Passing Observations 175

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The BBC constantly interviews Blair and Sunak despite the fact that they are both war criminals and should be in prison. I suspect that if Stalin and Mussolini were alive the BBC would hire them as misinformation specialists. (Incidentally, have you noticed that Sunak and Blair both have utterly embarrassing, insincere, inane grins?)

2. The billions being given to Ukraine by the United States aren’t part of the US Debt. They’re `special’ billions that are just printed as required.

3. When Captain Benjafield ( one of the Bentley Boys) created a vaccine against flu during the Great War, the medical establishment disapproved of it. Occasionally, the medical establishment does show some sense.

4. Elvis wanted a bike. He got a guitar. Look what happened. Mind you, if he’d had the bike I suppose he might have won the Tour de France.

5. What more rights do the LGBTQ campaigners want? They’ve already got just about everything there is – and probably more rights than frowsty old heterosexuals. Just asking.

6. China was an ally of England in World War II. They joined England long before America joined in. And China suffered 14 million casualties during that War.

7. Before World War II, a Russian bloke called Stalin signed a peace treaty with Japan. But then Roosevelt promised Stalin great chunks of Europe if he’d forget the treaty and attack Japan. So Stalin waited until he could see who was winning and then attacked Japan.

8. The mainstream press in Britain has noticed that some commentators had their Facebook and Twitter posts removed during the fake pandemic – because they were critical of the official line. Gosh and golly, what a surprise. Maybe one day the mainstream media will notice that some of us were banned completely from all social media – for the modern crime of telling the truth (something that no one in the mainstream media will comprehend).

9. Food prices will rise even faster than they have been doing because of crazy green taxes being introduced in obedience to demands from the climate change psychos. The food price rises will, of course, be blamed on Brexit or on those of us who opposed the covid jab. The climate change psychos also want to impose a special 1% or 2% tax on the middle classes to pay for more homes to be insulated. (They don’t specify that they want to tax the middle classes but as we all know the rich don’t pay taxes at all and the poor haven’t got any money.) I predict that all political parties will target the middle classes in future – they’ve got to get money from somewhere. If their beloved Great Reset is to be successful then they must dumb down society – and the ambitious, hard-working, tax paying middle classes must be punished for being ambitious, hard-working and tax paying. And to make things worse, the proposed `green’ ban on extracting oil and gas from the North Sea will result in massive price rises and frequent blackouts. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

10. Sanctions, confiscation and absurdly self-destructive laws designed to please the climate change psychos and the net zero lunatics have made investing a huge gamble. You may think you don’t care, but if you’re expecting to receive a pension in your old age then you should care. (Those who are employed by the State in some way should not feel cocky. No national or local civil servant under the age of 50 will receive the pension they’re expecting.)

11. During World War II, the Japanese infected millions of fleas with the plague. They also bred a load of rats. They covered the rats with infected fleas. They put the rats in canisters suspended from balloons. They floated the balloons over English and American troops. When the canisters landed they opened automatically and released the rats. The rats spread out carrying the plague ridden fleas with them.

12. The internet is awash with presenters who are much, much better than any of the presenters employed by the BBC. But I like to think that most of them wouldn’t work for the BBC even if offered the absurdly generous salaries and fees the State broadcaster dishes out to everyone who totters through its doors.

13. Thanks to pressure from the climate change psychos, Germany has now closed its last nuclear power station. The electricity from nuclear power will be replaced with electricity from burning coal. Brilliant.

14. By the time you read this, the UK’s population will be greater than the population of France for the first time ever. Take a look at the relative sizes of the two countries and you’ll understand why England seems so crowded these days.

15. There are only two reasons to make an investment. First, that the investment will pay you an income (interest, dividend, etc.). Second, that the investment will go up in value. Any investment that doesn’t do one of those two things is a hobby.

16. Electrical devices that can listen to you (or talk to you) can also communicate with one another. The innocents who fill their homes with clever fridges, coffee makers, alarm systems, television sets and smart phones should remember that the stuff in their home is chatting to the stuff in their neighbour’s home. And, of course, the stuff you bought is `talking’ to someone at the manufacturer and sharing your secrets with them. If you carry your smart phone with you at all times then nothing you do or say is private. If you want to know more about privacy take a look at my book entitled `How to Protect and Preserve Your Freedom, Identity and Privacy’. It is available on Amazon.

17. Bill Gates’ pet NGO, known as the WHO, is giving itself the power to decide that all citizens in a country must be vaccinated. And the WHO will have the power to use UN troops to ensure that the vaccinations are done. (Bill Gates, a vaccine hobbyist, was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein and is regarded as a philanthropist by the BBC and The Guardian – with both of which he has `financial links’. If you’re ever tempted to give money to The Guardian (which should in my view be renamed `The Daily Hypocrite’) you might as well resist the temptation and just give your money straight to Gates.

18. Greenpeace is advertising for support (by which I suspect they mean money) to keep its three boats afloat so that they can stop tankers arriving with oil. The really funny thing is that although there are some sails visible in the pictures, none of the three boats looks as if they have any rowlocks for when the wind isn’t blowing. And they have a picture of one of those inflatable boats screaming through the water. I bet that isn’t operated by oars or pedal power either. Maybe Greenpeace would like to tell potential donors if any of its boats use diesel as they travel around the world disrupting oil supplies. Just asking. For a fun little story about Greenpeace please read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. Ms Cohen explains that when a Greenpeace senior executive commuted by plane for two years, the organisation defended him by saying that it was so that he could balance his job with the needs of his family. `Greta’s Homework’ is full of vital facts about the climate change pseudoscience. You won’t be able to buy a copy at your local bookshop but you can buy a copy on Amazon.

19. Remember, if the BBC’s bullying licence fee collectors knock on your door you don’t have to let them in. Tell them to go forth and multiply.

20. The Marylebone Cricket Club has helped give cricket equipment to villages in Ukraine which have no electricity or running water. I bet that’s just what they wanted.

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