Passing Observations 194

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The Office for National Statistics reckons that 5.6 million immigrants will come to England over the next decade. And 3.4 million tax-paying, largely white English people will leave in despair. Those are the official figures. The real figures will, inevitably, be much higher. The UN and the conspirators are deliberately changing (and destroying) history and culture around the world.

2. The United Nations (pause while I wash my keyboard) reckoned that immigration would maintain the age balance in European populations. They worked out that the EU (in which they included Britain) would need 700 million immigrants between 1995 and 2050. And the plan is working quite well. Starving millions are being forced out of Africa through insane economic policies (and the Ukraine war) and are coming to England in small boats. Conservative governments have constantly promised to reduce immigration and they have constantly failed to do anything about it. Theyíve lied and immigration has massively increased under Tory rule. Much the same has happened in other countries, of course.

3. The royals are getting a 45% pay rise which is nice. While the rest of us are freezing and starving to death they can spread the caviar on thicker than ever. Just why war criminal Sunak felt he had the right to give even more of our money to what is already the most expensive reality show in the world is a mystery. And why are taxpayers forking out over £300 million to do up Buckingham Palace when, it seems that none of the royals wants to live there? (I donít blame them for wanting to live outside London. The English capital must be a prime target for Russia.)

4. When England left the EU I thought weíd leave behind some of the daft laws we had acquired from Brussels. But, thanks to a treacherous Government, weíve kept most of the rubbishy laws they lumbered us with and now councils are piling mad new ones onto the list. You can, for example, now be fined £100 for feeding a duck, climbing a tree or flying a kite. Iím a bit wobbly for tree climbing (and thereís no hospital service if I fall off or a branch breaks) but I have dusted off my kite and bought an extra loaf of bread for the ducks.

5. Hospitals in England in some areas now have a two week waiting list for standard X-ray results. If itís a scan or something complicated then the waiting list will be longer. As I keep saying, the UK no longer has professional health care. The British taxpayers pay most for the worst. Read my book `NHS: Whatís wrong and how to put it rightí. Itís available on Amazon and much loathed by the conspirators and their henchmen, henchwomen and henchinbetweenies.

6. It is possible to get six fully grown Just Stop Oil protestors in the boot of our new old car and I am pleased to report that the extra load makes very little discernible difference to the carís handling, though the squeals can be irritating. Iím hoping to be able to take most of the protestors into Wales where I will release them in the wild. I very much doubt if any of them will ever manage to find their way back to civilisation.

7. It still isnít widely appreciated, but the covid-19 vaccination programme was (among things) an exercise in compliance. The steady erosion of our independence and self-determination began with the absurd recycling programme (which was never anything to do with re-using materials and always only to do with enforcing and training the public to do what they are told to do) and moved onto lockdowns, social distancing, masks and the outrageous mass poisoning of the world population with a toxic vaccine. I wonder, incidentally, how many of those royals and celebrities who were used to `sellí the vaccine to the masses, were actually stupid enough to allow themselves to be poisoned. To find out their future plans for us read `They want your money and your lifeí by Vernon Coleman. (If I donít plug it no one else will.)

8. I was appalled to see the way the Wimbledon crowd treated Djokovic. Solely because he had stood up and refused to allow himself to be vaccinated they booed him and treated him as the villain. Since booing a sportsman (particularly a brave one) is not a usual English habit one can only assume that the crowd consisted of alien pro-vaxxers brought in to try to maintain the myth that anyone who opposes mass vaccination must be a `badí person.

9. All around the world the middle classes are being deliberately destroyed.

10. Mark Twain described the ideal library as one which didnít contain any books by Jane Austen. Our Mr Clements had good taste. Ms Austen is one of the four most over-rated authors in history. The Brontes make up the rest of the top four.

11. Nearly 2 million people in the UK now regularly buy cannabis illegally because they believe it is a safe way to treat chronic pain. Technically, it is possible to have it prescribed on the NHS but there is reputed to be a waiting list of 437 years which many consider a trifle on the long side.

12. The Labour Party (almost certain to win the next General Election if it arranges an alliance with the terrifying Liberals and the even more terrifying Greens) will, among other dastardly things, force pension funds to put some of their clientsí money into what is called `a future growth fundí, whether the fund managers think itís a good idea or not. So, effectively, civil servants will be deciding how pension money is invested. (This wonít affect civil service pensions, of course, since they are largely paid for by long-suffering taxpayers.)

13. Alexander Dumas, the French author, fought his first duel when he was 23-years-old. During the duel his trousers fell down, which must have been a hindrance as well as an embarrassment.

14. Brexit has been a failure because half-witted, treacherous Remainers working in and for the British Government have conspired with the fascist EU to make it a failure. Remainers are ignorant, stupid, prejudiced, fascist, communist (yes, of course, you can be both) treacherous and part of the conspiracy to enslave us all (though they may not be bright enough or well-informed enough to realise this). If you want to know the truth about the EU please read `The Shocking History of the EUí by Zina Cohen. Youíll be grateful that weíve left the EU when you do.

15. Mayor Khan, who seems to me to run London like a fiefdom, wants the power to seize empty buildings in the city. Thatíll really encourage investment and development in London wonít it? I wonder if theyíll nick houses if people go away on holiday for a week. Khan also plans to extend the cruel car licensing nonsense which discriminates against the poor, the frail and the elderly. Khan is a cheerleader for the Great Reset and in my view one of the most dangerous men in Britain. He will, however, easily be re-elected Mayor at the next elections. No white person and no Christian will ever win an election in London where both will soon by in a minority. Sadly, London is owned by cultists and doomed.

16. The idiots calling for a world without oil should know that if all the mines in the world which are currently working or in development are successful and productive then together they will be able to produce two thirds of the essential metals required for the world to hit net zero by 2050. Oh, and most of the essential metals required are in China.

17. Postmen, the backbone of the country, have agreed a deal increasing their pay by 10% over three years. Hospital consultants on an average of £128,000 for their NHS work are demanding a 35% pay rise.

18. Section 8 of the Allotment Act in England gives every citizen the legal right to demand an allotment from their local council Ė as long as six people from different households join the request. This could be fun. Letís all demand our allotted allotments.

19. A seaside resort in Southern England has closed its public loos in August so that they can be decorated. They have, however, apologised for the inconvenience. (I bet they didnít see how funny that was.) My congratulations to the many seaside resorts which have done sterling work in discouraging holidaymakers, with, for example, car park fees reaching the sort of levels previously associated with major airports, and hotels (having few bookings from holidaymakers) concentrating on providing rooms for migrants, drug addicts and former prisoners. I predict that property values in English seaside resorts are going to collapse. This is not a good time to purchase a deck chair rental franchise or to rent an ice cream kiosk from the local council. And itís not a good time for the makers of swim wear, sunglasses or luggage. Those who wanted to take holidays abroad were put off by absurd costs, strikes, customs belligerence and fake fears about the weather. Most Britons will take their holidays at home, guzzling cheap supermarket lager in front of the telly.

20. I wonder if society, MSM and social media will ever go back to assuming that the assumed are innocent until they are proven guilty.

Copyright Vernon Coleman July 2023