Passing Observations 204

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. It is an indisputable fact that face masks (much loved by the insane climate change cultists) do more harm to wildlife and the environment than plastic bags.

2. A very old list of mine including the names of warriors and freedom fighters has been circulating on the internet. The list is at least 100-years-old, completely out-of-date and was circulated without my knowledge or permission. If I compiled such a list today it would be very different.

3. There is a plan to give the vote to 16-year-olds. This makes as much sense as giving the vote to cats (which many teenagers apparently claim to be). Giving the vote to teenagers will guarantee a parliament of communists forever (not that it will be a great deal different to the one we have at the moment.)

4. In 1904 The Times of London described the Government of Tibet as oppressive, inefficient, bizarre, tyrannical and corrupt. And those are just the words I would use to choose to describe the current governments of the US, UK, Canada, Australia and the EU.

5. An officious man came to the door. We aren’t listed anywhere as the residents. (I’m shy.) The conversation went like this: `What’s your name?’ `Occupant’. `How do you spell that?’ I spelt it for him. He wrote it down. `And your first name?’ `The.’ I spelt that for him before he could ask. I do so like to cooperate. He wrote that down too. And he went away happy knowing that our house is still occupied by `The Occupant’.

6. If you want to know precisely what the conspirators have planned for us all, please read my book `They want your money and your life’. It may shock you, but at least you’ll know what to expect and why we have to fight harder than ever if we are to survive.

7. All civilised men and women loathe the Germans and despise the French. There is nothing that can be done about this for it is a rule of nature and it is for those excellent reasons that all civilised individuals also loathe the EU and have a particular dislike of Remainers, the treacherous and noisy few who have sold their miserable souls for that peculiar combination of communism and fascism which is practised by the aficionados of the EU. Today, the EU is determined to destroy Britain because the British people were wise enough to vote for Brexit. The communists simply can’t believe it happened and will do everything possible to reverse the result by fair means or foul – preferably foul.

8. These are dark and difficult days and I try to think of things to cheer myself up. Today, I realised that I am now too old to develop early onset dementia. Yippee.

9. Everyone who promotes the dangerous myth of climate change is a liar who should be imprisoned for the new crime of malicious scaremongering and aggressive gas-lighting.

10. Mainstream journalists working for broadsheets and television are invariably far left wing fascists. They are pompous, humourless and convinced that their shared opinions (bought and paid for) are the only ones worth holding. Loyalty, decency, dignity and respect are as much of a mystery to the woke as are culture and history.

11. During World War I, British soldiers in France were supplied with 10 million shovels for digging trenches and graves, and 25,000 coal miners were employed to tunnel underneath the German lines. The troops set charges and blew up the Germans with explosives. The bangs could be heard many miles away in London.

12. Ken Dodd was ahead of his time when he recorded his hit single entitled `Appyness’.

13. Official figures show that there have now been 1,000,000 advertisements containing photos of a black man and a blonde, white woman. This cliché remains untouchable.

14. The President of the Royal College of Nursing is alleged to have said that Lucy Letby would have been stopped if she wasn’t white. If the President has been accurately quoted, and she really thinks that, then it is a long time since I came across anything which I fear is more likely to create racism, hatred and despair. The Great Reset beckons and I sometimes fear there is no hope for any of us. Is this really what we have come to? I despair, I really do.

15. I doubt if there a soul left in the world (outside the BBC and Reuters) who takes the fact-checkers seriously. The average fact checker, like the average Wikipedia editor, has no academic qualifications other than a diploma in washing up and gives their hobby as `torturing kittens and puppies’.

16. Supermarkets are allegedly giving free coffee to cops who hang around inside and leave their cars parked outside. They believe this will discourage shoplifters but it isn’t that a step on the slippery road to corruption? How long before the cops are given buns and cakes and doggy bags to take home? Can’t cops afford to buy their own coffee?

17. I’m reading an amazing book about the First World War and the men who subsequently tried to climb Everest. `Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory and the Conquest of Everest’ by Wade Davis is extraordinarily inspiring. It is a book which defines obligations in a way that today’s entitled generation cannot begin to understand. Harry and Meghan should be instructed to read copies before they are allowed to utter another word in public. The story of the First World War is the most moving I have ever read and his account of the men tackling Everest, in the days before climbers came in numbers associated with coach parties and there was a ladder on the mountain to help climbers over a tricky bit, is enthralling. (A ladder! What next – a cable car?) A few months ago I published a book entitled `My Favourite Books’ which contains details of my 100 favourite non-fiction books. If I do a second 100 then the Wade Davis book will be included.

18. Please go to Bitchute, type in my name and subscribe to my channel. Or you can find it by clicking HERE. Once you are there, please subscribe and you will be informed the moment I make any new videos. Also, as a subscriber you can use the message section on the latest video to leave cheery comments, limericks, cooking recipes, gardening advice, weather forecasts and horse racing tips. (Anonymous comments from idiots who believe the earth is flat, climate change is real and there are no germs will be left to give other visitors a laugh at their expense.) I just hope that my Bitchute channel lasts longer than my two previous channels. The one on YouTube had acquired 230,000 subscribers in a couple of months before it was entirely removed for the crime of telling the truth and my channel on the old BrandNewTube had, I think, around 287,000 subscribers before the authorities decided that enough was enough and the platform was hacked into oblivion. (Prior to that, the authorities had warned BNT to remove my channel or face the consequences – the brave Muhammad Butt refused to delete my channel or to allow me to remove it myself and the inevitable happened.) Joining my Bitchute channel means we can stay in touch even if my websites go down – though I have to warn you that there are already signs that GCHQ or some other noxious entity has been interfering with the availability of my videos. (Don’t these morons realise that they will suffer as much as anyone else when the billionaire conspirators form their World Government? Do the drones at GCHQ and the CIA et al really believe they will be treated as being special?) Please note, by the way, that I am banned from all media so I can only reach people if you promo my articles on your social media accounts.

19. The BBC has apparently formed a misinformation and disinformation department. This is odd because I thought everyone working for the BBC was an expert in misinformation and disinformation.

20. Britain has now had the coldest, most miserable summer since 1842 when a freak moment of climate change caused the Kvorskykof Glacier to melt. As a result of the melting glacier, bitter Siberian winds blew across Northern Europe causing temperatures in Birmingham to reach minus 40. An ostler called Ebeneezer Powell, who lived in Pigeon Lane, Solihull, fell to the ground when his wooden leg split in the intense cold. Mr Powell was run over by a brougham driven by a drunk driver and is the first recorded victim of climate change. (My made up stuff is as good as everyone else’s made up stuff. There is now no discernible difference between writing about the weather and writing fiction.)

21. Sir Jonathan Van-Tam, the UK’s former deputy chief medical officer, who became famous during the fake pandemic, has taken a job at Moderna, the vaccine maker. I was shocked, I tell you, shocked. During the Big Fraud, Van-Tam was a member of the UK Government team responsible for supplying contracts for covid jabs.

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