Passing Observations 203

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. China produces 98% of the world’s supply of gallium. Does anyone care? Well, they should. Gallium is vital for all high tech equipment and specifically for national defence. Gallium is revolutionising radar systems and other high tech developments. And guess what – China has decided that gallium is one of the essential minerals it is going to control more tightly – by dramatically reducing exports. And the same thing is happening with germanium.

2. If the CIA, GCHQ, etc., want to bankrupt me all they have to do is keep buying copies of `Their Terrifying Plan’. Because I am using my royalties from the book to buy more books to distribute (and because postage is so expensive) the result is that the more copies which are sold, the more money I lose and the poorer I become.

3. Readers who have a dark sense of humour may be amused by my short novel `Balancing the Books’ which deals with the activities of a widow whose husband died after his books were destroyed by one star reviewers. She quietly set about murdering them all, and had considerable success in her endeavour. Wonderful woman with a heart of gold. Whenever I read of her fictional adventures I always feel better.

4. Why do people lucky enough to be born and brought up in a pretty location assume that they have a right to continue to live there when they reach adulthood? Taken to its illogical conclusion that attitude suggests that people born in slums must remain in them for the rest of their days.

5. Academics are taught (and expected) to check their sources and references. For medical academics this is particularly crucial. So why do so many academic doctors still recommend vaccination programmes when there is no evidence showing that they are safe and/or effective and a mass of evidence showing they are unsafe and ineffective?

6. The nine-year-old son of a neighbour was given a building set as a birthday present. Half way through building a model house, he abandoned what he was doing and picked up a comic. `Why have you stopped?’ his mum asked him. `It’s what builders do,’ he explained. `I’m going off to do something else for a while. I’ll probably come back and so some work on it later in the week’

7. If there is a water shortage and you need liquid to enable you to flush the loo it’ll probably be cheaper to buy cans of lager instead of bottled water.

8. Everything that is happening was predictable. Watch my video entitled `They’re going to Starve us and Freeze Us to Death’ which describes how they would use the oil shortage to starve and freeze us to death. The video is available on the videos section of It was first published on the discredited platform YouTube on 1st July 2020. (Every word is true so it was taken down by the censors within minutes.) The transcript of the video is (together with the transcripts of my videos from April to the end of August 2020) in my 509 page book `Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History’ which is available via the bookshops on and or via the publisher

9. Arnold Bennett boasted to dinner table companions in Paris that water from the tap was safe to drink. He had a glass of water brought to him. He drank it. And within days he was dead from typhoid.

10. It is difficult to think of a lazier, nastier, greedier bunch of people than British university lecturers. Any half-wit can be a university lecturer and the job (part time at most) is hardly wearing. It is, without doubt, the most overpaid job in the country. The average so-called academic earns £42,714 a year and they’ve turned down a pay rise of up to 8%. They are demanding a 12.5% pay rise and with a nerve not even doctors have shown they want to be repaid what they’ve lost through being on strike. In order to further their cause they have, of course, been refusing to mark their students’ exam papers – with the results that thousands of students who have worked hard and paid a fortune for a university education are left in limbo. Every striking lecturer should be sacked immediately. They could be replaced in a minute by hiring all those immigrants coming into Britain in rubber boats.

11. I ripped out my old kale (because it was covered in aphids). My replacement kale has developed light brown fungal spots. I blame the Climate Change Nutters and the Remainers for this. It is clearly all their fault.

12. I can’t stop feeling that the `war’ between Russia and Ukraine reminds me of the Ali-Foreman rope a dope fight. I suspect that the Russians could destroy Ukraine in half a day but they’re stretching out the war to exhaust the US, the UK and the other NATO countries.

13. As you doubtless know, Marco Polo travelled to China in the 13th century. But en route he stopped off in India and while there saw how men were forced to pay their debts. If a circle was marked in the ground with a stick and drawn around a debtor by the man’s creditor then by law the debt had to be repaid before the man inside the circle was allowed to leave it.

14. YouTube’s existence is based on the same philosophy which has always driven book-burners: the suppression of information and views which are regarded as unacceptable by those who control the most guns. The same is true of Google and the BBC to name but two more oppressive `book burning’ organisations.

15. Now that our seas are thick with sewage we can say with renewed certainty that crabs are bottom feeders. Crab sandwich anyone?

16. Cash is much more than a payments technology. It is one of the purest and oldest forms of public good, a symbol of identity and sovereignty. – Andy Haldane, former Chief Economist at the Bank of England, writing in the Financial Times.

17. Central Banks planning their own digital currencies have almost all agreed that digital currencies should pay no interest. This decision has received very little publicity but it is, without doubt, a crucial part of the Great Reset. Please share this news with everyone you know. Incidentally, I see that the so-called experts now (at last) agree with me that we are heading into a recession. Why has it taken them so long to see the obvious?

18. Today, I received three emails telling me that my Facebook account had been hacked. The same thing happened yesterday and the day before, and every day last week. This is curious because over three years ago, when I applied to open a Facebook page, I was told that I couldn’t have one because I would be `a danger to the community’. I’m not allowed to access Facebook and have never even seen a Facebook page. So, another small mystery. (If there is a fake Vernon Coleman page on Facebook it seems odd that Facebook should ban me but allow a fake. On the other hand, perhaps it’s not odd at all.)

19. A company called Worldcoin is collecting iris scans and has been recruiting idiot volunteers in 20 countries. So far over two million people (including journalists) have allowed their irises to be scanned. No one seems to know precisely what Worldcoin is going do with these iris scans. But over two million people have given away vital information with no idea how it is going to be used. Would all those people agree to be finger printed by a private company collecting biometric data? They probably would.

20. The NHS has proved, beyond doubt that the State should keep out of health care.

21. Dementia in general and Alzheimer’s disease in particular are over promoted, over diagnosed and (naturally) over treated. Why? Because both are regularly used to kill off elderly individuals who are in some way weak or frail and regarded as a non-productive (aka `useless eaters’ to the Great Reset enthusiasts and the evil climate change nutters). Most people who are diagnosed with dementia don’t have dementia. Read my book `The Dementia Myth’ for more details. It’s yet another horror story.

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