Passing Observations 179

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Climate change psychos get madder by the day. The good news is that I think we will soon reach Peak Stupidity. The number of people outside the mainstream media who believe the climate change garbage can now probably be counted on the fingers of one foot.

2. So, Boris Johnson has joined the Daily Mail. They go well together don’t you think? No one has believed anything Boris has said for years so he’ll be very much at home.

3. The US still buys $1 billion worth of uranium a year from Russia. But don’t tell anyone because the US wanted to stop everyone buying stuff from Mr Putin. I think it’s supposed to be a secret so don’t tell anyone I told you or we’ll all be in trouble!

4. After starting two World Wars (and losing both) Germany was told to behave. It seems to have forgotten that and is rapidly becoming a new threat to us all. They’re now repeating Hitler’s greatest lines and the latest nonsense to come from the German Chancellor is to label Russia the greatest threat to world peace. Aren’t those the words Hitler used? It’ll be tedious to have to give them another thrashing. (I note that the tanks they’ve been sending into Ukraine are being destroyed with embarrassing frequency.)

5. In 1866, Charles Dickens went on one of his speaking tours of England. He went to 30 venues and was paid £50 for each performance. (In today’s terms that works out at £7,614.) Tickets were a shilling and the sponsors grossed £5,000 (£761,400 in modern money) so they made a nice profit.

6. President Joe Biden of the US isn’t just pouring arms and money into the designer war between Ukraine and Russia – he has also got the US involved in the war in Yemen. If there is a war, or the chance of a war, anywhere in the world then the neoliberals will want to get stuck in – even when the war has nothing to do with America, other than the chance of grabbing some oil or minerals.

7. `Intellectual honesty is a crime in any totalitarian country; but even in England it is not exactly profitable to speak and write the truth.’ – George Orwell

8. Representatives of a staggering 130 nations attended Russia’s Economic Forum in St Petersburg. Didn’t the US, the EU and the UK introduce strict sanctions to stop other countries dealing with Russia? We are in the early stages of a new multipolar world.

9. Why did the mainstream media ignore the fact that Zelensky’s army has attacked a nuclear power plant and many civilian buildings? Shouldn’t the media at least pretend to be reporting the war instead of merely spreading propaganda?

10. The Cornish Pasty was originally invented in Devon. So it should be called the Devon Pasty.

11. My book `OFPIS: The Truth about the EU’ is packed with revelations about the European Union. If more people would read it the EU would have far fewer supporters. If you hunt around you can find `OFPIS: The Truth about the EU’ on Amazon.

12. `In England we tamely admit to being robbed in order to keep half a million worthless idlers in luxury.’ –George Orwell

13. I see that someone called Dr Amir Khan is still on the television. Please watch my video entitled `Why I think Media Doctor Amir Khan is Wrong about Vaccines’. It was first aired on 10th March 2021. You can find the video on or on my channel on brandnewtube.

14. Digital currencies are now very close. All central banks are getting ready to roll out their own digital currencies (which will eventually be merged). The best thing you can do to stop this is to insist on paying with cash whenever you can. Don’t use plastic or smart phones to pay for small items such as newspapers or coffee. If they won’t take cash then walk out – however inconvenient it might be.

15. The working life of a wind turbine is only about 20 years. This means that turbines will probably never be worthwhile because they will take more energy to build than they will produce. And they don’t work at all if the wind isn’t strong enough or if it is too strong. And there are nutters out there who think these ugly looking things will provide us with all the energy we need. (I saw this week, by the way, that the magazine Country Life reckons that 50% of England’s electricity is produced from renewable sources. How can this be, I asked myself. And then I realised that gas, wood and nuclear power all now count as renewables. I also read that wind turbines apparently have fans. One large wind turbine encampment has a visitor centre and a café so that dullards with nothing better to do than go and stare at the turbines – probably doing nothing but standing there looking ugly.)

16. The lithium-ion batteries used to store electricity also need to be replaced every 20 years. They are, therefore, prohibitively expensive to use. Why do the green nutters insist that we abandon proven energy sources when we have no idea how we are going to replace them?

17. Until 1970, women in England were not allowed to take out a mortgage unless they had a man to vouch for them and sign the paperwork.

18. In his excellent book `Planes on Film’, my chum Colin M Barron reports that Barnes Wallis got the idea for his bouncing bombs (the ones used to destroy the dams in the Dam Busters Raid) from Admiral Nelson. It was Nelson who once advocated skipping cannonballs across the water for greater destructive effect. Dr Barron reports that Nelson may have used this technique during the Battle of the Nile.

19. In 2009, Gordon Brown (who was British Prime Minister for a while) announced that we had just 50 days left to save the planet. In 2004, readers of The Observer were told that by 2020, Britons would be living in a Siberian climate. And 14 years ago, king Charles (who was just a prince at the time) said we had eight years to save the planet. For more delightful and accurate information about climate change please read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. It’s possibly the only book on climate change that is both educational and entertaining.

20. A ten-year-old girl changed the passwords and parental locks and spent £2,500 gambling on the family’s iPad. Tesco Bank refunded the money after being contacted by the BBC. Seems like a bad precedent. Whatever happened to responsibilities and consequences? I assume that Tesco shareholders and customers will end up paying the bill.

21. If you want to know where everything is heading (and how we got here) please read my book `Endgame’. It’s available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.

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