Passing Observations 196

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The European Union, the organisation which showed the world that it is possible to combine fascism with communism, has condemned Niger for what it alleges is `media suppression’. Has there ever been a better definition of hypocrisy? The EU encourages and endorses bans on anything which questions EU policy. The EU bans opinions and uncomfortable truths and (with a straight face) says that it is doing so to `protect freedom of speech’. And the EU will, in the future, do even more to suppress truths, to silence opposition and to hide uncomfortable reality from anyone living within its borders. The EU is a prison camp with zero tolerance for freedom. None of this is a surprise, of course. The EU is, and always was, a trial run for the Great Reset. Please read Zina Cohen’s amazing book `The Shocking History of the EU’ for the inside story on how and why the EU was formed. (NB, Macron’s hysterical foot stomping and rattle waving over what is happening in Niger is explained by the fact that France, which is dependent upon nuclear power, obtains its uranium from Niger. Oh dear, whoops. Will the lights go out in France?)

2. One in six GPs arrogantly boasts that they still won’t see patients in person – presumably because they are frightened of catching the flu or just damned lazy or both. These so-called doctors are a dangerous menace and should all be sacked immediately. It is impossible to provide proper health care without seeing patients in person and many disorders require a physical examination. Doctors who won’t see patients in person should be reported to the General Medical Council and have their licences revoked. They should also be reported to the police because they are not providing the medical service they are paid to provide. Disease caused by doctors has now reached epidemic proportions. For advice on how to survive read my book `How to stop your doctor killing you’.

3. UK Bank NatWest (still partly Government owned) is doing its bit to help get rid of cash by bringing in rules about the amount of cash that customers can deposit. This is bound to have an effect on small businesses which will, in turn, try to avoid accepting cash from customers. Keeping cash alive is an integral part of the war we are fighting with our governments and so we must insist on paying cash whenever possible (and sometimes whenever not possible.)

4. The world’s daftest peace talks are currently taking place in Saudi Arabia where 40 countries have gathered for a peace summit to find a solution to the conflict between Russia and NATO (sorry, between Russia and Ukraine). The peace talks are daft because Russia hasn’t been invited. The talks are obviously merely fake and are designed to make it look as though America and Ukraine want to disobey the arms companies and close down the war. (For the record, Russia did offer a peace agreement in 2022. But nothing happened.)

5. One in five university graduates will be worse off financially for having acquired a degree. There are tons of utterly pointless degrees these days – including the one known as PPE. That’s the degree held by an uncomfortable number of politicians. And any degree involving `media studies’ is also about as much use as a BBC `news’ programme.

6. An under-reported consequence of the financial crisis is that workmen are stretching their work out to create bigger bills. We had a workman in the house the other day (I think they’re attracted by the light). He came to put up a curtain rail and spent two solid hours putting four screws into a wall. I hate to think what the bill will be. I suspect this is a variation of one of Parkinson’s Laws: `Work expands to fit the time chargeable’. I am going to start doing these things myself. I have a hammer and I know we have a screwdriver somewhere. What could possibly go wrong.

7. Nothing you buy will ever be as good as whatever it was would have been if you’d bought it ten years ago.

8. My good friend and fellow warrior Dr Colin Barron (whose hugely popular videos helped enliven Brand New Tube in the days before hackers took it down) has just written a book about electric cars which you MUST buy if you are even dreaming of contemplating buying an electric car, or if you want to explain to someone who has bought one why they should have bought a proper car. The book is called ``Why I’ll never buy an electric car’. There’s a paperback copy available now as well as a kindle version. It is an excellent book and essential reading. Incidentally, I don’t know the identity of the hackers who took down Brand New Tube, or why they did it, but I bet the evil, billionaire conspirators are still cheering them. Colin and I had huge viewing figures. Sadly, my channel on the ever-excellent Bitchute still has only a tiny percentage of the number who subscribed to my BNT channel. And like many people I miss Colin’s videos very much.

9. I have a solar powered calculator which I have been using for more decades than I can remember. And I have a brilliantly fool-proof method of doing my accounts. I add up my income three times and I add up my expenses three times. I then take the highest income figure and the lowest expenses figure to put on my tax form. This means that I always pay too much tax and so if I’m audited they have to give me some back, instead of aggressively demanding more. Over the last few decades I have been extensively audited twice (I wonder why) and received quite large cheques at the end of each investigation. I did once use an accountant. I was audited then too and after an investigation which lasted over a year, the taxman handed me a cheque for a sizeable five figure sum. I had overpaid massively. When I complained to my accountant (who was responsible for filling in the tax forms) he said it wasn’t his firm’s fault because that they’d been using out-of-date textbooks. He was surprised when I fired him. Talking of tax, I wonder how many in Britain have noticed that the tax system is designed to stop people running small businesses or being genuinely self-employed. The conspirators hate us being independent and have for decades been attempting to crush innovation, imagination and freedom. The European Union was built to defend and promote the interests of big business and to crush originality and to destroy small businesses and those working as self-employed.

10. Too many people live their lives as though they are simply killing time. Look around you and you will see what I mean.

11. I found the screwdriver (see no 4 above) and I’ve just been outside and installed two new doorbells. One on the front door and one on the back door. The house hasn’t fallen down (yet) and I am really pleased with myself. The whole job took less than fifteen minutes and involved no cups of tea.

