Passing Observations 197

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The murderous, fascist campaigners who want to kill billions by stopping the use of fossil fuels will push the price of oil over $200 dollars a barrel and that will mean that the cost of fuel will be two or three times what it is now. People in Africa and poorer parts of Asia won’t be able to afford any fuel and billions will die. That’s exactly what the conspirators want, of course, and if the anti-oil idiots can’t see that then they need to educate themselves. The climate freaks and the ESG maniacs running investment companies are preventing oil companies from finding new supplies of essential fuels, and since the world is (despite the propaganda) using more oil every year, the end result is inevitable. When there is a shortage of something for which there is an ever increasing demand the result is a massive price rise.

2. I have long believed that the fake encyclopaedia known as Wikipedia is largely written and edited by a toxic mixture of propagandists, fantasists, CIA operatives and failed journalists. I’ve quoted Larry Sanger (the co-founder of Wikipedia) before but he has now apparently publicly stated that Wikipedia is an instrument which is used by the left-liberal establishment – including the CIA and the FBI. It has been reported that the FBI and CIA were editing Wikipedia back in 2008. My Wikipedia entry (which had been there almost since the site was founded in 2001) was changed beyond recognition in March 2020. Details of my books, TV programmes and newspaper columns were removed and replaced with misinformation and garbage. Since gullible millions still trust Wikipedia and assume it is relatively accurate, the result was personally and professionally devastating. Other doctors and writers who spoke out were also damaged this way. Indeed, it is not unreasonable to assert that anyone who has a Wikipedia entry which isn’t critical and/or defamatory is almost certainly either a conspirator or controlled opposition. The problem is that terrible organisations such as Google have a deal with Wikipedia to promote their garbage. And the mainstream media quote lies as though they were the truth. It is pointless to sue any of these American giants, partly, because they are so rich that they can hire lawyers by the bucketful and partly because I very much doubt if they would take any notice of any inconvenient legal judgements.

3. The war on motorists, which is hotting up daily, is being driven by the United Nations and the billionaire conspirators. For absolutely no good reason, roads are blocked with bollards and planters, absurd 20 mph speed limits are introduced and huge pot holes allowed to grow. New laws mean that honest motorists have to pay road tax, fuel tax and a special tax if they want to drive in a city. The conspirators (like British Prime Minister Sunak and members of the British royal family) use helicopters and jets so that they can avoid having to travel by road. War criminal Sunak pretends to care about motorists but he doesn’t do anything to make things any better. (Similarly, he pretends to care about patients waiting for hospital treatment but doesn’t do anything to make things better for them either.)

4. The Government in the UK says that the over 50s who are struggling to cope with falling incomes and higher costs should take on jobs riding bicycles for takeaway food companies. I’ve dug out my bicycle and I hope you’ll give me a decent tip when I deliver your pizza.

5. A few doctors have noticed that there is an epidemic of myocarditis among previously healthy individuals. They appear shocked. They shouldn’t be. In December 2020 I made a video warning that the covid jab could cause myocarditis and then in February 2022 I made a video entitled `Myocarditis Cover-up Exposed’. Any doctor who didn’t know ages ago that the covid jab causes myocarditis is incompetent. My videos are available on and some are on my Bitchute channel. Please make copies and put them on Bitchute (the more copies there are on Bitchute the more likelihood of them being seen), Rumble, Odysee, etc., etc. You can even put them on YouTube and see if the censors miss them.

6. Embarrassed by the fact that the UK is enduring the worst summer in history, the climate fruitcakes have decided to introduce a more appropriate name for `global warming’. Since the world is clearly not heating up they’ve decided that in future their beloved climate change will be known as `Global Pissing Down’ and governments will be encouraged to provide free Wellington boots, plastic macs and umbrellas for everyone. An organisation called Lots More Oil has threatened to disrupt sporting events by sprinkling arenas with the remains of climate change believers who died of shame and embarrassment. Anyone who has turned on their central heating this summer automatically becomes a member of `Lots More Oil’.

