Passing Observations 188

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. We’ve got enough technology now, thank you. It’s gone far enough. Can we stop now, please?

2. Those giving arms and money to Ukraine are war mongers – they are helping to keep the war going and are responsible for many deaths and awful injuries. Ukraine is merely the battleground. The war, a designer conflict, is between America and Russia.

3. The world needs more oil, gas and coal so that people can eat and keep warm. Shortages and rising prices meant that poor countries like Pakistan couldn’t afford Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) last winter. And they will be in the same dire straits this coming winter. The ignorant idiots campaigning against the use of oil are responsible for millions of deaths. And their actions are racist and elitist.

4. Wales has cancelled 31 new roads and halted all major road building projects. How long before Wales becomes Northern Europe’s first Third World Country? I bet industrialists will be dying to open factories in a country with no roads.

5. The BBC has always taken many of its staff from among the readers of The Guardian (this guarantees them slightly dim, prejudiced employees – bereft of imagination and humour). These days, however, they have specialised in recruiting simple-minded employees who know very little about anything (the less you know the easier you can be controlled), who have no ability to distinguish between truth and lies, who have no sense of responsibility and no inbuilt sense of morality.

6. As I warned two years ago the Gates Foundation has released huge clouds of genetically modified mosquitoes in California and Florida. Coincidentally, there have been outbreaks of malaria. The climate change nutters say that the malaria has nothing to do with the genetically modified mosquitoes but is a result of climate change.

7. When policemen break the law, there is no law.

8. I cannot read novels in which the author and publisher refuse to dress lines of conversation in quotation marks. At first I thought this was done to save ink but I fear it may be done because quotation marks have some legacy race of sex issues. Or maybe quotation marks upset Z generation wimps or climate change psychos. Quotes in books need quotation marks. That’s why quotation marks were invented. All my novels are properly equipped with a suitable number of quotation marks.

9. People in England will soon be unable to buy a train ticket if they don’t have a smart phone and an app or a bit of plastic enabling them to make a contactless payment. This is discrimination against those without smart phones – particularly the elderly. And with car parks now having apps the world is becoming increasingly unfriendly to those who refuse to carry a smart phone. Read `They want your money and your life’ to find out what the future holds.

10. The Bank of England has screwed up over inflation. (And since no one could be as stupid as the people at the Bank appear to be one must assume they did it on purpose.) But they’ve proved themselves truly woke. The Bank of England has said that people of any `gender identity’ (I think they mean men or women but who knows) can be treated as pregnant. And it is having some gender-neutral lavatories built so that lady bankers and gentlemen bankers who aren’t sure of their gender identity can go to the loo together and share the experience in politically correct harmony. The Bank’s insane pregnancy policies mean that anyone can now be classified as a birthing parent and claim family leave from the bank. I bet there are some people facing 7% mortgages who wish the Bank would concentrate on inflation and worry a little more about the economy and a little less about showing how wokey it is.

11. United Utilities, a big utility company in the UK will pay its new chief executive a bonus if she reduces the amount of sewage dumped into rivers. The boss could get a bonus of up to £900,000 if she cuts the amount of piss and shit the company dumps in rivers. May I remind you that water companies take drinking water from our rivers?

12. Big banks charging customers a fortune for mortgages are still paying savers less than 1% in interest. Apart from making truck loads of cash to share out as bonuses, the banks are presumably helping Schwab and Co ensure that we all end up broke and miserable. (I know he said we’d all end up owning nothing and being happy but that was clearly confused gibberish.) For advice about money please read `Moneypower’. It contains information on all aspects of finance – especially investing.

13. Matt E. Mulshion of the BBC’s Misinformation Unit says that the world is now hotter than at any time in its history. He says that the Earth’s core is already melting.

14. Why are the climate nutters chopping down trees so enthusiastically? Ten minutes ago they wanted more trees and got very upset about people with chainsaws in the Amazon and the Far East.

15. Plants require carbon dioxide to live. If we stop producing carbon dioxide the plants will all die. And then billions of people will die. The billionaires, of course, will live on the `food’ they’re making in their laboratories.

16. When I last looked the money being raised for the family of the 17-year-old shot by a policeman in Paris had reached 200,000 euros. But the fund collected for the policeman who did the shooting was over one million euros. (I’m not entirely sure why the money is being collected. What’s it for?)

17. In the same way that the words `military’ and `intelligence’ are oxymoronic when joined together so is the word `integrity’ when applied to the `BBC’.

18. I’ve been a member of the MCC for nearly 50 years. It has, in my view, become so frighteningly woke, unrecognisable and embarrassing to decent Englishmen, that I remain a member only so that I can vote against everything the committee recommends.

19. An astonishing 75% of native Britons now want to leave the UK. They want a better quality of life with lower costs. Not all will go, of course. But many will. And most of those who emigrate will be taxpaying citizens. The result will be that the UK will become poorer and ever more wretched. Many of the millions coming into the country don’t work and, therefore, don’t pay tax. On the contrary, they want to be fed, housed and given money. They are a drain on an already crumbling society. Britain is finished, I’m afraid. It has been destroyed – punished by the communists who haven’t forgiven voters for taking Britain out of the EU. Many of those communists work in the civil service and they are determined to destroy their own country out of spite – and to discourage voters in other countries from following Brexit voters.

20. Don’t be fooled into thinking that interest rates have peaked. I don’t think they have. And inflation is not under control. Taxes will stay high. Every successful strike (especially of public sector workers) will push up inflation and interest rates still further. Remember: this isn’t happening by accident. They want you poor and miserable. That’s the plan.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2023