Passing Observations 209

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Interesting to see that the New York Post (and other media organisations) have questioned the way that Russell Brand has been attacked in the media and the fact that he has had his YouTube channel demonetised after he had been accused of sexual offences including rape. `Are accusations enough to destroy someoneís life and remove his ability to make money?í asks the Post. The argument, with which I agree, is that a man or woman should be regarded as innocent until proven guilty. But, try this for size. I havenít been accused of anything. But for the crime of telling the truth about covid (and no one has found any errors in over 300 videos and several million words on my websites) I have been destroyed and lied about and falsely labelled a discredited conspiracy theorist. As a result of simply telling the truth I have lost agents and publishers who produced my books in 26 languages and most countries in the world. All gone. Iíve also been banned from all mainstream media, all social media and most of the internet. My YouTube channel (never monetised) was completely removed and I was banned from accessing other peopleís YouTube videos. And when I moved to BrandNewTube that platform was destroyed.

2. Weíve apparently just endured the hottest summer since records began. `It was so hot that one day in June I had to unbutton my jacket and take off my scarf,í said a neighbour. `And for twenty minutes one day I spotted a round, yellow thing in the sky. It looked blurred and dusty, probably because of all the toxic stuff the climate change nutters have been spraying in the air, but I think it was what we used to call `the suní.í On one afternoon during the September heat wave, the temperature reached 66 degrees Farhenheit (thatís 19 degrees in the new-fangled centigrade that the weather people have taken a fancy to) and we were beginning to worry about sunstroke. Incidentally, have you noticed that the moon is often a blur these days? Itís the result of all the insane sprinkling of chemicals in the atmosphere. The accumulated morons and cretins who claimed that we were threatened by man-made climate change have created man-made climate change with which to threaten us. Abit Bloted of the Wind and Moisture Climate Council reports that the summer of 2023 was the hottest since 2022. He says this proves that the earth will catch fire and explode on November 5th.

3. I doubt if many people noticed but in his recent promise to pull back from the British Governmentís Net Zero promises (which would have bankrupted the country and everyone in it), Prime Minister Sunak assured poorer people (including all those on benefits) that when the rules about home heating are finally applied they will not have to obey the absurd strictures. The poor (however you define them) will not have any fiscal responsibility for Net Zero. And this, of course, will ensure that there is enthusiastic support for Net Zero and for the Conservative Government. Most people in Britain donít work or pay taxes and the many millions who will be exempt from Net Zero will merrily vote for something awful that isnít going to cost them a penny.

4. The UKís official covid Public Inquiry acknowledged receipt of my book `Coming Apocalypseí. I have now also sent the Inquiry a copy of my book `Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in Historyí.

5. No one is going to save us. We have to save ourselves.

6. I have just received a note from the NHS telling me that I should have my seasonal covid-19 jab. The NHS says that my `health record suggests you may be at increased risk due to a health condition or medical treatmentí. (The deadly covid jab is now clearly planned to be at least an annual event.) Well, I may well have a health condition. Or two. Who knows? But the NHS has no record of my having a `health conditioní and I am not receiving treatment. And so the NHS appears to be lying to try to trick me into being jabbed with an entirely useless and toxic substance. Why am I not surprised? Oh, and they also tell me that I may be eligible for one of their wonderful new flu vaccines. And maybe a free toaster too.

7. We donít usually trust the Meterological Office in the UK, regarding it as about as trustworthy as Tony Blair, Boris Johnson or just about anyone in public life. But the other day their forecast for our area was so bleak that we abandoned our plans for a day out. They were forecasting a solid day of rain, thunder and lightning. `They canít get it that wrong,í we thought. But they did. It was one of the sunniest days for ages. And throughout the dry and sunny day the Met Office was telling us that it was raining heavily. As Iíve said before the Met Office canít even get the weather right on the day its happening. But, magically, they know exactly what the weather will be like in 50 yearsí time.

8. NHS hospital doctors who are on strike are being paid up to £269 an hour to cover the absence of NHS doctors because of the strikes. The result will be that the NHS will soon not be able to pay for bed linen to be changed more than once a year.

9. A squirrel who lives in our garden has become best chums with a magpie. They play together for hours.

10. A reader complained that my series of books about the village of Bilbury in Devon, which are set in the 1970s, are a bit old-fashioned. The reader presumably feels that I should have equipped everyone in the village with mobile phones, satellite television and climate change concerns. I always rather hoped that it was the fact that the books were old-fashioned which gave them their charm. If youíre looking for a way to escape from reality the first book in the 15 book series is called `The Young Country Doctor Book 1í.

11. The mainstream media have adopted the claim I made a few months ago that Britain is now a Third World Country. As usual, the mainstream media is behind the times. Today, Britain isnít well developed enough or efficient enough to be a Third World Country.

