Passing Observations 173

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Climate change psychos who block traffic, disrupt events or want to stop all oil, gas and coal exploration should not be put in prison. They should be put in long-stay mental hospitals and kept there. They are dangerously insane and a menace to the world.

2. Any day the irredeemably corrupt BBC and the now simply pathetic Guardian newspaper will tell us that Russian soldiers are eating Ukrainian babies. That’s a traditional story among propaganda specialists.

3. On a day when nuclear war came closer than ever, the lead item on the BBC website’s international news section was about the England women’s football team selection. That story wouldn’t merit lead item on the sports page let alone the news page.

4. If you aren’t scared by what is happening then you’re not thinking.

5. The Ukrainian Government (which we are keeping supplied with arms and money) says it is justified in killing ordinary Russian civilians. That means that taxpayers in the US, England and the EU are supporting terrorism.

6. The people of Crimea should be asked if they would like to be part of Russia or part of Ukraine. They won’t be asked, of course, because Western countries know what the answer will be.

7. If inflation is going to be brought under control, interest rates in the UK are going to have to rise to 15% or more. Everyone with a mortgage should make sure they can cope with mortgage rates at over 15% – or plan alternative accommodation. Naturally, the Bank of England won’t dare raise interest rates sufficiently and so the inflation will continue to stay high.

8. Small businesses say they would be prepared to pay fines or penalties rather than take action on climate change. Three quarters of small businesses say they have more important things to do than worry about satisfying absurd net zero targets.

9. Alzheimer’s disease is still being dramatically over-diagnosed. Most people with dementia do not have Alzheimer’s disease – and a huge number of them can be cured. My book titled ‘The Dementia Myth’ contains surprising and suppressed truths about dementia. It is available on Amazon.

10. A financial magazine called ‘Moneyweek’ claimed that Moderna’s covid ‘vaccine’ saved nearly two million lives in 2021. That should go down in history as one of the great exaggerations of all time. How can anyone prove that any vaccine saved any lives? But I would wager that the covid jabs killed or maimed far more people than they saved. When will mainstream journalists recognise that the covid jabs did not do what they were supposed to do – but did cause massive harm.

11. Am I the only person to be annoyed when people I speak to on the telephone address me by my Christian name – as if they’ve known me for years? And they never give their name. It’s all part of the process of dehumanisation – designed to reduce us to robotic irrelevancies.

12. I was sent a faulty bank credit card. (Which I occasionally have to use to buy fuel for the car.) When I telephoned to request a replacement the woman I spoke to was reluctant to authorise one because she was worried about the extra plastic that would have to be used.

13. Watch out for the latest car park scam. The other day I received a demand for £100 from a car park company which claimed I had parked but had not bought a ticket. They had a photo of my arrival in the car park and a photo of my departure 40 minutes or so later. Now, for several good reasons, I keep my old car park tickets and I was able to find the relevant ticket which showed that I’d paid for an hour’s parking. The ticket I had bought had my car number printed on it. Most people throw away their used car park tickets so is this the new scam? The demand I received arrived over a month after the alleged offence had taken place. Do the car park companies wait until they think the car park ticket will have been discarded and then send a demand – thinking (probably rightly in many cases) that the motorist will assume they must have forgotten to buy a ticket?

14. If you want to know the truth about the BBC please watch the following three videos (all available on ‘How many children will die because of this woman? (5th July 2021), ‘Lies on the BBC will result in children dying’ (9th June 2021) and ‘The BBC employs 22,000 traitors’ (14th July 2021).

15. After the end of World War II, rationing in England ended only in 1954. In Germany, however, rationing ended years earlier.

16. People are talking about the end of the internet. If this is something that interests you please look at my video entitled `When will they shut down the internet?’ dated 30th June 2021.

17. Two pairs of blackbirds were feeding in our garden. A young cuckoo, bigger than any of the four birds, was chasing its ‘parents’ around, demanding food. When the parents got tired of running a catering service the cuckoo merely turned its attention to the other two blackbirds. It seemed exceptionally entitled and demanding so I called it Harry.

18. Campaigners go about things the wrong way these days. Instead of annoying the public they should concentrate on exposing bad things. This is easy for animal rights campaigners (all they have to do is to find evidence that animals have been mistreated) but impossible for Net Zero supporters because they are promoting a pseudoscience and there is no evidence for them to expose.

19. The absurdly over-paid Governor of the Bank of England has admitted that he and his staff have `very big lessons’ to learn about setting policy. This is like hiring a surgeon who kills all his patients and says he has `very big lessons’ to learn about operating on people. Wouldn’t it be better to hire people who had already learnt how to do the jobs they’re paid to do?

20. If John Profumo were alive today he would probably be the most honest politician in the world.

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