Passing Observations 190

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The climate change, re-wilding nutters want all sports to be stopped. They hate the idea of people cutting grass so that they can play golf, cricket, football, etc. And they hate the idea of players and spectators travelling around. It is their intention to stop all travel – except for themselves, of course. They hate traditional farming because it involves tractors and machinery and the use of fossil fuels. I’m serious. These lunatics want to destroy everything in life which is good. We tend to laugh at the climate change psychos for holding such absurd ideas in their tiny heads, and for being so wrong about everything, but they are immensely dangerous people. We must take them seriously. They know that there is no science behind their nonsense and so they won’t debate their claims, of course, so it is up to us, the truth-tellers, to spread the word about their madness. I’m banned from all mainstream media but if everyone reading this wrote a letter, or sent an email, to a newspaper pointing out that the dangerous myth of climate change will result in billions of deaths and utter misery for anyone left behind, we might dent the self-righteous idiocy of the climate change freaks.

2. Any teacher who tells children that global warming is real is not just deluded and dangerously ignorant, they are also guilty of a crime of unimaginable proportions and unimaginable consequences. This dangerous propaganda is nothing more than an unpleasant branch of science fiction, and is destroying the lives of generations. For real facts about climate change read: `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina Cohen. It’s available as a paperback and an eBook. It’s entertaining as well as massively informative.

3. According to a website of a charity called Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’ the term `bonus hole’ can be used as an alternative to `vagina’. This is, they say, `language to use when supporting trans men and/or non-binary people’. I really don’t believe some of the disgraceful, demeaning crap I see these days. But it’s there on their damned website. If you want to pretend to be a real woman, when you are patently not, why wouldn’t you want to have (or pretend to have) what real women have and be happy to call it what everyone else calls it? The people responsible for thinking up what seems to me to be abusive stuff like this are, in my view, deranged and should be locked up somewhere far away and denied access to pen and paper let alone access to computers. The term `bonus hole’ is the most sexist phrase I’ve ever heard, and I doubt if I am entirely alone in thinking that. I realise it is illegal to hold un-woke opinions these days, and even more illegal to express them, but the woke have the BBC to keep them happy so they can bugger off.

4. Idiot gardeners believe that if they don’t cut their grass or weed their borders they will end up with a beautiful, wild garden full of poppies and tulips and foxgloves and snapdragons and violets and cowslips; a melange of colour, throbbing with butterflies and bees and dragonflies, and probably a few little fairies flitting from flower to flower. In reality, if you let your garden go wild you will end up with nothing but nettles, brambles, docks, Japanese knot weed and giant hogweed, all providing home and hiding places for the rats who live off the palatable feasts provided by your neighbours’ plastic recycling boxes.

5. According to the weather forecasters, the weather on July 19th 2053 will be very hot all day with a high of 44 degrees C and a low of 43 degrees C. And the weather forecast for tomorrow? Well, tomorrow will be either wet and dry or dry and wet. Showers with sunny periods. Cloudy with some sunshine. And the temperature tomorrow will probably be somewhere between 5 degrees C and 40 degrees C. `Ring us the day after tomorrow and we’ll tell you for sure what tomorrow was like.’

6. I wish people would stop drooling over the Kennedy standing for President in the US. I don’t think he is on our side. I believe he is one of them. I don’t believe he will save us. I do believe he will betray us.

7. I would respect the conspirators more if they were honest about their intentions, although I doubt if they, their predecessors or their associates have ever truly understood the meaning of the words `truth’ or `honesty’. But if they were honest they would fail, of course.

