Passing Observations 187

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Crooks are now able to merge photos of two similar looking people and create one image. Unfortunately, biometric security devices canít distinguish between the spoofed photo and each of the two individuals. So because they canít find the `personí whose deep fake image is on a wanted poster (because they donít exist) the police will arrest the two people whose photos were spoofed. Welcome to the Great Reset and the wonders of digitalisation.

2. Despite all the fuss about wind farms and solar energy, the consumption of oil rose in 2022 by about 3%. And idiotic protestors interfering with sporting events arenít going to change that trend any time soon. The really big problem, of course, is that the oil is running out. Read all about it in my book `A Bigger Problem than Climate Changeí. The CIA and controlled opposition dispute this but the acknowledged fact that the oil is running out was, three quarters of a century ago, one of the triggers for the globalistsí depopulation plan.

3. The market for coal is rising. In 2022, coal prices in Europe averaged £235 a tonne (that is a 145% increase on the previous year). Germany has now closed its nuclear power plants (for absolutely no good reason other than that the silly greenies didnít like them). Last year a third of the electricity in Germany was produced by coal fired power plants, and the closure of the nuclear power plants means that the consumption of coal to make electricity will be much higher in the next twelve months.

4. Coal is by far the dominant fuel for power generation in China. And likely to remain so for some time. Burning coal is much better for the planet than burning wood pellets (which is very popular in the UK.)

5. I foolishly bought insurance to cover our plumbing and drains. When we had a blocked drain I rang for help. They sent a man who was no help whatsoever. He stayed a few minutes and then left. For four days we rang numerous times and were told that help was on the way. It wasnít. In the end we had to hire a local firm to deal with the problem. The insurers sent us a cheque for £80 in compensation for failing to help. But they refused to pay for the repair because we hadnít been given permission to get an outside expert. I have cancelled the insurance and learned another lesson.

6. It is possible for a woman to give birth to twins fathered by two different men. In 1970, in Germany, blood tests led to a court ruling that although a woman had given birth to twins, one of her babies was illegitimate.

7. Politicians waste 90% of the money they gouge out of taxpayers Ė doling it out to cronies and crooks. They steal the other 10%. I regard paying tax as paying protection money. If I donít pay, thugs will come round and break my bones.

8. Anyone buying biofuel for a car or other machine is condemning someone to death from starvation. Food is for eating, not to be used as a substitute for oil.

9. In the 15th century all you had to do to destroy someone was to accuse them of being a witch. One accusation would result in certain death. (The accused would, for example, be thrown into a pond. If they lived they were guilty and they were burnt to death. If they drowned they were innocent.) The same system has been revived. Anyone accused of being an anti-vaxxer or a climate change denier is ruined. Anyone accused of sexism or racism is considered guilty until proved innocent. And the power of social media means that they are destroyed even if they can prove themselves innocent.

10. My bet is that the World Government the conspirators are planning will be centred in Israel. Just a hunch.

11. Peeping Toms used to be immune from prosecution if they were over 50-years-old or had only one eye.

12. Doctorsí stethoscopes are often contaminated with dangerous bugs such as staphylococci and can spread infections from one patient to another. Less than 10% of doctors have ever cleaned their stethoscopes. For advice on surviving doctors read my book `How to Stop Your Doctor Killing Youí. Itís banned in China and Germany (for upsetting governments, drug companies and the medical establishment) and heaven knows where else, though Iím delighted to say that there are still versions in Portuguese and Polish.

13. Elvis Presley used to have a motorised exercise bike. (I suppose the alternative was to buy an ordinary exercise bike and get someone else to ride it for him.)

14. Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission, is a member of the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum. Hands up anyone who is surprised by this revelation. When she addressed the Davos shindig in 2022, she called for global unity. It is absolutely no surprise that she is apparently Bidenís choice as leader of NATO. We shall then have to address her as Corporal von der Leyen.

15. Banks in the UK have been told by the Government they must respect the free speech of their customers Ė and not close their accounts just because they do not have woke views. Banks have also been told that they should stop profiteering by charging 6% or 7% for mortgages and paying 0.1% to savers. Itíll be a surprise if they take any notice.

16. Snitching is becoming a global pastime. The BBC reports (with glee I suspect) that in 2022, 48,754 sneaks contacted the DVLA with concerns about someone elseís fitness to drive. That figure is up from 26,716 in 2021. Inevitably, most of those complaints concerned older drivers though, as insurance companies will confirm, it is younger drivers who cause most accidents. The medium term plan is clearly to take driving licences away from older drivers (to begin with it will be those over 70, though this age limit will fall rapidly and in a few years those over 40 years of age will have their licences taken away from them). Since there are very few bus services these days, this will force older citizens into tiny flats in tower blocks, just as recommended by the globalists.

17. Long covid (the fashionable non-existent disease that lasts a lifetime) is now found most commonly among doctors, nurses and hospital staff.

18. The greatest western movie ever made was Shane with Alan Ladd. Iíve just read, for the first time, Jack Schaeferís short story on which the film was based. It is a beautifully written story, which transcends an often underestimated genre and is a greater, truer piece of literature than anything which has ever won a literary prize.

19. The mainstream media claims the world just had its hottest day ever. This absurd claim made my blood boil. (Actually, itís been so cold recently that Iím thinking of putting the central heating back on. And have you noticed that even if it is pleasantly warm in the daytime it gets very cold at night? Thatís a sure sign that theyíre fiddling with the weather Ė which we know they are.)

20. The US Federal Communications Commission has granted permission for 440,000 5G satellite launches. And thatís just launches from the US. Youíd think the damned things would all be bumping into one another, wouldnít you?

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2023