Passing Observations 172

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. If all new oil, gas and coal exploration is stopped (as the climate change psychos are demanding) then at least six billion people will die as a direct result. But, of course, that is what their masters want isn’t it? The only small comfort is that most of the climate change psychos will be among the dead.

2. Young people don’t want to be educated these days. And they don’t want to work. They know that the big money, and the fame they hanker after, come from being an influencer on the evil YouTube or on one of the loathsome social media sites. You don’t need knowledge or skills to be a successful influencer or fact checker – just oceans of brash, self-confidence. Wisdom, knowledge and ability are probably handicaps.

3. As I have been predicting for over two years, inflation is going to soar. And it is going to be particularly dangerous in Britain. The central banks know what is happening and they’re preparing themselves by buying precious metals such as gold and silver.

4. Britain is in a perilous state. Leaving the EU was supposed to allow us to dump a huge pile of pointless EU regulations and laws. But we still have all the EU laws and, in addition, we have a raft of new legislation piled on top of the ones we were supposed to be ditching. To make things even worse the State in Britain is growing faster than ever. Over ten million people in the UK now work for the State. Bureaucrats and administrators and quango dross are making life miserable for everyone trying to do something useful with their lives.

5. I left a couple of dozen golf balls lying on the lawn. By morning they had all gone. Who took them? Well, I have three suspects: a family of badgers, a couple of foxes and a seagull. Whoever took the golf balls probably thought they were eggs and they will, I fear, have terrible indigestion if they ate them. Hopefully the golf balls are just decorating a badger’s sett or a fox’s den somewhere.

6. `Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticised anyway. You’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.’ – Eleanor Roosevelt.

7. Astonishingly, nearly 4 million people in Britain are being paid benefits every week and will never have to work. They have been given exemption from having even to look for employment. The cost for taxpayer is phenomenal and this is one of the reasons why Britain is now the weakest, poorest country in the developed world – guaranteed to stay in recession for years, with the recession soon becoming the worst depression the country has ever seen.

8. Joke of the week, month, year, decade or even millennium is that the BBC, the world’s leading propaganda organisation, has set up a misinformation unit called Verify. I assume that Verify has been set up to spread even more lies and propaganda and I’m prepared to bet that Verify will simply enable the BBC to spread more lies, misinformation, disinformation and propaganda than before. I mention this only because it gives me an excuse to remind readers not to give the BBC any money. Do it legally (of course) but do not ever pay the BBC licence fee. Giving money to the BBC is like giving money to the World Economic Forum or the CIA.

9. I visited a large hospital recently. I was astonished to see that in the waiting areas every other chair had a `Do not sit here – social distancing’ sign on it. I can only assume that the hospital is maintaining the social distancing nonsense in order to keep waiting lists as long as possible. There can be no other explanation.

10. Net immigration figures in England were over 600,000 last year. England was already the most overcrowded country in the world (excluding silly little nonsense countries such as Monaco) so things are merely getting worse. What that figure doesn’t show is that the number of immigrants was over a million – most of whom will never work. And several hundred thousand high earning taxpayers left the country. The net result will be that the country simply gets poorer and poorer.

11. When I pointed out to an oncologist that a popular anti-cancer drug can cause serious problems with the pancreas he seemed surprised. `It can’t do that,’ he said bluntly. `That drug isn’t designed to affect the pancreas.’ Unbelievably, it seemed that he was unaware that drugs can cause lethal side effects by affecting organs of the body they aren’t supposed to affect.

12. At the age of 66 a Colonel Sanders lost his business. He needed money. He went round America trying to sell his recipe for fried chicken. He was turned down over 1,000 times before he found a buyer. And Colonel Sanders then became a multi-millionaire.

13. Everyone who works for the BBC is guilty of the money grubbing, threatening behaviour exhibited by the gangsters who collect the BBC licence fee. If I hired thugs to threaten people who didn’t pay me money which I thought they owed me then I would rightly be vilified. I believe that every BBC employee (including the absurdly overpaid celebrity presenters) is responsible for the actions of the shameless thugs who send out an endless series of demanding letters. These days, many of the threats are directed at the over 75s since the BBC reneged on its agreement to let the over 75s have free TV licences. Surely, all BBC employees (including the many sanctimonious ones) are guilty of this thuggery since, as employees (or self-employed contractors) the thuggery is done on their behalf?

14. Our resident raven was making a good deal of noise the other day. I looked up and saw him (or her) circling high above the garden with two fledgling ravens struggling along behind – on what looked to be their first flight.

15. Advocates for those who rent homes have welcomed new laws and penalties which will make life difficult for property owners/landlords. Their enthusiasm is misplaced. Thousands of property owners are giving up and putting their rental properties on the market. The downturn in the housing market will result in many of those properties remaining empty for months if not years. The rental market will now become incredibly difficult – and rents will go up.

16. My book about my favourite non-fiction books (the book is called `My Favourite Books’) is now available as an eBook as well as a hardback and a paperback on Amazon.

17. There are many things none of us should stand for, but every one of us should stand for something.

18. The gutless pseudo-journalists and pseudo-scientists at the BBC (`The world’s leading source of misinformation’) were, not surprisingly, too cowardly to accept my challenge to debate covid issues with me. But keep promoting the challenge to draw attention to their one sidedness.

19. A newspaper photograph of protestors in Oxford showed that a third of them were wearing masks. The protestors were unhappy about a speaker of whom they didn’t approve and so you could reasonably argue that they were protesting against free speech. I wonder if they were wearing masks because they were stupid or if they were stupid because they were wearing masks.

20. Most of Latin America is run by left wing governments which want more statism, more red tape and less freedom. It is, of course, merely a coincidence that the people (other than those in government) seem to be getting poorer and more miserable.

21. My book `They want your money and life’ is available as a paperback and an eBook via the bookshops on and

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