12. Antoinette dyed her hair the other day. `I donít want people to think Iím old enough to be your wife,í she said.

13. It seems that every day more scientists are standing up against the climate change fraud. Over 1,600 scientists jointly signed a declaration dismissing the climate crisis as nonsense and pointing out that carbon dioxide is beneficial to Earth. The Global Climate Intelligence Group said in its World Climate Declaration that warming is happening far slower than predicted, that climate models are `not remotely plausible as policy toolsí and that the Earthís climate has always varied Ė with cold and warm phases occurring naturally. And a climate change expert has admitted that he overhyped the impact of global warming on wildfires to ensure that his work was published in a leading science journal. There is no climate change, the earth is not flat and germs cause infections. If you want to know the truth about climate change read the book `Gretaís Homeworkí by Zina Cohen. Or for more truths read my book `A Bigger Problem than Climate Changeí which deals with the oil shortage.

14. I wasnít in the slightest bit surprised to see Birmingham go bust. Itís been clear for some time that councils were heading for financial trouble (and I warned that this was coming). Councils pay their executives far too much and give them absurd pensions. And the quality of the people in local government really leaves much to be desired. Most are enthusiastic supporters of the Great Reset and concern themselves too much with global frauds such as covid and global warming and not enough with local issues such as rubbish collecting.

15. Re-wilding may be very fashionable but Iím spending much of my time de-wilding Ė getting rid of brambles and weeds. Maybe I can sell the weeds to a health food store. Iím sure they are all good for something or other.

16. Iím banned from accessing Facebook, of course, but my good friend Dr Colin Barron recently sent me a picture which appeared on that platform. The picture shows two people in surgical gowns lying flat on the floor of an operating theatre. These are reportedly surgeons who are exhausted after a 32 hour operation to remove a brain tumour. Colin saw the picture (which seems to have originated in Canada in 2019) on the Facebook page of someone called Greg Philo. Colin and I find the picture puzzling. First, neither of us is aware of surgeons working through any 32 hour operation. In most long operations the surgeons and nurses work in shifts. (Certainly that is my experience.) I know of no country where doctors are allowed to work for 32 hours without a break. There would, presumably, be at least four changes of anaesthetist and even more changes of nursing teams. Second, the stress on a patient of a 32 hour operation would be massive. Third, the gowns of the two alleged surgeons look remarkably clean Ė there are no signs of blood. Fourth, there is a pile of discarded debris on the theatre floor. The theatre sisters I worked with would have had forty fits if their theatre had been left looking like a rubbish tip. Perhaps Mr Philo can tell us the precise origins of the photo and why he published it.

17. Doctors and other staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London have been advised not to use out-of-date terms such as `girlsí and `boysí because using such `gendered languageí can (it is alleged) make people feel `disrespected, invalidated, dismissed, triggered, alienated or, often, all of these things.í The bollocks never stops coming, does it?

18. Rats the size of dogs can be seen everywhere in Britain thanks to the recycling programme which leaves tasty meals out in chewable plastic bags and plastic containers. Iíve had a brilliant idea that could solve this and many other rubbish disposal programmes. Why not give all households a metal bin with a metal lid. The householder could put the bin out on the pavement once a week and someone employed by the council and called, say, a `dustmaní or a `bin-maní, could collect the bin and empty it into the back of a truck. I reckon that brilliant idea is worth a knighthood and a Nobel Prize.

19. Someone asked why I donít do interviews any more. There are, I think, two reasons. First, I donít like apps and donít have the apparently essential zoom thing required for interviewing purposes. My suggestion that I do an interview over the telephone is usually regarded with horror. Second, no one asks me. This may be because there is a tendency for people who interview me to lose their platform. I sent out a huge number of copies of Their Terrifying Plan (so far I have spent almost double the amount I have earned in royalties from the book) but there hasnít been a single interview.

20. Dr Colin Barron has a new video out on Rumble. Itís called `Net Zero Will Bankrupt Britainí and apart from being absolutely accurate itís very timely. Colinís video was published just a couple of days before British Prime Minister Sunak abandoned the essence of his Net Zero plans and Iím convinced the two events must be connected. By the time, if you are thinking (even vaguely) of purchasing an electric car then you must first buy Colinís book `Why I will Never Buy an Electric Carí. Itís a brilliant book and no one who reads it will buy an electric car.

21. Ukraine is begging for more bullets, bombs, guns and planes. They say that Russia will run out of arms by 2026 and so NATO must keep supplying Ukraine with more stuff with which to kill people. Honest. Anyone who supports Ukraine or the murderous and pointless war with Russia is utterly insane.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 2023