Passing Observations 210

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Those who donít believe in the existence of germs might like to explain the Great Plague. The plague was famously spread to Derbyshire on old rags sent from London. Without the germ theory there is no rational explanation for how the plague devastated the village of Eyam or why the self-isolation organised by selfless villagers prevented the plague from spreading.

2. I have decided to build a full scale model of the Eiffel Tower out of used matchsticks. The first problem is finding enough matchsticks. Iíve decided that the quickest way to collect used matches is to take up pipe smoking. (Pipe smokers are forever having to relight their pipes.) And so Iíve bought a Sherlock Holmes pipe and a pouchful of sweet smelling tobacco. What fun.

3. I have learned many things in the last twelve months but the one thing Iíve learned for certain is that there are far more lob dotterels, joltheads and lobcocks around than I would have thought possible.

4. Daniel Defoe was 60 when he began his first novel called `The Life and Strange, Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe.í

5. The price of the average wedding in the UK is now £24,000. The reason? Newlyweds are spending a fortune to compete for `likesí on social media.

6. Nostradamus once published a book of jam recipes. .

7. The people of Spain have apparently decided they donít want any more British tourists. Fair enough. I donít want any more tourists from Spain to come to England (though they are welcome to go to Wales if they can put up with driving everywhere at 20 mph). The trouble with the Spanish is that they come over with their paellas and their castanets and want to start fighting bulls on Englandís gentle village greens. And, as everyone knows, you simply canít prepare a decent cricket pitch on grass that has been used for bullfighting.

8. In a moment of wild optimism I have taken up bonsai gardening. I am assured that a decent bonsai tree can be grown in no more than 100 years.

9. I overheard two young people talking in a cafť. `My boss is terrible,í said one. `He keeps trying to tell me what to do!í `You should complain,í said the other. `Theyíre not allowed to do that.í

10. And I overheard two teenagers talking about climate change, energy and the planet. `I donít know why they burn coal or diesel or gas any more. And I donít know why theyíre putting up these horrid windmills and solar panels. Electricity is so much cleaner. It just comes out of the socket and thereís no mess.í

11. Iíve just read two great books which I recommend to help you escape from the real world: `Last Grain Raceí by Eric Newby and `Incredible New Yorkí by Lloyd Morris. Both are set well in the past (so they will doubtless be given one star reviews for being old-fashioned) and both are extraordinarily riveting.

12. I am told that individuals with hernias can review their treatment on a new website called Trusspilot.

13. `Within the intelligentsia, a derisive and mildly hostile attitude towards Britain is more or less compulsoryÖí Ė George Orwell.

14. `Heís not gone. Heís here, in this place, in this place he gave us. Heís all around us and in us, and he always will be.í (Marion, the settlerís wife, talking about Shane Ė the eponymous hero of one of the greatest stories ever written, and one of the greatest movies ever made.)

15. Mindfulness has been a popular trend for a long time now. As a concept it has been around for centuries. But now it is particularly popular among millennials Ė some of whom probably think they invented it. (Or that it was invented for them.) But hereís the joke. The principle of mindfulness is that you should enjoy the moment. You should be totally aware of what is going on around you. So how do millennials practise their mindfulness? They spend every waking moment taking selfies so that they can preserve the moment they are about to just miss and then examine it more closely at some future moment which will never come. (When do the selfie takers ever look at all their pictures?)And when they arenít taking interminable selfies, the millennials are busy recording their exploits, in great detail, on their social media accounts. So, a thoughtful word: Dear snowflake children, you cannot enjoy the spirit of mindfulness if you are forever photographing yourself and sharing your trivial exploits with your vaguest acquaintances. The principles of mindfulness are that you look, observe, feel, experience and enjoy.

16. Officially, Britain is no longer a Christian country. The globalists have won that battle. How long will it be before Britain is officially registered as a Muslim country? Iím betting somewhere between five and ten years.

17. Newspapers, news magazines and broadcasters that used to carry hard news and balanced editorials have gone the way of Hansom cabs and crinolines. Today, newspapers, news magazines and broadcasters merely share press releases and propaganda.

18. Britain has so much money that the Government is desperately trying to give the stuff away. So, for example, if you consider yourself immobile because you have anxiety, short covid, medium sized covid or long covid the kindly Government will give you a free £40,000 car.

19. Pigs have been released on moorland in Cornwall as part of the Great Re-wilding process. That should keep walkers at home and out of the way. The globalists arenít very subtle, are they?

20. If you want to know the full history of climate change, the Great Reset, the fake pandemic and everything else that is happening to us, please read my book `Their Terrifying Planí. My new book explains how insane, billionaire globalists are plotting to take over the world, and details precisely how they have created a terrifying future designed to change life for everyone alive and for every generation to come. In the first part of the book I discuss the way things are changing. And I then provide a detailed account of the way unelected pressure groups, alliances and lobbyists such as the Council for Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, NATO and the WEF have taken control of everything we do. I show how the United Nations, governments, bankers and banking institutions (such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements) have, for the best part of a century overthrown governments, started wars, deliberately created crises, stolen land, oil and other natural resources. I show how the climate change myth and a fake pandemic were deliberately created in order to manipulate the weak and the easily led. `Their Terrifying Planí is a comprehensive summary of the conspiracy now threatening our freedom and our humanity. You can buy a copy via the shops on and (High Street bookshops wonít stock it Iím afraid Ė probably because it contains too many truths.)

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