Passing Observations 174

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. In 1904 the maximum wage for footballers was £4 a week. And then came inflation.

2. ESG is an exercise in self-indulgence.

3. There will be huge queues and problems at airports on all bank holidays in the future. This is not an accident. The plan is to discourage people from travelling. Remember, nothing happens by accident and there are no coincidences.

4. Chemotherapy is a cull not a treatment.

5. Politicians still quote unemployment figures as though they mean anything. The key figure today is not the number of unemployed who are looking for work but the number of ‘sick’ who don’t want to work.

6. In 1921, the Football Association in England declared that ‘The game of football is quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged.’

7. A UK delivery company called DPD is advertising for drivers to deliver parcels. ‘Be your own boss and earn £35,000.’ Maybe this would be something Harry and Meghan could look at. If they both get jobs with DPD that would be a cool £70,000 a year for the pair of them. I can see them now scooting around the countryside looking for ‘Mon Repose’ and driving round Walsall hunting for flat number 873 in a 24 storey tower block with no lift.

8. Ukraine wants to join NATO and the EU and he is being encouraged in these ambitions because in so doing he will help push us into a nuclear war. (Presumably, the scruffy Zelensky will also want to be invited to attend Commonwealth shindigs.)

9. I was very sad to hear of the sudden, unexpected death of Dr Rashid Buttar. There is a suspicion, I know, that to suspect foul play is to exhibit paranoia. But it isn’t paranoia when they really are out to get you. A few months ago I reported that two of our car tyres had been cut down to the canvas – on the inside of the tyres so that the cuts were not visible. It wasn’t an accident and it wasn’t a vandal.

10. My book ‘Medical Heretics’ is now available as a kindle eBook. The subtitle of the book is ‘How the medical establishment crushes the truth and suppresses good ideas’. The book describes how original thinkers have always been suppressed, and includes biographies of many whose ideas were responsible for changing our lives and improving our world but whose work was silenced by the establishment.

11. Whatever happened to radon? A few years ago home owners had to have little radon meters in their homes and were warned that if the reading was too high they’d need to have massively expensive work done to protect them. It was always a nonsense, designed to make money for builders, but now, quietly, the radon threat seems to have disappeared and been replaced by even more expensive scares – such as the ubiquitous global warming scam.

12. The word ‘google’ is not synonymous with ‘search’ and should not be used as if it were. The word ‘google’ should be regarded as being synonymous with ‘evil’, ‘corrupt’, ‘totalitarian’ and ‘suppression’.

13. The climate change psychos who endlessly promote their pseudoscientific nonsense should read ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ or, if a book is too much of a challenge, watch the film of the same name. Steinbeck wrote his book about the consequences of drought in 1939. Or for modern day facts and far more fun they should read ‘Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. The climate change psychos hate ‘Greta’s Homework’ – proving what an excellent guide it is to the forbidden truths about climate change.

14. Biden et al give guns to Ukraine and then say that the crimes committed with those guns are nothing to do with them. If you gave guns to a bunch of corrupt Nazis and they killed people you’d have a job convincing the courts that you had no responsibility for the crimes committed with the guns you paid for.

15. BBC staff and most mainstream journalists everywhere (I am tempted to say ‘all’ but who knows) are guilty of intellectual cowardice. They are frightened of the truth, they are frightened of public opinion and they are frightened of the Government. Instead of seeking the truth they publish press releases and propaganda. Shame on them all. They are a disgrace to the memory of Daniel de Foe and other great journalists.

16. George Orwell reckoned that the only part of the UK worth bothering about was England. He never wrote about the UK or about Britain. He wrote about England.

17. Remember: anyone who still has a channel on YouTube is approved by the WEF, the CIA and everyone else who wants you dead. Anyone with a channel on YouTube is as much a part of the enemy as Biden, Trudeau, Clinton, Obama, Sunak, Macron et al. Boycott YouTube and everyone making videos for that evil platform.

18. Anyone who doubts that the Americans blew up the Nord Stream pipeline should know that the Americans imposed sanctions on European companies aiding in its construction. American companies were worried that their profits would suffer if the pipeline was completed. And now the pipeline has gone. Gosh, what a surprise. And as a bonus the Americans blamed Russia for blowing up its own very expensive, very profitable pipeline.

19. My book ‘Coming Apocalypse’ was published in April 2020. It describes the early days of the covid fraud and I (bravely) made some predictions. The book is available on Amazon and it will make me very happy if you buy a copy. My first video about the fraud is entitled ‘Coronavirus: The Hoax of the Century’. It was published on 18th March 2020 and can be viewed (free of charge and without ads of course) on

20. The invention of the twin concepts of devil’ and of ‘hell’ were evil and useful devices designed to encourage compliance. As a Christian it seems to me that they were, and are, no more than early forms of the recycling nonsense.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023