Passing Observations 170

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. When 20,000 people were questioned, 76% of them said they regarded politicians as partly or completely corrupt. The other 24% must have all been politicians. Politicians buy votes by making promises they know they cannot keep, and have no intention of keeping. Virtually all governments are now bankrupt as a result of a toxic mixture of greed, corruption and incompetence. It is difficult to think of a politician anywhere in the world who has not been accused of conspiracy and/or corruption. As a breed, politicians are even more likely to end up in prison than lawyers.

2. A few years ago the Swiss held a referendum to decide whether to introduce a guaranteed basic income for every citizen. The Swiss people, realising that someone would have to pay for this largesse, voted overwhelmingly against the notion. The world would be an infinitely better place if all government decisions had to be approved by a referendum. Only referenda can give power to the people.

3. In the world of the woke no one is innocent. An accusation is as good as a guilty verdict. We are living in the time of the New Spanish Inquisition. All around us there are Witch Finders General.

4. The Great Reset will be indistinguishable from the first Great Depression – except that it will be much, much worse. And it will last forever.

5. `The current disparaging of experts and criticism of elitism is the worst calamity of our times.’ – French Minister

6. Twenty six American states have incorporated loyalty oaths to Israel. You can, however, say whatever you like about other countries.

7. We need less government but we keep getting more of it. As a result, inflation, interest rates and taxes will continue to rise. Stock markets (and therefore pension funds) will go nowhere for years. And thus, we will own nothing. If you want to know what the future looks like please read my book `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street’. You can buy a copy via or

8. Ukraine is being supplied with F16 fighter jets. But Ukraine has no pilots, no suitable airfields and no mechanics to service the planes.

9. Remember: prices won’t go down if inflation falls. Prices will just not go up quite as quickly. Nothing will ever again be as cheap as it was. Inflation is baked in.

10. While World War III has continued to rage, the British media has been obsessed with the story of a daytime TV presenter.

11. Only the stupid possess phones smarter than themselves.

12. Climate change psychos are the most annoying, whining, boring, pleased- with- themselves, stupid, do-gooders ever invented. And they were invented and empowered by insane, psychotic, propagandists. They regard democracy as an outdated concept, and it shows in their unfettered determination to impose their absurd climate fantasies on everyone else. The world will only be safe for intelligent people when the climate change psychos have all been certified insane and transported to life on an island well away from civilisation.

13. There is much talk about deflation being a serious future threat. Deflation would increase government debts and so governments will do everything in their power to make sure it doesn’t happen.

14. Mainstream media outlets wishing to illustrate the problem of flooding often use photos that were taken years ago because they are picturesque and cheaper to obtain and because they help sustain the lies.

15. The world is driven by envy rather than simple greed. And envy is more destructive.

16. Most people no longer believe anything they are told by their governments, their media and their professionals. Sadly, it is also true, and a result of this, that most people no longer believe in anything.

17. The UK has 10 million civil servants (far than was previously thought). We should sack all of them (except for the rubbish collectors). No one would notice but we would all be much richer. Each civil servant costs the nation around £100,000 a year on average (including salary and office costs, etc.). If you multiply 10 million by £100,000 you get a figure which my 1970s calculator cannot digest.

18. Every time I venture online I find myself having to identify bicycles or buses in nine little squares. I rarely succeed in finding them and, therefore, usually find myself rejected as human.

19. Doctors, nurses and other staff working in British hospitals are, at last, giving up wearing the masks they never should have worn in the first place. The fact that so many health professionals wore masks which did far more harm than good is, I fear, a sign of a potent mixture of ignorance and an over willing determination to comply and obey the rules – however stupid the rules might be. My book `Proof that Face Masks Do More Harm than Good’ is, at last, available as a paperback on Amazon. The book contains around 100 pieces of evidence supporting the title.

20. Doctors in the UK who are threatening to go on strike originally wanted a 35% pay rise. They were offered 5% which they refused. They countered by demanding a 49% pay rise. They might as well demand a monthly trunk full of gold and mixed jewels. The plan to destroy health care is moving ahead rapidly. My book about the NHS (`NHS: What’s wrong and how to put it right’) explains why the NHS now does more harm than good – and should be closed down and replaced with something better and cheaper (which I describe).

21. We watched a film called `Top Gun Maverick’. The story line reminded me very much of the Dam Busters story. I wish someone would remake the story of Guy Gibson and his squadron – ignored or reviled in equal measure today though they were some of the bravest men who ever lived. And it was Gibson’s heroics (and a promotional tour in America) which helped bring the United States into World War II.

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