Passing Observations 211

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Beautiful autumn leaves depend on there being a warm summer. England had a stinking summer and so the leaves are going from green to dead and falling from the trees without bothering to turn glorious shades of yellow and red.

2. My latest book `Truth Teller: The Price’ (which is my very last book about covid and the Great Reset) has been banned in much of the world. There is no little irony in this since the book deals with the way the truth has been suppressed and is, in particular, the story of how the oppressors and manipulators used lies and propaganda to destroy my life. The Americans and the Australians appear to have banned the book completely. There is a paperback available in the UK. I wonder what there is in this very personal and revealing book that the conspirators find so worrying. If you want a copy buy the paperback soon because it’s the only edition available and it’s only available in some areas. (In America, this `print on demand’ book is listed as `temporarily out of stock’ which seems to me to be a trifle odd.) When a book about the way the truth is being suppressed appears to be suppressed then we know we are all in trouble.

3. Well paid members of the 77th Brigade (paid for by British taxpayers) have been busy for nearly four years putting snide, libellous comments on videos and one star reviews on books. What a pity they couldn’t do something more useful with their lives. Do they really think they’re going to be treated well when the conspirators decide to start killing billions?

4. It is now official: the supporters of the covid pandemic have failed to find a single error in my 330 videos, numerous books and thousands of articles about covid and the vaccine. A few noisy fact checkers, and dirty bits of the mainstream propaganda media (such as the BBC and Daily Mail) tried their usual lies. But all have failed to find one error. They have, nevertheless, banned me and my work and they continue to do so.

5. There has recently been a flurry of doctors jumping up and down and announcing that the covid vaccine is dangerous – and is killing people. Why did they take so long to wake up? They expect, but don’t deserve, prizes for jumping on a rolling band wagon.

6. Why do plastic cola bottles have an annoying piece of plastic tethering the cap to the bottle? I have to cut off the tether (an extra piece of plastic waste) and throw it away before I can drink from one of those bottles.

7. Anyone still wearing a face mask is either clinically insane or too stupid to be allowed to look after themselves. For details of the many dangers of face masks please read my book `Proof that Face Masks Do More Harm than Good’. You can find a copy via the section on covid books in the bookshop on

8. I am still being inundated with letters, texts and emails inviting me to have jabs against covid and the flu. (You’d think they’d know, wouldn’t you?). The odd thing is that the NHS will send someone round to our home to jab me if I agree to be given one of their toxic jabs. But, of course, if I have a heart attack or a stroke the NHS doesn’t do home visits any more.

9. A patient recently wrote about his experiences of the NHS. He seemed well pleased with the staff who looked after him, despite the fact that they didn’t notice that he had a compound fracture (that’s one with the bone sticking through the skin).

10. Legendary English footballer Sir Bobby Charlton died recently. At the inquest it was reported that Charlton fell and fractured ribs. He was said to be likely to develop pneumonia. Doctors then agreed that Charlton should be put on end-of –life-care. He died five days later. The coroner concluded that his death was accidental.

11. I don’t trust anyone who still broadcasts on YouTube and/or mainstream media such as GBTV. If they are on those platforms then they are accepted and approved of by the Cult of the Conspirators.

12. The new bookshop on is well worth a visit. It has been smartened up and redecorated and people all over the world are raving about it. Over 100 of my books are currently in print on Amazon. To make it easier to find the book you want (or didn’t know you wanted) Antoinette has updated the bookshop and made it more attractive. We drew the line at putting rugs down in case people tripped up. You can now go to the Bookshop, find the section you want and then find the book you want with astonishing speed. Please note that my books are only available as self-published books on Amazon because they are banned by all other publishers and printers. Before 2020 I had books published by most British mainstream publishers and in 26 languages. Today, none of my erstwhile publishers will dare publish anything I have written – however popular.

13. Let me once again remind readers that in the UK the State Pension of over £10,000 a year is not paid to really elderly pensioners – even if they’ve worked all their lives. Older pensioners have to get by with around £3,000 a year less – simply because they’re old and the Government wants them to die of hunger or cold as quickly as possible.