8. I’ve always enjoyed watching cricket but as it poured with rain today (on another one of the `hottest and driest days the world has ever seen’) I remembered that for me the best days of cricket watching were the days when it rained. On my half day off when I was a GP I used to go to watch county cricket at Edgbaston or Worcester and take with me a large golf umbrella, a notebook and a supply of pencils, two or three books, a newspaper, a bag of sandwiches and a flask with coffee. No one knew I was there and mobile phones had not been invented. I would sit under my umbrella, writing a little, reading a little, eating occasionally and watching the rain fall and the grass grow. (This was long before I met Antoinette.) I rarely knew such peace, away from the hustle and bustle of never-ending phone calls. I never said I was normal or sociable. But that’s how it was. And I don’t think I was alone in enjoying my non-cricket in such a way. The cricket they weren’t playing was an excuse for my being there – in the same way that a fisherman will sit by the river, in the rain, and not really care whether he catches a fish or not.

9. In the early summer of 2023 it became clear that the regionalisation of England which voters rejected when Tony Blair was Prime Minister was being reintroduced, with a new layer of bureaucracy being created in individual counties in order to give permanent power to a few representatives of the New World Order. Remember, you can find all the facts and figures online if you spend a little time asking the right questions.

10. In future I am (as I am now allowed to do) identifying as a gay, black, disabled, Ukranian woman. This means that those social media sites which have banned me (that’s all of them) are guilty of multiple discriminations. I shall be writing to them, in turn, to inform them that they are guilty of racism, sexism and more.

11. `International drug companies, perhaps more than any other group of international companies, have taken advantage of their international nature. For example, a company which has its headquarters in Switzerland may manufacture its product there and then sell tablets to a subsidiary company in Britain where the drug is to be marketed. By charging the British company high prices, the main company in Switzerland can keep most of its profits in Switzerland where the tax penalties are lower.’ – Quote taken from `The Medicine Men’ by Vernon Coleman. First published in 1975 and now reprinted and available through the bookshops on and

12. Over the last decade, the UK has seen a massive increase in spending on health care but, at the same time, a dramatic decrease in the quality of care provided. Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands all spend less than the UK on health care but all have much higher survival rates from strokes, heart attacks and cancers. This is yet more evidence that the NHS is a complete failure and should be abandoned. If the money spent on the NHS were spent on private health care everyone would receive much better care. Why? Because the NHS is an administrative giant which wastes most of the money it is given.

13. NATO is adding cluster bombs to the depleted uranium shells. Every government politician in every NATO country is now a war criminal.

14. Does the BMA (the doctors’ trade union) want to destroy England as well as the NHS? It seems to me as though they do. Their absurd strike plans will kick inflation higher if the doctors get the 35% they are demanding. Nearly a million hospital appointments have already been cancelled because of previous strikes. Paying doctors a great deal more money will mean less money for patients and poorer paid staff. The only real winners will be the senior doctors who (on the BMA’s advice) will charge £5,000 a day to stand in for striking juniors. (That’s not a misprint.) It seems to me that young doctors are being used by militants. Those who strike are betraying patients, themselves and their profession. Any doctor who feels the need to strike should resign from the medical profession and do something else for a living.

15. The BBC has apologised after a news anchor said that `Israeli forces are happy to kill children’. Speaking to former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett about Israel’s military action in Jenin, the anchor said that `young people are being killed’. Bennett replied `All the Palestinians that were killed were terrorists in this case’. The presenter said: `Terrorists, but children. The Israeli forces are happy to kill children’. I really cannot see why the BBC felt the need to apologise.

16. Why, again, is NATO fighting a war for Ukraine (who they claim are being attacked by Russians) but not fighting to protect Palestinians (who are being attacked by Israelis? Just curious. Just asking.

17. The average individual speaks for no more than ten minutes a day.

18. You can buy a clock which tells you how many hours, minutes and seconds you have left, assuming a lifespan of 76 year. Oh, goody. I must get one.

19. In 1952, 79 boys aged 16 or under got married and 1,633 girls aged 16 or under got married. How curious that there should be such a huge difference.

20. In that same year (1952) two bachelors who were over the age of 90 got married for the first time. And, by a pleasant coincidence, two spinsters who were over the age of 90 also got married for the first time. How would you get through the week without me to tell you stuff like this?

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