Passing Observations 171

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The US is determined to force countries everywhere to follow all its rules. The latest obscenity is to threaten Uganda with sanctions because it dares to introduce a law to protect family life. Some years ago, in Obama days, I wrote a book about America called `The Global War’ (long out of print) and the bullying has got worse. The US, it seems, wants to force the whole world to follow its own LGBT laws and will stop at nothing to crush countries which resist. America has been constantly at war for decades and the world is, I fear, turning against the American hegemony. Who would have thought that Uganda, the playground of Idi Amin, would have the high moral ground over America.

2. Why do hospitals still force patients to wear those skimpy, paper costumes which they call gowns? Why do the gowns have a split up the back which would be considered indecent in a strip club? And why do they call them gowns? A gown is something a lady wears together with high heels, diamonds and a tiara. And gowns don’t have a split up the back that leaves your bum bare. Just thought I’d mention it. It seems to me as though it’s all part of a deliberate, long-standing plot to dehumanise patients.

3. The UK Government is introducing something called the Edinburgh Reforms. These will enable banks to take more risks with your savings. And lifting the cap on bankers’ bonuses will encourage bankers to take even more risks. Watering down relatively feeble regulations which encouraged bankers to behave a little bit will encourage reckless behaviour. The next banking crisis is now not far away. Remember that phrase: `You will own nothing and be happy’? Well, you’ll own nothing and the bankers will be happy.

4. The tax authorities in the UK have given up trying to recoup the £5.1 billion fraudulently claimed by individuals and businesses during the fake covid-19 pandemic. They’ve probably given up because most of the £5.1 billion went to chums of MPs.

5. Incidentally, it is officially estimated that there are 16 million people earning money online in the UK and that the average income is officially stated to be £120 per hour. No, I don’t believe it either, but that’s what they say.

6. I lost my keys. Antoinette rang the bank where I thought I’d lost them to see if anyone had handed in any keys. Naturally, you can’t actually ring a specific branch of a bank (because that would be helpful) so she got through to the bank’s headquarters. She spoke to someone who then acted as a go-between between her and the local branch. The go-between relayed a number of very specific identifying questions from the branch. `How many keys were there?’ `Were there any distinguishing features?’ `Were there any car keys?’ And so on and so forth. As the questions became more specific, Antoinette was becoming hopeful. And then the go-between said: `The branch says that no keys have been handed in.’ Where do banks find their employees? And what are these people going to do when banks no longer have any staff? (Something that is going to happen in two years at the outside.)

7. Freedom is expensive.

8. The Greatest English Heroes of all time were: Rudyard Kipling, W.G.Grace, Keith Mallory, Guy Gibson, Daniel de Foe, T.E.Lawrence, John Mytton, Mike Hawthorn, CB Fry, Captain Oates and T.E.Lawrence. All good eggs.

9. I have gone through life accumulating worries. Very few of those accumulated worries disappear and new ones are added daily so the total rises inexorably. It would be nice to start a fresh day with no old worries – and just new worries to think about. But I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

10. `Nothing can harm a good man, either in life or after death.’ – Socrates.

11. I am convinced, by the way, that Keith Mallory (see above) was the first man to climb Everest. He got to the top in 1924. When his body was found in 1999 the photograph of Ruth (his wife) was not in his pocket. He had planned to leave the photo at the top of the mountain and that is clearly where he put it. Encyclopaedias should note that Everest was conquered not in 1953, but in 1924.

12. The authorities are not as clever as we fear they might be. I sent in my annual tax form a while back. They acknowledged receipt but twice within the following month I received reminders to tell me to send in my annual tax form. And yesterday I received a letter from the police telling me that I had been seen driving a motor car which was not insured. The police were quite wrong. The car was properly insured months ago. It is nice to know that, despite all their computers, they’re not as clever as they like to think they are (and we tend to fear they may be.)

13. I am convinced that the Guardian is now the worst, most pompous, most humourless, most pointless, most prejudiced, most out of touch newspaper in the world. The circulation is pitiful and the paper is clearly doomed to die very soon. Please don’t give it money – you’ll merely be keeping it alive and that would be cruel.

14. `Self-pity is easily the most destructive of the non-pharmaceutical narcotics; it is addictive, gives momentary pleasure and separates the victim from reality.’ – John W.Gardner.

15. `The ultimate indignity is to be given a bedpan by a stranger who calls you by your first name.’ – Maggie Kuhn.

16. In a world dominated by the principles of social credit, your worth will be measured by your production minus your consumption. If you want to know more about social credit please read my book `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street’. You can purchase a copy via and

17. Support for the absurd net zero Greens is waning in Germany. The Germans have spotted that phasing out gas and oil in their homes will leave them freezing cold and eating nothing but salads. May the uprising against the mad Greens spread far and wide – and fast.

18. An American football player was accused of assault by a girl who made love with him at a party but then got upset when she discovered he played for a team she didn’t support.

19. Martin Van Buren, the 8th President of the United States, and a man firmly opposed to slavery, was a cross dresser. He liked to wear his wife’s lingerie. The result is that the woke aren’t quite sure whether or not he was a good egg. (Their main complaint is that he should have at least bought his own damned lingerie.) For facts about cross dressing (based on a major survey of cross dressers) please read `Men in Bras, Panties and Dresses’ by Vernon Coleman.

20. Sixty per cent of material which is filed is never looked at again.

21. Please remember that I am completely banned from all social media for the twin modern crimes of telling the truth and embarrassing the establishment, so if you see an alleged account in my name on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, etc., etc., then it is fraudulent.

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