12. As more and more people are insisting on working from home, or not working at all, governments everywhere have shown enthusiasm for turning empty offices and retail stores into housing. The aim is clearly to ensure that there is plenty of accommodation in the 15 minute cities. Since offices and retail premises are selling very cheaply at the moment I can see that someone could well make a killing by buying up empty properties and converting them into boxy flats. I hope those who have shares in the unwanted office and retail premises enjoy some of the proceeds.

13. `If love would die along with death then life wouldn’t be so hard.’ – Andrew Vachss

14. Brokers and investment managers who witter on about ESG when discussing financial arrangements are insane and should be avoided at all costs. ESG is to sound investment what M&Ms are to healthy eating.

15. I was shutting our main gate the other day when I saw four tourists standing nearby. They were lost and consulting their smart phones. I hesitated and then move towards them to see if I could help but they stared at me so disapprovingly and so sternly that I backed away. If they’d asked me the way I would have happily advised them but they preferred to concentrate on their phones. After several minutes of study they all agreed on the route to take and marched off determinedly onto a road that doesn’t go anywhere because part of it fell into the sea and was closed around ten years ago. I leant on the gate, farmer style, and waited. Five minutes later I watched them retrace their footsteps and re-consult their not so smart phones. I didn’t like to interfere. I expect they are still lost. They obviously still need to learn that trusting the appalling Google will always betray you.

16. I have so many books that at least once a week I fail to find a book I know I own and have on a shelf somewhere. Because I can’t find it I have to order another copy. If my executor reads this they will understand why I have so many duplicates in my library.

17. The central banks failed to warn about rising inflation and rising interest rates though it was obvious that this would happen and I predicted the rises of both two years ahead of the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. Members of the working and middle classes are, in financial terms, now considerably worse off than they were 50 years ago. The top 1% of Americans now has more wealth than the whole of the middle class – the backbone of America. Bankers and politicians have combined to destroy the middle classes and this has been done quite deliberately.

18. Governments everywhere are bankrupt. For example, the United States of America spends nearly $2 trillion a year more than it receives in taxes. And now that inflation is running out of control, interest rates have had to be raised. When interest rates go up governments, like everyone else, have to pay more on their debts. So, who is going to pay the huge interest on these mounting debts? Well, it won’t be the poor because they only have the money which the government gives them. And it certainly won’t be the rich because they don’t pay taxes. And so it will, inevitably, be working people. It doesn’t matter if you wear overalls, sell stuff or work with a computer – you’ll be paying off these debts. You and your children, and your children’s children and their children’s children and so on ad infinitum will be responsible for paying off the State debts incurred by spendthrift politicians wasting money on endless net zero policies and wars no one wants. Taxes will continue to remain high for generations. And when a wealth tax is introduced it will affect only the middle classes. Interest rates were kept absurdly low for years in order to trap business and home owners into acquiring huge debts. The cost of servicing loans and mortgages will become impossible. Millions who bought all the stuff they were encouraged to buy will become penniless slaves – forever doomed to pay off lifetime mortgages (taken out on absurdly overpriced houses and flats), student debts and mounting credit card debts while finding themselves in a constant fight against inflation – a fight they can never win. As interest rates rose in England in 2023, the Government generously encouraged banks to extend mortgages indefinitely, to allow interest only mortgages and to delay repossessions. These two policies sound well-intentioned but they will, of course, result in the people who paid too much for their home (or took on too large a mortgage) being indebted for life and constantly struggling to pay off a mortgage on a home they will probably never own. The modern built houses and flats on which they owe 30, 40 and even longer mortgages are so badly built (according to building regulations dreamt up by bureaucrats in accordance with the requirements of building industry lobbyists) that they will not last that long. The UK has the highest taxes in the world. And the only growth in the UK is in State expenditure and in the number of people dependent on the State. The result will be that taxes will continue to rise indefinitely. There will be many defaults, with bankruptcies inevitable – thereby leading to the situation where more and more people own nothing. Only the banks will be happy.

19. People who don’t know anything about science or medicine often talk about `peer reviews’ as though they are of value. They aren’t. A peer review of a scientific paper simply means that a few members of the establishment look at a chum’s paper and decide whether or not it agrees with their prejudices and the interests of the drug company which pays them. If the paper contains original material or material which might damage a drug company then the paper will be rejected. That is what a peer review means. The phrase `peer reviewed’ is worse than useless.

20. I wish the mainstream media and the climate change nutters would learn that it isn’t enough just to keep saying that climate change is real and trying to spice things up with lies and exaggerations. You need proof. And there isn’t any. For the record, it is so cold here that we have put on the incredibly expensive central heating (thanks to the Americans blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline) and I’m about to light a log fire. If climate change is real can we please have some more of it? If you want to know more about climate change (and the lies told by the mainstream media) then I suggest that you read `Greta’s Homework’ by Zina cohen. It blows away the nonsense talked by the climate change nutters and does so with a rapier rather than a bludgeon.

21. Alcoholism and drug use have soared as a result of the lockdowns and the artificially created fear which is an integral part of the Great Reset. Naturally, the authorities are blaming these problems on covid-19 –claiming that it is the rebranded `flu’ which is forcing people to drink more and to take drugs. Does anyone actually believe this garbage?

22. It is now quite clear, as I warned many, many times, that the incidence of cancer is rising as a result of the covid-19 jab and the widespread mask wearing. For the record, mask wearing causes a fall in blood oxygen levels. And low blood oxygen is a known factor in the development and recurrence of cancer. My video `Masks Cause Cancer’ was released on 19th August 2021 and is still available on Please share it on Bitchute, Rumble and other channels.

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