14. Every day for months now I have received several notifications to tell me that my Instagram and Facebook accounts have been interfered with. This is, of course, a surprise to me since I was banned for life from entering Mr Zuckerberg’s domain. His exact words were that I would be a threat to the Facebook community. Now I’m getting notifications to tell me that my Tik Tok account is in trouble. Well, goody, help yourselves. Hack it to bits. Like the Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and other social media accounts in my name it’s a complete fake and has nothing whatsoever to do with me. I have since early 2020 been banned from ALL social media and as far as I know the bans have not been lifted.

15. I read that patients in hospital in Gaza are having to wait between 24 and 48 hours to be treated when they attend their local Accident and Emergency Department. I thought this was pretty shocking and then I remembered that in the UK patients sometimes have to wait longer than that for emergency care. There is no doubt that the NHS now provides the worst health care in the world – worse even than war zones. Britain has become a fourth world country.

16. A report on the excellent website `The Expose’ shows that the covid vaccine can reduce the victim’s lifespan by at least 24 years. The report suggests that the damage to health caused by each jab continues indefinitely. As I have been saying since the autumn of 2020 (is it really that long ago?) the covid vaccine damages the immune system and the damage is dependent upon the number of jabs that are given.

17. Dementia levels in England and Wales are increasing so fast that the total number of patients with dementia is forecast to double by 2040. Why could this be? Well, the answer I’m afraid, is that many patients who have been mis-diagnosed with dementia disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease are actually suffering from something else. For details please read my book `The Dementia Myth’. Incidentally, the authorities claim that dementia is the biggest cause of death in England and Wales. This is rubbish. Dementia isn’t a big killer. Patients who are alleged to die of dementia mostly died of pneumonia, and the majority were `allowed’ to die or were deliberately killed because legal killing is what doctors and nurses do best these days. Dementia looks much better on the death certificate than euthanasia or murder.

18. A major ice cream maker has (according to the BBC) reported that `Rainy summer hits ice cream sales’. The BBC’s news report adds that `A rainy summer in Europe meant sales of ice cream dropped’. Now isn’t that odd. The BBC (like the rest of the mainstream media) was for ever warning us about the intense heat caused by global warming and yet it was really a rotten summer. What a surprise. (The climate nutters also claim that October was the warmest month ever. It may have been the warmest October since 2022 but I think that’s about it. We’ve had our heating on for most of the summer.)

19. Three quarters of the world’s plant food comes from just six crops. As the Irish discovered during their infamous potato famine, this sort of dependence can be dangerous. The six crops which provide the world with most of its energy are: rice, wheat, maize (or corn), potato, soybeans and sugarcane. Diversification would be wise but is not, therefore, likely to happen.

20. Male patients in England who have prostate cancer are being denied a life-saving drug which is available to patients in Scotland and Wales. The reason? English taxpayers send huge amounts of money to Scotland and Wales and so there isn’t enough money to pay for drugs to save English patients. That is ethnic cleansing and it is racist.

21. A huge pro-Palestinian demonstration in London on Saturday 4th November produced some strange results. The police were using facial recognition cameras and some demonstrators wore scarves and masks. The most popular comment on the Daily Mail website was this: `If you have the courage to protest at least have the courage to show your face.’ The writer of this was labelled as Bluebell Boy. It seems that Bluebell Boy hasn’t heard of hypocrisy – and nor have the thousands who up-ticked his bizarre comment. I found it odd, by the way, that demonstrators were not allowed anywhere near the Israeli Embassy. It is difficult to understand why peaceful demonstrators should be prevented from making their views known to the representatives of a country which most thinking people believe is committing some of the worst war crimes in living memory. And, and one other thing, the `Washington Post’ (among others) has reported that Hamas was set up, or at least encouraged, by Israel. The phrase `False Flag Operation’ springs to mind. Meanwhile, the US and the UK enthusiastically support the bombing of children’s hospitals, intensive care units, ambulances, churches, mosques, schools, refugee camps and the cold-blooded slaughter of over one million children.

Copyright Vernon Coleman November 2023