Passing Observations 191

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The absurd lies being told about a global heat wave are designed to discourage travel. And the strikes at airports throughout Europe seem designed to do the same thing. The globalists desperately want to stop everyone travelling. They pretend it’s because they are concerned about climate change (which they know is fake) but it’s really because the oil is running out and they want to keep as much as they can for themselves. Fifteen minute cities, punitive road pricing and crazy car park apps are all designed to stop us travelling.

2. In the UK, the royals are moving out of London. As are a number of celebrities. Remember, I warned you some time ago that when people in the know start leaving major cities it might be time to think about catastrophic events – such as a nuclear attack. All major cities in Europe are dangerous places to be – but especially London.

3. I am so anxious to protect my freedom that I never use notebooks with lined paper. I get through several notebooks a week and they all have to contain plain paper. I only realised today that it is because I can’t stand the idea of lines on a page telling me how and where to write.

4. So far this year I have seen three butterflies and two bees. Our garden is full of flowers and plants which provide food and shelter for insects but there are very few of them around. Our runner bean flowers remain unfertilised. I believe this is entirely due to the use of chemical sprays by farmers and, I suspect, the toxic content of chemtrails which criss-cross our sky every day.

5. `In Muslim countries birth rates are extremely high and the average age in those populations is inevitably much younger. A society which is predominantly composed of young, healthy individuals obviously has a very different outlook to a society which is dominated by older, often unhealthy individuals. The future is Muslim. Our ageing, western, largely Christian society has very little future.’ – from ‘Mindpower’ by Vernon Coleman (written in 1986 but as relevant as ever.)

6. One of the saddest sights I’ve seen for a while was the photo of a group of junior doctors all wearing matching beanie hats with the BMA logo on them. To me they looked like idiots. Their conformity spoke volumes and perhaps helped explain why they don’t seem to understand their responsibilities. Where is their professionalism? I am devastated to see doctors striking. Where is their compassion? Where is the empathy, the understanding? Patients will wait longer for treatment – in mental and physical agony. And the idea of consultants earning huge six figure salaries striking is obscene. If doctors get more than the reasonable 6% they’ve been offered, the NHS will become even worse and soaring inflation will result in the poor getting every poorer. I beg those doctors who want more money to emigrate or do something else for a living. I’m afraid I am convinced that the BMA, the doctors’ trade union wants to destroy the country as well as the NHS. The long waiting lists in the NHS mean that millions of people are off work – and so productivity is down. With productivity worse in the UK than anywhere else we face more inflation, higher interest rates and utter ruin.

7. Contrary to the many media experiments in hyperbole, there have been fewer `heat wave’ related deaths in Europe this summer than in previous summers. Huge numbers of people died in France alone during a `heat wave’ a decade ago.

8. `Scruffy’ Zelensky, the poor man’s pocket sized revolutionary, has overtaken Basil Brush, Andy Pandy and Sooty as the best known puppet in the world but he needs to take care. If the Americans get fed up with his whinging they’ll replace him in an instant. If he’ very lucky they’ll let him go back to playing the piano with his penis or, possibly, playing the penis with his piano. But he may just have an accident.

9. The Polish language has too many consonants and not enough vowels and the Japanese language has too many vowels and not enough consonants. Maybe they could get together. (Am I allowed to say this or could it be considered a branch of linguaphobia?)

10. It seems that even vicars may go on strike. Most vicars earn £25,000 to £29,000 plus a vicarage but they want a 9.5% pay rise. It seems that Church of England vicars are represented by the Unite union. Are we now going to see a coagulation of disaffected clergy parading outside our cathedrals? Is nothing sacred?

11. The Norwegian Government was stupid enough to increase its wealth tax to 1.1%. The inevitable and entirely predictable result was that the rich people buggered off in the biggest exodus of billionaires and millionaires for years. The result was that by putting up the wealth tax, the Norwegian Government ended up with less revenue. The wealth tax cost it $594 million. Politicians never learn, do they?

12. Economists who failed to predict the high inflation and high interest rates currently wrecking the economy are now predicting deflation. Rubbish. The inflation isn’t going away but since there isn’t to be any growth either we are heading for stagflation – which is deadly.

13. Since 2015, around half of Britain’s banks have closed, leaving less than 5,000 branches left. How long before the rest are all gone too? And a quarter of free-to-use ATMs have disappeared in the last five years. Cash is being defeated by the plonkers who insist on using plastic cards and apps to pay for coffees, magazines and car parking. They are our greatest enemy.

14. How much longer will it be before the toxic covid-19 jab becomes the world’s leading cause of death? It must be getting pretty close. And yet the medical establishment (crooked and greedy and owned by the drug industry, of course) still claims that the covid-19 is safe and effective.

15. `Top Ukrainian units … are nowhere near the US level of proficiency.’ (US assessment of the Ukraine army. Crumbs, I didn’t realise they were that bad.)

16. The boss of Thames Water (the one which nearly went bust) says that people with large gardens should pay more for their water than people who have small gardens. Why should people who choose to live in the country pay more than people living in hugely expensive flats in London? Garden size and wealth don’t necessarily go together. This seems to me to be another attempt to force us into tiny, cardboard flats.

17. My good friend and IBS sufferer Abit Bloted, the Ukrainian mortician and beer mat collector, tells me that it was so hot yesterday that all his windows melted. He says that his greenhouse melted like ice cream and is now a puddle. The melting temperature of glass is around 1500 degrees centigrade so that’s how hot it was in Dorset.

18. I posted a copy of my book `Coming Apocalypse’ to Baroness Heather Hallett of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry with this note: `Everything I said and wrote about covid was provably true. I wrote `Coming Apocalypse’ in April 2020. As a result of sharing the truth I was banned, suppressed and demonised by all mainstream media and by Government influenced sites on the internet. Yours in sadness and despair.’ I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

19. If an old bloke who sits and reads the news on the telly is paid over £430,000 a year how much is a good, caring nurse worth? Incidentally, I see that The Daily Mirror in the UK claims that viewers want to see newsreader Huw Edwards back on the BBC. I suspect the readers may be pulling the Mirror’s leg.

20. I am now convinced that the Just Stop Oil nutters are on our side. I suspect that their stupid, childish, annoying and sometimes dangerous stunts have done more to convince people that climate change is a cruel hoax than anything else. And by spoiling people’s fun and holding up traffic they have endangered lives, destroyed holidays and damaged businesses. So congratulations! Keep on sprinkling the daft, orange powder (which should always be treated as if it were anthrax) and within another few weeks there will be no one left who believes that climate change is anything other than a sick joke perpetrated by self-important, sanctimonious and wicked people. For the real threat to our future please read my book `A Bigger Problem than Climate Change’ though I must warn you it does contain many facts and some history.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2023