7. The UK’s Covid Inquiry has been running for 21 days and has so far cost £40 million. You will be as surprised as I am that I have not been invited to give evidence at the Inquiry, despite the fact that back in the early months of 2020 I predicted everything that would happen and everything that would go wrong. I sent the Inquiry a copy of my book `Coming Apocalypse’ which was published in April 2020 and in which I explained why the covid fraud had been created – and what was going to happen. (I explained why the official predictions were wrong and predicted that the covid fraud would be used to kill the elderly, to introduce compulsory vaccination and to get rid of cash.) So far I haven’t even had an acknowledgement. Naturally, everyone who got everything wrong has been invited to give evidence to the Inquiry. Most of them will come up with self-serving excuses explaining why it wasn’t their fault that they got everything wrong and in ten years’ time, after spending half a billion quid, the Inquiry will doubtless conclude that all the problems were due to climate change and it’ll be knighthoods and big pensions all round.

8. There seems to be some surprise in the mainstream media that the absurd and unnecessary lockdowns harmed nearly half of all children. The fact is that the damage was entirely predictable. The minute the lockdowns were announced I warned that children would be damaged. The media still has something wrong, however. Their report that half of all children were harmed is wrong. All children except young psychopaths were harmed.

9. I was putting up birthday decorations the other day (it was Antoinette’s birthday and we take these events seriously) when Antoinette saw me reaching a little too far. `Be careful you don’t get a rotator cuff injury!’ she cried. I told her that she was clearly a doctor’s wife.

10. Anonymous drug company supporters and hacks have tried to destroy my book `High Blood Pressure – How it can be controlled without drugs’. The book explains how people have successfully controlled their high blood pressure without medication. It is no surprise that the global drug industry, which makes billions out of often useless and frequently dangerous drugs, find the book rather threatening.

11. A report shows that the word `sustainable’ is now the world’s most commonly used adjective. I would like to point out that as the author of this webpage I consider myself thoroughly sustainable, but only if regularly fed decent sized portions of home-made cherry pie.

12. I am not in the slightest bit shocked not to have had a response from the BMA to my recent challenge on his webpage and nor am I shocked by the fact that the BMA is still encouraging its members to go out on strike, even though the UK’s Prime Minister has made it abundantly clear that the strikers aren’t going to receive the ludicrous 35% pay rise they are demanding. I find it impossible to avoid the conclusion that the BMA is calling these strikes to destroy the health service and the country. The UK already has the longest waiting lists in the world and most of the people waiting for treatment will never get to the top of the list. The rich can avoid the wait by paying for private treatment (it has been reported that doctors on strike are allowed to continue seeing private patients) but the poor just have to suffer.

13. The Global Association of Sanctimonious Factcheckers has admitted that its members have all made egregious mistakes. `Over the last three or four years we’ve got pretty much everything wrong,’ said Matt E. Mulchen, twice voted `The World’s Most Corrupt Factchecker’, and now their vastly overpaid official spokesperson. `But who cares?’ he told me, with a leery laugh. `Let’s face it, we fact checkers were very well paid to make sure we got everything wrong. Thousands of us made tons of loot, and what are facts compared to money? Fact checking is offered to the public as a bit of fun. No one is expected to take it seriously!’ It is rumoured that all fact checkers will receive knighthoods in the near future in recognition of their total lack of integrity.

