Passing Observations 178

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The future is going to be all about independence and self-reliance in as many ways as possible. Make plans now before it is too late. Buy spares and replacement parts for essentials you can’t do without.

2. My latest video is called `Is the W.H.O. the Terrorism Wing of the UN?’ .You can view it on my channel on Bitchute. While you’re there please subscribe to my Bitchute channel so that you hear about any new videos.

3. 1966 marked the beginning of the end. That was the year that The Times changed its front page. Before 1966 the front page had been full of small, personal ads. It was a great way to start reading the paper. You didn’t come face to face with the nasty world until you turned to the inside of the paper. It was a way to edge into reality in a gentle way.

4. The admirable and indefatigable David Icke, who has been issuing accurate warnings for decades, is going on tour this autumn. The tour is called the Secret Tour because those who buy tickets will only know the precise location of the event 90 minutes before the start. It’s a brilliant idea and I wish David well. It’s sure to be a great success. Go to to find details and to book tickets.

5. England now has over 174,000 Ukrainian immigrants living in the country as refugees. And 167,000 refugees from Hong Kong. No wonder the queues everywhere are getting longer. England has for years been the most crowded country in the West (if you don’t count Monaco, which no one does). It is now more crowded than ever. Wouldn’t it be nice if the liberals calling for more immigrants actually paid the financial cost for this largesse? Virtue signalling far left loonies criticise anyone questioning immigration policies as racist. The real racists are the far left loonies who hate England and the English.

6. Z generation wimps who are brave enough to get jobs are having to attend sessions on `mental resilience’ and `overcoming adversity’. I wonder how many have heard of Glen Kidson who was a naval lieutenant in the Great War (renamed the first world war after they started numbering them) when he as 15-years-old. He was torpedoed, rescued and torpedoed again – all in one morning. After the war he became a submarine commander and survived after his experimental craft got stuck on the seabed. In 1927 he crashed an aeroplane in an East African swamp. Two years later he was on a Junkers airline going to Amsterdam. He escaped from the wreckage by punching and kicking his way out of the fuselage with his clothes on fire. He went back into the plane to rescue other passengers. He drove at Le Mans for Bentley and won. He made a record breaking flight to Cape Town. He died in air crash in South Africa when he was 32-years-old. In a letter to his younger brother he said: Life is not merely a procession of amusements, it is a serious business and we, those better placed and better educated than our compatriots, have a duty firstly to our country and secondly to the world, showing some return for our mortal spans on mother earth.’ There is no record of him ever having attended sessions on `mental resilience’ or `overcoming adversity’. A real superstar.

7. A woman woke up in her coffin the other day. This will happen more and more now that post-mortems are a memory and doctors are killing patients wholesale – with the result that they won’t have time to check that the ones they’ve killed are properly dead.

8. During the General Strike of 1926 buses were driven by volunteers. One bus was driven by John Cobb, holder of the world land speed record at the time. Bet his bus was never late.

9. Remember, anyone who still has a channel on YouTube is approved by the CIA and the WEF (and probably the BBC). Don’t watch anything on YouTube as a matter of principle. YouTube bans truths but I’m told it is awash with pseudoscientific nonsense claiming that there are no germs, that the earth is flat, that the oil isn’t running out and that there is no gravity – all probably promoted by the CIA.

10. Remember too that the Advertising Standards Authority has no more ability to ban adverts than you or I have. It’s a private organisation of which no one has to take any notice.

11. Why is the word `existential’ now always attached to the phrase `climate change’? It’s a nonsense. Scientists have proved beyond doubt that there is no crisis. The world is not ending. The weather changes (it always has) but man-made climate change does not exist. To find out everything you need to know about climate change please read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen.

12. If you want to do anything that will ruin the countryside just label it `green’ and the planners won’t dare say NO. England’s most wondrous acres are threatened with destruction by acres of hideous and pointless solar farms and wind farms. If you want to apply to build an extension to your house just say it’s a `green extension’. If you want to erect a garage just label it a `green garage’ when you put in the planning application.

13. Up until about 20 minutes ago, the Government was recommending that home owners use spray insulation to insulate their homes. Oh, whoops. It now appears that spray insulation can cause serious damage, and mortgage lenders are refusing to offer loans on houses with spray insulation.

14. Reporting on Boris Johnson, the disgraced American born MP, the BBC sanctimoniously claimed that the fundamental pillars upon which public life and society at large is constructed include: conduct, behaviour, believability and integrity. The BBC also talked about the sanctity of truth. What hypocrisy, what utter hypocrisy. The BBC itself is the most disgraceful and dishonest propaganda machine in English history, disbelieved by many and quite without integrity. And the word `truth’ does not fit well in the same paragraph as the acronym `BBC’.

15. Local politicians all over Britain are declaring a climate emergency and forming committees to take action. There is no climate emergency. These self-serving hysterics are quite insane and should be locked up to protect the rest of us. Climate change nutters have one thing in common with pro-vaxx nutters – they refuse to debate or discuss their strange beliefs.

16. England has three million smart meters that don’t work. Sorting out the chaos will cost more than £13.5 billion. And how are they going to dispose of all those useless meters? Maybe they can dump them with the solar panels and the windmills that don’t work properly. (Only 57% of homes have been fitted with smart meters so far – despite massive attempts to push people into accepting them. We get reminder letters from our energy company as often as we get threatening letters from the BBC licence fee gestapo – that’s around once a month.)

17. In my most recent video, `Is the WHO the Terrorist Wing of the UN?’ I pointed out that at least one of the original designers of the UN was one of the worst Nazi supporting Americans from WWII. Inevitably, pro- Nazi supporters attacked me. That’s rather sad. I’m fighting the present war and they’re still fighting the last one (which, incidentally, their heroes lost rather badly). Still, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. The British Government is currently supporting the neo-Nazi Ukrainian army in the designer war with Russia. The really odd thing is that the pro-Nazis seem to assume that anyone who says something critical about the Nazis must be pro-Jewish. That’s as idiotic as suggesting that anyone who criticises Goldman Sachs must be anti-semitic.

18. There have been complaints about a former UKIP candidate appearing in the audience of the BBC programme `Question Time’. The BBC is apparently facing a backlash. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they have an internal inquiry to find out how someone who isn’t a far left climate change fruitcake was allowed onto one of their programmes. Heads will doubtless roll.

19. More doctors are apparently complaining that they were duped into giving the covid-19 jabs. Any doctor who was duped into giving the covid-19 jab is clearly too stupid and careless to be practising medicine. It is a doctor’s job to check out everything he prescribes. Any doctor who just does what the drug companies tell him should have her or his licence surgically removed – without an anaesthetic.

20. The BBC has reported that a student has demanded that the classic book `Of Mice and Men’ should be removed from the GCSE course. Apparently the student thinks that the novel (by Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck) isn’t suitable for modern students. What I found astonishing was not the fact that a teenager wants a book to be removed from a course but that the BBC thought this worth reporting. I bet you that there isn’t a book in existence which hasn’t upset or annoyed at least one person. If there is such a book then it isn’t very good. Books are designed to make people think as well as to entertain them. If Steinbeck is looking down he’ll probably be delighted that his book is causing a stir. I’d ban the student not the book.

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