBTQ? Why isnít there a LGBTIQ? Where is this going to end? LGBTQIZFXR? I ask only out of genuine bewilderment and curiosity.

4. Russia has thirteen different time zones. Bet you didnít know that. Bet you probably donít care either. But itís relevant because it reminds us just how huge Russia is.

5. Around 95% of the material on the internet is false or fake. (Certainly, I know from my own experience that 95% of the material about me is false Ė some innocently so and much of it maliciously so.)

6. High expectations (exaggerated by advertising, absurd media stories and the curious activities of `influencers) are a major cause of misery and dissatisfaction. It is these high expectations, allied to a sense of entitlement created by an addiction to free money, which were the major cause of mental illness before governments everywhere terrified electors with imaginary plagues, climate hoaxes, dangerous lockdowns and toxic jabs.

7. Anyone who doesnít believe the Climate Change myth will inevitably be described as on the Far Right. This is lie which is promoted because those who believe in the myth are all psychopathic communists. If you know someone who believes the climate change myth please buy them a copy of `Gretaís Homeworkí by Zina Cohen. They will be thrilled and will thank you for it.

8. School teachers are so blinded by their preoccupation with their own wages that they constantly betray their pupils. Many are still encouraging teenagers to consider careers in administration, accountancy, computers and the law. There will be no jobs in these areas within five yearsí time at most. Teachers donít like encouraging pupils to consider taking on practical work but they should. The best jobs will, in future, be cleaning drains and mending plumbing Ė jobs that computers find difficulty. (Our drains needed work recently. The specialist who came to clear them charged us £185 an hour and shopped at Waitrose. To save you working it out, £185 an hour works out at £2,700,000 a year.) Incidentally, I am sure that everyone was delighted to read that the Government plans to give school teachers more time off work. Apparently all those holidays and strike days just arenít enough for teachers with time consuming hobbies.

9. When I was a lad I used to tour Britainís TV and radio stations several times a year in order to promote books. After a few years I developed a route which made sense and which allowed me to visit three or four TV and radio stations each day (and to include a couple of newspaper interviews in between). I still have memories which made me smile. The other day I saw a reference to a radio station called BRMB, which was a commercial station in Birmingham. I used to make a huge series of short programmes for them and visited the station regularly. I remember that, like many stations, they had a `welcomeí board in the reception area which included the names of expected guests. One day I arrived to find myself being welcomed as Vrenon Cloeman. I have always thought of him very fondly and sometimes wondered fondly about the dyslexic member of staff who was responsible.

10. The US has over 600 bases in more than 70 different countries. The question `why?í seems a good one though I am well aware that the question will never be answered.

11. When I was younger, I sometimes wondered why old people lived in houses which were often in a state of disrepair. I used to think it was because they couldnít manage to do things themselves and couldnít afford to hire workmen. But today thereís another reason: the effort of finding and dealing with workmen is vast and growing ever greater.

12. Robots are now performing surgery, with live human surgeons just keeping an eye on things (for now). Soon, the robots will work alone. Almost all surgery is now done on a day case basis. Patients needing hip replacement surgery used to need to stay in hospital for two weeks. Today, they are in hospital for less than a day. Is that really progress? I bet it doesnít seem much like progress to the patients.

13. Why did the papers all report that William was proud of Charles? All Big Ears had to do to get the gig was to wait until his mother died. No qualifications, no interview, just walked into the top job at the family firm. Maybe he was just being congratulated for living long enough.

14. I went into a building society in the hope of opening an account. There were four members of staff visible. One was eating something from a plastic container. The other three didnítí seem to be doing anything. They said I had to make an appointment to be seen, so could I come back tomorrow. Iím not entirely convinced that Britain will ever regain its position as leader of the known world.

15. Junior doctors (the variety who are striking and demanding a 35% pay rise) start life on £37,000 a year. Poor diddums. Itís terribly difficult to buy a town house, a country home, a couple of decent cars and a foreign holiday home on that sort of income.

16. Terrorism is the use of force to reach a political aim. And so everything the conspirators (and their collaborators) are doing to drive us towards the Great Reset can properly be defined as terrorism. Our politicians and our police are all terrorists.

17. It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that Sunak was made British Prime Minister in order to destroy the Conservative Party and guarantee that a coalition of Labour, Liberal and Green politicians would win power in the UK at the next election. This coalition of conspirators will drive us onwards towards net zero. And they will put the UK back into the EU in order to please the fascist globalists. (Fascism is, of course, indistinguishable from communism). The Labour Partyís decision to allow EU citizens to vote in British elections and to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote will ensure that the coalition remains in power for eternity.

18. The Guardian newspaper has reported that NHS patients are developing cancer due to long waits. How clever of them to notice.

19. The Guardian newspaper also says that `In much of the world, journalism is morphing into propaganda, as governments dictate what can and canít be printedí. Maybe someone at The Guardian would like to produce some evidence showing that the paper has been publishing the truth about the fake pandemic, the lockdowns, masks, covid deaths and the covid-19 jab. I donít think Iím alone in believing that The Guardian is second only to the BBC in disseminating misinformation and disinformation.

20. The leader of a rail union in the UK has not ruled out the possibility that their dispute will last for years. The latest four seem to affect the Epsom Derby, the Cup Final and the Eurovision song contest but it is apparently just a coincidence that there are strikes on days affecting these events. Iím sure those members of the public whose days have been ruined will be very understanding.

21. A roofer has joined YouTube, Facebook et al in banning me because of my views on covid and the covid jab. He refused to mend our roof and collapsing gutters because his wife disapproves of my views on the toxic vaccine.

22. A friend who doesnít have a ladder wanted to paint an out of reach stretch of ceiling which had a nasty water stain after a leak. He borrowed his daughterís small, portable trampoline.

23. HMRC staff are on strike for eighteen days. Apparently, 19,000 tax officers are on minimum wage. I support their strike and firmly believe they should stay out until all their demands are met Ė even if they have to stay on strike for decades.

24. Just under a third of all clothes bought online are returned. The parcel and courier services are making money but no one else is.

25. Remember, remember: only fascists and communists, keen Nazis and very, very stupid people support the EU and oppose Brexit. If you want to know the truth about the foundation of the EU please read my book `The Shocking History of the EUí. You wonít find it in bookshops, of course, but itís available from Amazon.

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