Passing Observations 166

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Within two months of the start of the fake pandemic (back in 2020) it was clear that our greatest threat would come not from the tiny group of people trying to take over the world but from the collaborators who were willing to accept, unquestioningly, the lies they were told. And that is exactly what happened.

2. In Scotland the authorities have decided that children as young as 12 can consent to take puberty blockers – accepting `trans-affirming medical interventions’. Those who are a little older than 12 may have surgery such as a mastectomy. The authorities have decided that a child aged 12 and over is presumed to have sufficient capacity to make decisions about medical treatment. So, although they’re not considered old enough to have sex, vote, drive a car or get married, they are considered old enough to change the shape of their lives. I suspect most people would argue that children of 12 aren’t mature enough to tidy up their bedroom without adult intervention.

3. It is rumoured that someone in show business has been found not to be suffering from either ADHD or autism. They are said to be very embarrassed and their identity is being protected.

4. There is, apparently, some dismay in the mainstream media at the fact that the political representative for Edinburgh South West, in Scotland, has been `cancelled’ from a speaking event because she is (and I hope this is the correct term) a gender critical feminist. Apparently junior members of staff didn’t approve of what they thought she would say and so their views had to be respected by cancelling the invitation. The mainstream media pretended to be shocked by this. In fact, the SNP politician was lucky to be invited at all. I, and other doctors who questioned the covid fraud and the effectiveness and safety of the covid jab are banned from everywhere. I’m not only banned from all mainstream media, all around the world, (with newspapers and publishers refusing to publish anything I write) but I’m also banned from all social media – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and everything else. I was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts for daring to share facts and justified conclusions with my readers. And, of course, my truth-telling videos on YouTube were all deleted. Interviewers who have spoken to me on podcasts and radio programmes have lost their PayPal accounts and been removed from platforms – simply for interviewing me. And on one occasion 17 minutes mysteriously disappeared from a radio interview. Oh and Wikipedia, the ersatz encyclopaedia, described as corrupt by one of its founders, cut out all my achievements (lists of books, TV programmes, etc.) and filled its page about me with lies and garbage which were then shared and disseminated by the evil Google. (An amateur editor decided that I was a discredited conspiracy theorist.) No one in the mainstream media gives a toss about any of this deliberately designed mixture of suppression, censorship, oppression and demonisation. Ironically, if I had ignored the lies being told about covid, and merely spoken out about transgender issues, I would have been banned but everyone would have been dismayed and my views would have been given more publicity than they might otherwise have received. Let us please have less of this nonsense about people being `cancelled’ just because they can’t speak at one or two particular events or just because they have a tweet or a video deleted.

5. Nothing illustrates the decline of the GP more than the way GPs now refuse to do work which they seem to regard as beneath them. GPs no longer take blood pressures, take blood samples, stitch wounds, remove stitches or syringe ears. And in many practices even the nurses refuse to do these things – preferring to leave them to less well trained members of staff. (In hospital, nurses consider themselves far too important to plump up pillows, soothe the sick, care for people, do nursing, put flowers in vases or feed patients. Since auxiliaries and porters aren’t allowed to touch patients, these things are left undone and patients starve to death.) My good friend Dr Colin Barron tells me, incidentally, that although doctors and nurses now refuse to remove ear wax (it is, I assume, regarded as beneath them or maybe they are all just too busy giving vaccinations) there are now private clinics which will perform this task. He tells me that some opticians now provide this service for around £55. Dr Colin Barron also points out that patients with eye problems are now supposed to visit an optician and not a doctor. `This is quite a good idea,’ he says. He points out that: `opticians are better at looking at eyes than most GPs as they have better training and equipment. Most GPs only have handheld ophthalmoscopes which are useless for diagnosing a lot of conditions. Opticians now know how to use slit lamps and have sophisticated scanning equipment.’ As always, excellent advice from Dr Barron who, at one point in his varied and distinguished career, was a Registrar in Ophthalmology.

6. We know that drug interactions are a major cause of illness. But no one has ever checked to see if it is safe to give dozens of different vaccines to infants and small children. How many million infants and children have been killed or injured by approved vaccination programmes? No one knows. And no one will ever know. However, governments have paid out billions (yes billions) of dollars in damages to vaccine damaged individuals.

