Passing Observations 21

Vernon Coleman

1. The `Better than Cash Alliance’, partly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’, is campaigning to get rid of cash and replace it with a digital currency.

2. The shaming of the sick is getting worse in the wake of Commander Dick’s advice that members of the public should deliberately `shame’ those not wearing masks. An Easy Jet pilot threatened to remove an asthmatic from a flight if he didn’t wear a mask. Patients who cannot wear masks have been turned away from public transport and shops.

3. Surgeons working in the NHS in the UK are working at 50% of capacity.

4. A year ago more than 1000 patients had to wait more than 12 months for treatment in the UK. Today, more than 50,000 patients have waited longer than 12 months to be treated.

5. The number of heart attacks diagnosed and treated fell by 40% because of the coronavirus hoax. Urgent referrals for suspected cancer fell by 70%.

6. In Florida in the United States, a company associated with Bill Gates will release 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes.

7. Nearly three quarters of Britons disapprove of homeless people being fined during the lockdowns in the UK. Many of those sleeping rough received fines – even though they were sleeping rough because they couldn’t afford anywhere to sleep. Nice.

8. The World Health Organisation has warned that the covid panic won’t end with a vaccine. A top WHO official has said that lockdown measures will be needed to tackle the coronavirus.

9. A Daily Mail headline claimed that people who don’t wear face masks are more likely to be sociopaths – described as callous, deceitful or manipulative. However, that is not quite what the author of the paper quoted really said. In a paragraph a long way down the article, he actually said: `We cannot state that if a person chooses not to wear a facemask, the only reason is because they are a sociopath,’ he said. `Although this is possible there are likely to be other factors involved.’ It is not surprising that the Daily Mail circulation is plummeting.

10. During the last six months, 25% of people in the UK have tried to treat their dental problems themselves. Many have tried (some successfully) to remove their own teeth.

11. Public meetings are allowed if they are educational. Maybe demonstrations against the coronavirus hoax could be advertised as educational? It would be nice to see 40,000 people crammed into Trafalgar Square to listen to a series of `lectures’ on the hazards of political dishonesty and police brutality.

12. Around 100 illegal immigrants a day are coming into Britain in one area of the coast alone. That doesn’t sound much but it’s 36,500 a year. Are they being allowed in to create more friction, resentment and racial hatred? Are they being allowed in because many of them are known to be agitators or even potential terrorists? Who can possibly trust the Government?

13. The mainstream media has, at last, pointed out that the polio in Africa is largely a result of the Gates Polio vaccination programme. I revealed this months ago. But it’s nice to see the mainstream media publishing a fact for a change.

14. Our politicians (national and local) are as afraid of the truth as vampires are of crosses.

15. Britons should write and ask their MP what the suicide figures are. Everyone expects them to have risen massively in the last few months. Why are the figures being suppressed? Demand that your MP ask a question in the House of Commons (assuming it still exists).

16. Why does Britain no longer have a two or three party system? Why do Labour and Liberal and SNP politicians merely nod through everything this Stalinesque Government wants to do? The parliamentary system has completely failed the British people.

17. Boris Johnson, described as the British Prime Minister though I’m not sure about this, wants to bring in daily testing for everyone. That would be 67 million tests a day and would cost £100 billion a year at least. The man is a complete fool. The current system cannot cope with 250,000 tests a day. It would make more sense to ask everyone in the country to toss a coin every morning to decide whether they have the coronavirus or not. It would be cheaper, faster and more reliable.

18. Could Sweden be the first country to have a second wave of the coronavirus? If so, this will probably be to show the rest of the world that by not having a proper lockdown the Swedish government failed to look after its citizens properly. The odd thing about Sweden is that although they did not have a major lockdown, the Swedes use almost no cash (fitting in with the United Nations Agenda 21 plan for the future of mankind) and are already testing the use of implanted chips to replace mobile phone apps for financial transactions. I’ll be watching carefully to see if the heavily promoted second wave does start in Sweden. If it does then we see their plan unfolding.

19. Write letters to your local paper about the way this flu-like virus has been vastly over-exaggerated. Use facts from our factsheets. Local papers don’t print many letters and there is a decent chance that they will use yours. If you don’t want your name and address printed you will still have to supply it – but simply ask for it not to appear.

20. As I have reported before the global warming fraudsters are doing everything to convince us that the climate is changing. A temperature of 54.4 degrees centigrade was recently claimed to be the highest air temperature recorded on earth. But there are three higher temperatures officially recorded – including one of 58 degrees centigrade in Libya in 1922. (Attempts are being made to have this record dismissed on the grounds that an inexperienced meteorologist must have misread the thermometer. Really.)

21. I am increasingly reluctant to accept anything I read on much of the internet. Almost every fact about me on the internet is wrong (except here on my website). I always check my videos at multiple sources and use textbooks and journal articles whenever possible – with common sense and a good deal of experience as the ultimate arbiters.

Copyright Vernon Coleman September 11th 2020

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