14. I have been concerned about the disappearance of cash for some years. Back in 2006 I wrote a book entitled `How to protect and preserve your freedom, identity and privacy’ in which I warned that it was, in most countries, illegal to pay more than small sums with hard currency. `Try to pay with cash and you may well find that your offer is refused,’ I wrote. `Even if your cash is accepted the chances are growing that your suspicious behaviour will be reported to the authorities. Cash is no longer king.’ I pointed out that the authorities hate people who pay by cash because they are able to move around relatively anonymously. And the authorities don't like that. They like to know where we all are at all times. `Plastic money puts us all in the power of the bureaucrats. They can find us whenever they want to find us,’ I explained back in 2006. `They can see where we've been, where we are and where we are going. They can see what we've spent and what we've spent it on. All this information is invaluable to tax collectors, of course. And it's also invaluable to companies who want to sell us things and services – and to make money from us.’ We now know more about how they plan to weaponise cash through Central Bank Digital Currencies. Once money is digital they will be able to decide what you buy. And they will be able to control where and when you spend your money. My book `How to protect and preserve your freedom, identity and privacy’ contains valuable advice on all aspects of privacy and freedom. Here is the Preface I wrote 17 years ago: `You need to take immediate, serious steps to protect your privacy, freedom, identity and wealth. All of these important aspects of your life are under threat not just from criminals and confidence tricksters but also from the very people who are supposed to care about these things – your Government, your bank and the institutions and professionals whom you trust to take care of you. We are all on our own these days. We must take personal responsibility for protecting those vital, fundamental aspects of our lives – freedom, identity and privacy – which we were, in the past, accustomed to take for granted. This book will tell you what is happening and why you are in danger. More importantly it will tell you what you can – and must – do to protect yourself, your family and your friends.’ I wrote `How to protect and preserve your freedom, identity and privacy’ in 2006 but it’s just as pertinent today as it was then.

15. I sat next to two people in a café. They were showing each other the apps they had on their smart phones. They had apps to control every aspect of their lives (health, finance, social, etc.) and their lives were encapsulated in the two small plastic wafers which lay on the table in front of them. We will never persuade people such as these to understand what is happening and how they have walked innocently into a deadly, dangerous world. The future world is going to be divided into three groups: the conspirators and the collaborators on one side and the enlightened (that’s us) on the other side. I reckon we need to make up 5% of the global population in order to survive.

16. At the start of World War II, future film star Audie Murphy was working in a radio repair shop. He tried to join the Marines but was turned down because he was underweight. He finally got into the infantry. During the war he won the Medal of Honour, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, the Croix de Guerre and the Purple Heart. He won some medals more than once. He was the most decorated soldier of the war. When the war ended Murphy still wasn’t old enough to vote.

17. In my next life I’m going to come back as a seagull. I shall live on chips and ice cream, annoy the local council by my very presence and poop on the heads of all those ignorant doctors who jabbed their patients with the toxic covid-19 `vaccine’.

18. I used to end my videos with the line `You are not alone – more and more people are waking up.’ And the evidence for that claim is growing. Today, I heard that Thames Water has spent £70 million promoting water meters but has failed to install any. People with brains are beginning to realise that the word `smart’ has changed its meaning and is now synonymous with the word `stupid’.

19. Something called `Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’ is reported to be spending time and energy to `re-meander’ the River Were in order to create `a more natural river channel’. It is strange, is it not, how so many people seem to believe that you can best respect and protect the environment by changing it.

20. The climate change scam is built on assumptions and computer models. These are exactly the same faulty methods which were used to tell us that covid-19 was going to be a global pandemic, killing millions and causing mayhem. Instead, of course, it was the artificial remedies and precautions (`vaccines’ and lockdowns) which caused mayhem and killed millions. Exactly the same thing is happening with the climate change scam. Computer models and assumptions enable pseudo-scientists to predict whatever they are told to predict. Neither the climate change scam nor the fake pandemic happened by accident. You can find out how, why and when the fraud began – and who is behind it – from my book `Their Terrifying Plan’ which is available as a paperback. Buy it, read it and pass it on. I earn around 30 pence a book and I’m spending every penny of that buying and distributing copies as fast as I can.

21. Satellite data from NASA has revealed that the global area burned annually by fires declined by about a quarter between 1998 and 2015. Claims that sea levels are rising rapidly is a lie. Sea levels have risen by about seven inches per 100 years for a long time. It is also a lie that hurricanes and tornadoes are increasing. No correlation has been shown between CO2 emissions and tornado strength. There is no evidence that floods, droughts or snowstorms are more common today than they were. Climate change mythologists make up fear-mongering stuff to scare people and to provide an excuse for the Great Reset.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2023