Passing Observations 192

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. President John Kennedy was pushed into accepting Johnson as his vice president. (Johnson had evidence of Kennedyís philanderings.) `Iím 43-years-old,í said JFK, `Iím not going to die in office. So the vice presidency doesnít mean anything.í

2. A Dutch optician insisted on women patients taking off their clothes and dancing while he played an accordion so that he could assess their suitability for contact lenses. `My client was trained in Britain where the practice is widespread,í his lawyer told the court.

3. I used to have a good deal of trouble with my gums, though I cleaned my teeth carefully and flossed regularly Ė as encouraged by a series of dentists. And then Antoinette pointed out that flossing can cut into the gum, taking some of the plaque with it which only increases the risk of inflammation and infection to tissues. So I stopped flossing and started to use those little weeny, between the teeth brushes and my gums have been a good deal better. That was twenty years ago. I see that some dentists are now, at long last, beginning to recognise that flossing is stupid and dangerous.

4. Around 99% of threats and injustices cannot be fixed. Itís best to concentrate on the 1% that can be fixed. So, for example, letís fight harder to save cash by walking away from shops and cafes that wonít take real money and refusing to be bullied by councils into paying car park fees by card or app. We have a right to pay by cash. Cash is one of the most important essentials of freedom.

5. Thames Water has a monopoly of providing water for 15 million people in south east England but itís in danger of going bust because of £14 billion in debt. How on earth has it got into such trouble? Simple. Shareholders have taken over £72 billion out of the company since it was privatised. And now the company is blaming the weather for the fact that it has been pumping raw sewage into Londonís rivers.

6. I see that Liz Truss MP (who was Prime Minister for a few minutes last year) can be hired for £15,770 an hour. But what would you hire her to do? What can she do? Surely, our plumber, who charges only slightly more than Truss is much better value.

7. A deadly cat virus is spreading around the world. Iím not surprised. Itís been clear for some time that the globalists want to kill all pets. The cats will go first and then the dogs. The globalists want to eradicate all pets by 2030. People will moan a little and many will mourn but most have been trained to be compliant and will say little and do nothing.

8. Doctors are puzzled by a growing epidemic of Guillain-Barre syndrome. What could be the cause? Is it the intensely hot rain that has been falling? Is it all the rubbish on television? Or could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that the toxic covid-19 jab (which has been given to billions) is known to cause Guillain- Barre syndrome? (See my video dated 8th December 2020, or look at the transcript. Guillain-Barre syndrome was top of the list of possible side effects I warned about.)

9. Iím surprised at this but the BBC admits that it has misinformation and disinformation specialists. We all know the BBC spreads misinformation and disinformation but I was surprised to see that they not only admit that they do it but also claim to have specialists who do nothing else. Still, I suppose we can give them a point for honesty about their dishonesty.

10. When supermarkets deliver groceries in the rain an estimated 14% of the food delivered is ruined and has to be thrown away because the food isnít placed in plastic bags. The cost to the environment of all the spoiled food is vast. The saving from not using plastic bags is virtually non-existent. The people who got rid of plastic bags were morons and will always be morons.

11. People in Hong Kong have been told to stare at smokers to stop them. I did that with people wearing masks. But it didnít work. People who wore masks had very little functioning brain tissue and thought they looked stylish. I think they thought I was admiring the way they looked.

12. Doctors are still going on strike in the UK with some of them demanding a £40,000 a year pay rise. The word obscene doesnít seem quite enough. Meanwhile, if you want to make yourself healthier and less reliant on doctors please read my book `Superbodyí.

13. Almost exactly 50 years ago I made a TV programme (for the BBC Ė in the days when the BBC cared about people and the truth) in which I explained (with the aid of a large whiteboard) that health care facilities (and results) varied massively around Britain and that the health service could not possibly be described as a `nationalí service since people in some areas had a much greater chance of surviving than people in other areas. And now, today, a new report has been published showing that your location can determine whether you live or die. Waiting times for ambulances, investigations and treatments vary massively around the country. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed in fifty years.

14. Doctors now make Alzheimerís disease the default diagnosis when anyone shows signs of dementia. Thatís because the drug industry makes huge amounts of money out of drugs for Alzheimerís. It is also because Alzheimerís charities are very active. And it is because doctors get paid a bonus every time they make a diagnosis of Alzheimerís. For the truth about dementia please read my book `The Dementia Myth.í It will probably shock you.

15. During the reign of Louis XIV, the church condoned the wearing of low necked dresses as long as the women wearing them had their nipples pierced.

16. Those without smart phones are now effectively banned from attending major sports events because many arenas, etc. will only allow in spectators who have a digital ticket on a smart phone. Even if you have a smart phone please refuse to use it to buy a digital ticket. Unless we stand together we will all be slaves to those damned mobile phones and we will have no future whatsoever.

17. On May 12th 1863, a bullet fired in the American Civil War carried away the left testicle of a soldier and went on to penetrate the left side of a young nurse and carry sperm into her body. Nine months later the nurse gave birth to a son. Her hymen was intact at the birth and she was clearly still a virgin. A doctor introduced the soldier and the nurse who later married and had three other children by more conventional means. The case history was reported in The Lancet in 1875.

18. Litter collectors on English beaches found two intravenous drip bags and one colostomy bag.

19. An American PR expert was told off for wearing a pair of womenís panties in his jacket breast pocket Ė instead of a handkerchief. He explained that the panties went well with his tie.

20. Americans are being encouraged to take their house plants for a walk. It is said to make the plants healthier.

21. The world record for balancing on one foot is held by a man who stood on one foot for 34 hours without falling over or holding onto anything. I nearly beat him. I just missed by 33 hours and 59 minutes.

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