Passing Observations 201

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. The United Nations, the Round Table, Black Lives Matter, the Democrats, the Republicans have destroyed our lives with the controversies over gender (with insane gender language changes being introduced with the sole idea of creating confusion and destroying human relationships), transgender politics (also designed to bewilder and create division) and exaggerated campaigns against sexual abuse (‘He said my hair looked nice’, ‘He said he liked my dress’ ‘My life is now ruined’). A wolf whistle used to be regarded by most women as a compliment, today it is a criminal offence. The conspirators have deliberately created division, distrust and fear between the sexes, and the neoliberals who run the global economic system have consistently shown that their aim is not to create more fairness, or to advance the rights of women in those countries where unfairness is commonplace, but to create as many divisions as possible between men and women. The aim of the neoliberals who make up the Establishment, and who are pushing us towards their beloved Great Reset, is to break up society in as many ways as possible so as to ensure that men and women are too busy fighting one another to worry about the progress towards the New World Order. It is for this very same reason that national history and national and regional culture are being banished from every aspect of life, and why schools and colleges no longer teach students material which could be construed as patriotic or in any way likely to lead to greater pride. (Taken from Vernon Coleman’s new book `Their Terrifying Plan’.)

2. It is possible to argue that cyclists do more harm to the environment and the quality of our air than motorists – and it is cyclists who should be controlled more severely. Time and time again cyclists end up being slow moving road blocks with huge queues of cars behind them. Slow travelling cars burn up more fuel and pump out far more pollutants. Proper cars use up more petrol or diesel and those very dangerous silent-killer cars (favoured by sanctimonious hypocrites) which rely on electricity require more coal and trees to be burnt.

3. It is the nature of an hypothesis, when once a man has conceived it, that it assimilates everything to itself as proper nourishment, and, from the first moment of your begetting it, it generally grows the stronger by everything you see, hear, read or understand.’ Laurence Sterne, Tristram Shandy

4. The motor car liberated man in a way no other form of transport had ever done. As EB White said `Everything in life is somewhere else and you get there in a car.’ Today, governments around the world are determined to get rid of motor cars completely. Electric cars were never anything more than a scam to wean the public off personal transport. Electric cars were never anything to do with climate change. The failure to provide a decent network of chargers is ample proof that electric cars are merely a joke on motorists. And what will the world do with all those old, unwanted batteries?

5. We should be told how many members of the BBC staff are working for MI5 and the CIA.

6. `The young people think the old people are fools – but the old people know the young people are fools.’ – Agatha Christie.

7. It is reported that 600 scientists think drilling for oil should be stopped. On the other hand, approximately seven billion people with brains think it should continue. Wind and solar still provide the world with considerably less than 10% of its energy needs and that isn’t going to change for many decades to come. If the `stop oil’ lunatics get their way, deaths from cold and starvation will be measured in billions.

8. In 2023, the UK will spend £110 billion on paying the interest on the national debt. The debt will not be paid off this century. If ever.

9. What a great pity it is that professional cricket is no longer played in England during the month of August. Still, never mind - the only thing about cricket that really matters are the score cards and the averages. The actual playing is of very little interest to anyone these days. I understand, however, that next year a new tournament will be introduced. The tournament will be called The One, and each match will consist of two balls being bowled. The team which scores the greater number of runs with their one opportunity to hit the ball will win the match. To add excitement and extra thrills for television, the losing team will be publicly executed while a brass band plays something suitable by Wagner.

10. I’ve always liked the phrase `cooking with gas’ Replacing it with `cooking with heat pump; just doesn’t work for me.

11. The most popular part-time jobs in Britain are: MP, University lecturer, school teacher and GP.

12. I have seen it said that only the vulnerable should be given covid jabs. But only the conspirators, the clinically insane and BBC staff believe this nonsense. The covid jab is toxic and unsuitable for anything other than landfill. And the vulnerable are the last group of people who should be given the toxic covid `vaccine’.

13. The major cause of antibiotic resistance is not pollution (full marks for creativity to the 4-year-olds who devised that one) and it isn’t even doctors who overprescribe. The biggest problem is farmers giving tons of antibiotics to their animals. (Oh, and hospital staff aren’t helping when they go out of their hospital in their uniforms – thereby spreading drug resistant bugs in the community. No one cares about that, though.)

14. It is now, I think, just over 50 years since I first pointed out that mass vaccination programmes have never been tested. No one has ever checked to see if all the different vaccines given to children work well together or produce serious interactions. The truth is that vaccines clearly do more harm than good. Politicians, doctors and journalists should know this. But most don’t. And the ones who do know don’t dare say or do anything. Read my book `Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the proof.’ And make sure everyone you know reads it too.

15. In the year 2025, an estimated 27 million people will fly to Brazil to discuss the delights of global warming. They would all go to Manchester but who wants to spend a month somewhere cold, wet and miserable? The weather in Rio is much better.

16. It took James Joyce 17 years to write Finnegans Wake.

17. Paper bags are really bad for the environment. It is much better to use plastic bags. Supermarkets who deliver have had to put more vans on the road because without plastic bags it takes much longer to do deliveries – mainly because householders take much longer to unpack the trays.

18. The BBC is a bought and paid for purveyor of fear porn and misinformation. Make sure you don’t break the law, but don’t pay the TV licence. If you give the BBC money you are helping the enemy.

19. Predicting a patient’s life expectation is always arrogant and often wrong.

20. When I was little I lived in a town in the English Midlands called Walsall. I remember being impressed at the number of times it was mentioned on the radio. There always seemed to be rioting and fighting in the streets but whenever I went into the town with my Mum I never saw anything untoward. It was only later that I discovered that there was a place called Warsaw in Poland.

21. I was being silly in a public place. `If anyone sees you,’ said Antoinette, `they’ll film you and put it on YouTube. It’ll go viral under the heading: `Man does daft thing in Street’.’ `Don’t worry,’ I replied. `Someone at YouTube or the BBC will spot that it’s me and it’ll be removed from YouTube within seconds.’ Being utterly, totally banned has its perks.

Copyright Vernon Coleman August 2023