Passing Observations 20

Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA

1. Who could be the anonymous internet contributor who claims to have studied my life intensively and discovered that I am five foot three inches tall, have a birthday in January and am worth $71 million? Whoever it is should apply for a job with the BBC. They’ll be welcomed with open arms. A 100% inaccuracy record should get you a permanent job with Britain’s State broadcaster.

2. The Daily Mail circulation has fallen rather dramatically. What a pity. Could it be that the paper needs a new editor who understands what the readers want? (The current editor is a staunch Remainer. That didn’t go well for them.)

3. 62% of Americans are afraid to express their political views.

4. Public meetings which involve more than 30 people are illegal. But rugby matches (which are public) always involve more than 30 people (two teams of 15 each, a referee and two linesmen) so maybe organisers of political meetings should say they’re organising rugby matches. The world gets madder and madder.

5. I am not renewing my subscription to The Spectator which seems to me to be remarkably woke and out of touch. Instead I shall take out a subscription to The Beano which is sharper, funnier, better written and more relevant.

6. If you don’t already watch her videos, do make a point of looking at Amazing Polly’s work. She is genuine and brilliantly perceptive.

7. The American elections are the most important elections for decades. They are vital for the world. Whatever you might think of Donald Trump and the Republicans, they offer the best defence against Agenda 21.

8. We met an old man in the street the other day. He had been punched twice, in the face, for not wearing a mask. The mask wearing bullies will get increasingly aggressive. I fear they were incited by Commander Dick of the Metropolitan Police. She should be arrested or, at least, dismissed.

9. Just after the BBC decided not allow to Rule Britannia or Land of Hope of Glory to be sung on the Last Night of the Proms, a BBC person said the audience was free to sing along at home. How very generous. We’ll do what we like in our own homes thank you, very much. (In the end the BBC bowed to public opinion and decided to allow both tunes to be sung.)

10. Bats make up one fifth of the mammals on earth. Many bats harbour coronaviruses (up to 13,000 types). Difficult to see why they are a protected species.

11. If children fall over and hurt themselves at school then they must deal with their injuries themselves. Teachers and other children are not allowed to go to their aid. What sort of lunacy is this? And, of course, children must not play together, must not laugh or sing and must not tell jokes about covid-19. And masks will mean that there will be no smiles. What fun it must be to be a child these days.

12. Why do leading politicians everywhere seem so obsequious when meeting Bill Gates? I found pictures of the New Zealand PM, Jacinda Ardern, with Bill and Melinda Gates positively nauseating.

13. When is someone going to do tests to find out how safe the coronavirus tests really are? What additional risks might there be when tests are done by inexperienced people?

14. There is much talk of the bubonic plague among the truth deniers. I assume this is because they are preparing a substitute for the fading coronavirus. The bubonic plague never went away so it can’t be making a comeback.

15. Up to 60,000 elderly people die each year of the cold in the UK. That is more than have died of covid-19. Why does no one ever make any fuss about old people dying because they cannot afford to keep warm?

16. Am I the only one to have been amused by the newspapers complaining that the climate change protests had resulted in financial losses because they’d sold fewer papers? Editors complained that this was an attack on freedom of speech. There has been no freedom of speech in the press since the coronavirus hoax started.

17. Garages and dentists and hairdressers all charge their customers an extra fee to cover the cost of providing themselves with masks and sanitisers. Why should customers pay these bills?

18. Five years ago, the BBC struck a deal with the Government and promised to cover the cost of providing free TV licences for the over 75s. In return for this, the BBC was allowed to increase the licence fee. The world’s worst broadcaster has now reneged on the deal. The BBC has consistently flouted the terms of its charter and it now seems unable to keep to a deal it made. Why does the BBC continue to receive taxpayers’ money from the Government? And why is this wretched organisation still allowed to demand licence fees from citizens?

19. A woman whose doctor would not sign a mask exemption certificate, has reported the GP to the General Medical Council. Now the doctor must fight to save their licence to practise. I hope more patients will follow this route. Many doctors have behaved disgracefully throughout this fake crisis.

20. Anyone who wears a mask is endangering their health and therefore putting an unnecessary strain on the health service. It is therefore fair to conclude that wearing a mask endangers medical staff and puts other people’s lives at risk.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 9th 2020

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