7. There will be no room for pets in the Great Reset. All pets (cats and dogs and budgerigars) will be destroyed. The changes will take place slowly. At first there will be more rules about where dogs can walk, how much licences will cost, when dogs should be muzzled or on the lead and so on. And then, the number of dog bites will be quoted as a reason for eliminating pets completely. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

8. Plans have been approved in England for a 15 storey tower block for women only. Men will only be allowed to live in the block if they become a tenant’s partner. Transgendered women will be allowed in but transgendered men will not. And crossdressers will not be allowed in the building. How can any of this be legal?

9. Investors’ Chronicle magazine dealt with an investment query from a 28-year-old junior doctor. The doctor was earning £55,000, had a flat in London worth £425,000 and no mortgage. He had £96,000 in a savings account, £10,000 in an investment account and £2,000 cash. He wanted to buy a house in London for one million pounds and a cottage in the West Country. As British readers will know junior doctors have recently been on strike for a 35% pay rise.

10. We, in England, should take heart from the fact that in the last few years we defeated the Government’s attempt to force us to accept Regional Authorities, the Government’s attempt to force us to carry identity cards and the Government’s attempt to force house owners to have expensive and intrusive and useless surveys done on their homes. All those victories were over Tony Blair and a Labour Government.

11. The war on Christianity has hotted up in the EU. The EU (organised for the globalists, of course) has made it clear that it is opposed to the Christian religion. The EU hung a painting of Jesus surrounded by gay, leather clad disciples. They would not have dared to insult any other religion in the same way. Ask Salman Rushdie. (Mind you, in England, it seems to me that the Church of England is also opposed to Christianity. But maybe I expect too much.)

12. I have acquired a morbid fear of workmen which is, at times, merely exhausting and at times incapacitating. It isn’t so much the workmen which I find fearsome as the rules and regulations which govern everything they do – and the administrative nightmare which surrounds everything them. I am reminded of John Hunter, the 18th century surgeon and anatomist and an exceedingly brave man. (In an attempt to study syphilis and gonorrhoea, he infected himself with both diseases.) Hunter once stated that he was at the mercy of any man who made him angry. He died of a heart attack at a hospital board meeting. I think I know how he felt.

13. It is curious, is it not, how people assume that their standard of living should rise each year without their working harder, being promoted or taking on extra responsibilities? This curious assumption guarantees a certain amount of inflation since there is a widespread expectation of an annual pay rise, whether earned or not, as inevitable as an annual birthday. This attitude guarantees disappointment in the future for the Great Reset is designed to ensure that we all become poorer.

14. The BBC likes to change history. I suspect that if the BBC ever makes a programme about the Second World War, the Germans will win and British fighting forces will consist entirely of black and Muslim Americans.

15. The two most obscene scientific frauds are vaccination and vivisection.

16. Coleman’s first law of medicine is: `If you are receiving treatment for an existing disease and you develop new symptoms then, until proved otherwise, you should assume that the new symptoms are caused by the treatment you are receiving.’ The other eleven laws are listed (and explained in detail) in my book `Coleman’s Laws: The Twelve Medical Truths You Must Know to Survive.’ `Coleman’s Laws’ is available on Amazon.

17. The authorities have been shutting small hospitals for years. Locals always object but their objections are always overruled. This is part of the plan to move us all into smart cities – each of which will have one hospital, one fire station, one supermarket, one of those little shops where you can have your bicycle repaired and one crematorium.

18. Doctors and nurses think they are striking for more money. I don’t think they realise that they are being used to destroy the health service and health care. The doctors’ strike in April 2023 resulted in 196,000 cancelled hospital operations and appointments – meaning that the number of people on waiting lists in the UK will soon be well over twelve million. Many of those will die before they are seen. On average, GPs now work a 24 to 26 hour week and their leaders say that in future they will probably work just one day a week. Naturally, the union will then declare that there is an acute shortage of doctors, that doctors are vastly overworked and that they deserve vastly more money. Not surprisingly, the BBC has run a story about patients in great pain who nevertheless support the strikers. I bet I could have found one or two patients who were cursing the strikers.

19. It is important to remember that big companies love new regulations. They always welcome rules and laws because they know that small companies won’t have the staff or the money to deal with them. Introducing new laws at the behest of lobbyists working for big companies is a policy frequently used by the EU – which has always loved big businesses and loathed small ones.

20. After Britain left the European Union, the country became a target for punishment. It is now considered disposable. Why else do you think it was Britain which sent depleted uranium shells to Ukraine? And why else is Britain the first country to be open about sending British servicemen into Ukraine? Russia has made it clear that Britain will be one of the first targets when the war with NATO turns really nasty.

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