Passing Observations 17 (A Coronavirus Special)

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. Antoinette spotted a photo of a shop where the owner had put up signs saying `No Masks, Handshakes OK, Hugs very OK’. Good for him. What a role model for shopkeepers everywhere.

2. Negative interest rates are almost here. This absurdity will mean that savers have to pay banks to store their money. Millions who have worked hard and saved will doubtless wish they’d spent their money. Is this another ploy to destroy our independence?

3. The hatred of those who question the value and safety of vaccination is so great (and so well organised by the pro-vaccine establishment) that my novel TheTruth Kills has been attacked because one of the characters (a young female doctor) dares to question vaccination as part of the story. I find it rather worrying that people get demonically excited because of the views held by a fictional character.

4. The more a virus moves around the weaker it tends to get. And so locking people in their houses and shutting schools has meant that the virus hasn’t been weakened. If more young people had been allowed to catch the coronavirus (a bug which doesn’t usually do much harm to the young) then the number of older and more vulnerable people dying would have been dramatically reduced.

5. Shutting people in their homes and arresting them for sunbathing or sitting in parks was a criminal error. Our bodies need sunlight to boost vitamin D levels. Vitamin D provides protection against viruses such as those causing colds and flu. So preventing people from going outside contributed to the seriousness of the disease. The Government’s absurd policy has, once again, killed people.

6. In Scotland more people died from the coronavirus in care homes than in hospitals.

7. Synagogues have banned singing since singing can spread viruses. How long before shouting is banned? (Not a bad idea). And then how long before talking is prohibited?

8. Half of Britons increased the amount of alcohol they drank, or the number of days on which they drank, during their house arrest.

9. All the hand washing means that our water is running out. The consumption of water rose by a quarter during the mass house arrest programme. There will likely be water restrictions this coming summer. Water is now one of the rarest natural resources on the planet, and we are wasting it washing hands too frequently and pointlessly washing out our empty yoghurt prior to them being burnt.

10. Britain’s mass house arrest led to a 42% increase in divorce enquiries.

11. Many shops (including bookshops) have announced that they will ban browsing. Here’s a safe prediction: shops which ban browsers won’t survive. They might as well close now and get it over with.

12. `Like many an oldie, he seems utterly baffled by the tech,’ wrote Freddy Gray in The Spectator magazine. He was writing about Joe Biden, US Presidential candidate. Ageism just won’t die, will it? Would Mr Gray have dared say: `Like many a woman, she seems utterly baffled by the tech,’?

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2020

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