Passing Observations 169

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Sometimes you have to go down the tunnel even if it is dark and damp and you don’t know what monsters await you. You have to go because the alternative is not to go. And not going is worse than the monsters.

2. I realised the other day that, professionally speaking, my one big mistake in life has been to fail to network. I have always been the world’s worst networker. At school I was so anonymous that no one noticed when I left. I fear it’s now too late to change. Next time, perhaps.

3. The climate change psychos are blocking the building of new homes because they fear that building houses might result in the Eiffel Tower disappearing under `un deluge’. But I bet you the climate change psychos all have nice, little homes with gas central heating and a diesel powered hatchback in the garage.

4. `Truth is on the march and nothing will stop it.’ – Emile Zola.

5. The arms companies are usually described as `the merchants of death’. Actually, the arms companies are No 2 in that category. The drug companies are No 1 in the category of `merchants of death’.

6. Rampaging water buffalo destroyed a swimming pool in England. I wonder where they came from. Did they arrive on our shores in inflatable dinghies perhaps?

7. A marriage guidance session broke down when the couple started to shoot at each other.

8. I’m delighted to report that my book `High Blood Pressure’ is now available as an eBook on Amazon. `They want your money and your life’ is also on sale as an eBook.

9. `When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.’ – Jonathan Swift.

10. The average person eats 30 tons of food in their lifetime. Not all at once, though.

11. In 1938 the King of Bavaria issued a law forbidding civilians from growing moustaches. Police were given the power to shave offending citizens. I assume the law affected only males but who knows, maybe hirsutism is not entirely unknown among Bavarian women.

12. `It’s not enough to be busy. The question is: What are you busy about?’ – Henry David Thoreau.

13. For the scary truth about social credit (and what it will mean for you and your family) please read `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street’ by Vernon Coleman. You can purchase a copy via the bookshops on and Alternatively, just draw the curtains, turn on the television and watch some repeated rubbish while you wait for the end of your world.

14. For decades now, we have been told that technology will improve our lives immeasurably. It is now clear that this was (and is) a lie. Technology has done nothing to improve productivity, to improve health or, indeed, to improve life in any way. Technology has certainly done nothing to make people happier. On the contrary, technology invades our privacy, prevents us from repairing our own machinery and exposes us to ridicule, hacking and identity theft. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as a private conversation any more. The big technology companies claim that they are doing `good things’ but it is clear that their sole aim is not to serve us but to extract data from us so that they can sell it to people who will use it to make our lives more complicated and more stressful. For the big technology companies, and the internet companies, we have become the product and the companies vie with one another to control us, to dominate our every waking (and sleeping) hour, to waste our time and to watch everything we do – so that they can sell our secrets to other companies for profit. Much modern equipment records and relays private conversations. Finally, please remember that I am totally banned from all social media sites for the modern crime of telling the truth. Please remember that any channel in my name on any social media platform is a fake.

15. A reader wanted to fly from Florida to Columbia. He had to spend an hour filling in an immigration form on his smartphone. He was told that without a smartphone he would not have been allowed to board the flight. If everyone flying refused to do these things then the airlines wouldn’t have any passengers.

16. A big fuss has been made of the fact that a weapons expert was banned from a Government event in the UK because he was considered to have been outspoken on a range of issues. This is nothing new. Years ago, I was banned from speaking to NHS staff about drug side effects because I believe drug side effects exist and are a serious problem. I was replaced by a representative of the pharmaceutical industry.

17. I spoke with Dr Reiner Fuellmich recently. The recording of our conversation can now be heard on or my channel on Or you can find it on

18. In the UK, Government officials can freeze your bank account simply on suspicion. Suspicion of what, you ask. Anything you can think of. Unless you protest and fight they will keep all the money in your account. Much of your money which is confiscated will be retained by the Government agency which has seized it. There is little or no judicial scrutiny and officials require only what lawyers call `a low evidential threshold’. How have we allowed these people to `take’ such power?

19. Private correspondence between an individual and their advisers can now be used in court.

20. The World Government is getting closer. The IMF has arranged an international tax deal between 136 separate tax jurisdictions.

21. George Soros, who believes that God’s climate system is broken and that he is the man to repair it, is promoting a plan to shield the Arctic ice cap from the sun. Chums of his will arrange for 500 vessels to spray seawater over the ice caps during the summer. This will, allegedly, keep the ice cold and stop it melting. Incidentally, talking of climate change, the British Government has announced that nuclear power, like gas, is now to be regarded as a `green’ form of energy. It won’t be long before coal and oil will be reclassified as acceptably green. It’s a clever way to tell the world that we’re sticking to the lunatic `net zero’ policies without actually doing anything too damaging.

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