Passing Observations 177

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. There is a mistaken assumption that because something runs on electricity it is green and sustainable and probably non-fattening too. This is as stupid is saying that someone who is a politician must be honest. Most electricity is obtained by burning fossil fuels.

2. Solar panels donít work in hot weather. Wind turbines donít work when itís very windy. Solar panels donít work in cloudy weather. Wind turbines donít work when there isnít much wind. Pretty damned useless then.

3. Schoolchildren are now identifying as cats. Thatís nothing. My great nephew Sigmund has identified as a school inspector. At the start of each day the teacher has to say: `Good morning girls and boys. And sir.í

4. Squirrels in our garden spend the day planting nuts in the lawn. They go to bed at around 8 pm. At around 8.30 pm badgers arrive and dig up and eat all the nuts the squirrels have planted. Our lawn has so many holes in it that it looks like Ukraine after a hard dayís shelling.

5. The British Medical Association (well known as `the patientsí enemyí) must know that the Government in England canít give in to doctorsí outrageous and rather silly demand for a 35% pay rise. Unless they are financially illiterate they know that a 35% pay rise will result in uncontrollable Zimbabwe style inflation and the destruction of sterling and the economy. Millions will lose their jobs and die of hunger. Meanwhile, the doctorsí strikes will make life miserable for millions by extending waiting lists and leaving people in pain for much longer. Some to think of it, just what we have all come to expect from the BMA we all know and loathe. The conspirators will be chuffed to bits at how well theyíre managing to screw up England. Trebles and gleeful guffaws all round at BMA House in Tavistock Square.

6. Alphabet, the company which owns the evil and contemptible Google, has fired 27 in-house massage therapists. Ah diddums.

7. One third of the expensive weapons sent by the West to Ukraine have been destroyed. Hundreds of billions pounds worth of weapons have become scrap metal. (And of course vast quantities of weapons will end up in the hands of terrorists.)

8. Nutty pseudoscience has become a cult. There are people who believe the oil isnít running out, the earth is flat and there are no germs. Even children with a basic knowledge of science know this is nonsense. I donít know how they originated but I firmly all believe that all these lunatic notions have been promoted by the CIA to make truth-tellers look stupid by association. Anyone repeating these crazy ideas is seriously damaging our chances of winning more support among the public.

9. Truth and love are all we have left.

10. Central banks are spending much time struggling to tackle non-existent climate change. Thatís like wrestling smoke. If they werenít working for the conspirators they would be tackling the inflation that the absurd climate change psychos are creating. We are heading remorselessly into recession and then into an eternal economic depression.

11. Why is it illegal to be rude about Jews but almost mandatory to be rude about Christians? Isnít that a form of racism?

12. Warren Buffett, the investor, said this about climate change: `there is a lot of nonsense talked in this field. If you like nonsense, this is the field for it.í

13. The mega rich are leaving England in droves. They left Scotland years ago. They are moving onto yachts fitted with solar panels and desalination plants so that they can stay at sea for months or years at a time. Theyíve leaving because they can see what the future holds. If you want to know what to expect from the future please read my book `They want your money and your lifeí. You can buy a copy via the bookshops on and

14. Wildflower meadows photographed and shown to us an example of rewilding beauty are a confidence trick. To create a wildflower meadow costs much time and labour. If you leave a field unattended it will within a couple of years become a mass of brambles, nettles, dock and giant hogweed.

15. According to Seymour Hersch, more than half the worldís population now support Russia in its war against America.

16. If Russia beats Ukraine, NATO will nuke Russia. If NATO beats Russia, then Russia will nuke Germany, Britain and Poland first.

17. Women with hormone sensitive breast cancer should not drink tap water. The drinking water we are fed is rich in female hormones residues from the contraceptive pill. This is why infertility was common even before the roll-out of the covid-19 jabs. And it is why young men today look like girls. If you want to know more take a look at my book `Superbodyí which is not (as far as I know) available at any bookstores (because they darenít stock it) but which is available from Amazon.

18. The latest figures show that Britain now has up to seven million under 65 not in work. And the figure grows higher every time an inflatable boat hits the beaches of Southern England. Meanwhile, there are over one million job vacancies which no one wants. And so wage demands are soaring and will take inflation ever higher.

19. If you want to know the sort of future we face please read `They want your money and your lifeí by some bloke called Vernon Coleman. Iím banned from plugging it on social media so this is my only noticeboard.

20. The mainstream media is still concentrating on propaganda rather than reporting the Third World War. So, for example, I have seen no mention of the fact that Ukraine used French rockets to destroy a refugee centre. Reporting in the Second World War was much more balanced.

Copyright Vernon Coleman June 2023