Passing Observations 189

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The conspirators have successfully pushed up debts all around the world. Global debt has risen by 76% since 2007. If you add government and private sector debt together the total is $300 trillion. And that is 349% of global GDP. Remember: `You will own nothingí.

2. British debt has only once been higher than it is now and that was immediately after the Napoleonic wars. The debt was only conquered after successive governments ran primary surpluses for 90 years. Thatís how much trouble we are in.

3. French youths who are rioting have discovered a practical use for all those unwanted covid facemasks. They use them to provide some protection from CCTV cameras.

4. The Archbishop of Canterbury should be dumped and sold into slavery. The Church of England needs a better leader. Muffin the Mule would be a better leader than Welby. Actually, why not sack all the bishops and replace them with elected representatives. Or pick new bishops through a lottery system.

5. If an unwanted hand is placed on any part of my person which I consider out of bounds I will punch the owner of the hand on the nose. Why donít people do that? Why do they wait decades and then complain?

6. Why does NATO get so upset about the Russians in the Ukraine but not give a damn about what Israel is doing in Palestine?

7. Members of the CIA (including black or wet special operators) have (allegedly) been operating in the Ukraine. What a shock.

8. We have adders on our land and since a public footpath passes nearby I had some metal signs made containing the warning `Danger Addersí. I thought that the signs might help ensure that walkers took care of their children and dogs. Four signs have so far been stolen. Why do people do that?

9. Two thirds of people in Britain think it is the job of the State to `protect most people against most risksí. It isnít surprising that the State is constantly expanding. During the covid fraud the UK spent just under a quarter of the nationís annual income handing out free money. There are more regulators than ever. And there are now calls for people who have taken out mortgages they cannot afford to be bailed out by taxpayers. The conspirators and their tame media have done their job well.

10. When King Charles II had a fit in 1685 doctors put pigeon droppings on his feet. The pigeon droppings were doubtless safer and more effective than many modern drugs. And much safer and more effective than the covid-19 `vaccineí.

11. It seems to me pretty clear that Governors of the Bank of England are either hand-picked for their incompetence or are selected for their willingness to obey the dictates of the conspirators. Mark Carney was a disaster and the current incumbent Andrew Bailey is known as the Plank of England, though that seems a trifle unfair to pieces of wood. Bailey reacted far too slowly to the threat of inflation and now heís fighting a losing battle and having to raise interest rates almost weekly. The Peter Principle states that executives rise to a job where they will prove to be incompetent. On the other hand, it seems likely that Baileyís utter incompetence is part of the plan.

12. Remember: failure is the plan. So failure is a success.

13. People seem surprised by the fact that banks are closing the accounts of customers who have non-woke opinions. In truth, there is no surprise, of course. The closing of accounts is part of the plan to outlaw anyone who disagrees with the views of the conspirators, the collaborators and the evil bastards who want to take over our world. It is no more of a surprise that the banks are obeying the dictates of the conspirators than it was that the medical profession and the worldís journalists did what they were ordered to do.

14. There is no evidence that vaccines do not cause autism.

15. By the age of 65 you will, if you have average sort of bowels, have spent a year of your life in the loo.

16. Surveys show that the people in the US and the UK and Canada and Australia have less trust in their governments, their media, their big businesses and their NGOs than the people in China.

17. Iím old fashioned and probably out of date. I like to do the right thing and I believe everyone else should do the right thing too. If youíre not doing the right thing then youíre doing the wrong thing. I believe we all have a responsibility to care about, and for, those who are weak and frightened. When people cheat and sneak and bully, and forget about respect, freedom and dignity, I become angry and want to fight them. Since I donít like fighting I have to use words. Standing up to the uncaring bullies, those I think of as the enemies of mankind, isnít a choice. I canít help it. And itís made my life bloody difficult. Since youíre reading this I suspect that you feel the same. There really isnít an alternative, is there?

18. Our new car (nouveau rather than neuf) is 66-years-old and over 17.5 feet long. It has no seat belts and the petrol consumption is probably measured in gallons per mile as much as miles per gallon. However, as a welcome bonus, it requires no MOT and we pay no road tax. It is one of the last cars made with a chassis. Itís dignified and sporting and there are matching, built-in mahogany picnic tables in the back. When new it could accelerate from 0 to 60 in 13.1 seconds and cost £6,305.

19. The queen of Ulster and the 610 ladies of her court used to meet visitors naked from the waist up.

20. Nineteenth century surgeon Robert Liston removed a patientís leg in 33 seconds. Unfortunately, he worked so fast that his assistant couldnít get his hand out of the way quickly enough and he lost three fingers.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2023