Passing Observations 216

Dr Vernon Coleman

1. Most road accidents are caused by under 25-year-olds. It, therefore, makes complete sense to ban everyone under the age of 25 from driving a motor car or riding a motor cycle – this would reduce over-crowding on the roads and leave roads for older drivers who are safer.

2. Evidence shows that cyclists are now a major cause of accidents, stress and illness. Cyclists are a danger to motorists, pedestrians and themselves. Moreover, cyclists who hold up traffic and cause tailbacks are a major cause of atmospheric pollution and excess fossil fuel use. It would make sense to ban cyclists from all public roads, pavements and parks. Cyclists should only be allowed to ride in official cycle lanes, where they should not be allowed to travel at more than 10 mph. Cyclists should pay comprehensive road insurance and £200 a year road tax. Cyclists who break any of the new laws should be imprisoned, fined and have their helmets removed and burnt. It should be against the law for anyone over the age of six to ride a bicycle while wearing Lycra, Spandex or any similar material.

3. YouTube’s suppression of the truth about covid and covid-19 jabs will, I suspect, cause more deaths and injury than have been caused by smoking. Read that sentence again. I mean it. It is to be hoped that the malignant, ignorant employees of YouTube will be sued and imprisoned for their part in what will turn out to be the world’s greatest medical crime – the suppression of the truth about covid and the covid vaccination. And, of course, Google’s shameful and shameless employees are just as guilty of serious crimes as their blood-soaked colleagues at YouTube. The despicable employees of Google and YouTube are paid huge salaries to sell human lives for the sake of the conspirators. Maybe one day they will realise the extent of their perfidy.

4. I now have convincing evidence that newspapers and magazines in the UK have been issued with a D notice forbidding them to print my name attached to anything. The authorities are terrified, absolutely terrified, of the truth.

5. I hear that there are now even BBC staff who are disgusted at the Corporation’s bias when reporting the genocide in Gaza. Why don’t they resign and resign noisily? Anyone who works for the BBC and doesn’t realise it is a propaganda organisation needs to have their brain taken out and washed in soap.

6. In the year 2022, at least 1.2 million people came to the UK. Many of them came in search of free money, free housing and free health care. In the same period, 508,000 taxpaying UK citizens decided that they’d had enough and pissed off abroad. It can be no surprise that Britain gets poorer by the day.

7. Supermarkets are giving up on self-service check out tills and are rehiring real people to man and woman the checkouts. Sadly, they are not doing this because they feel bad about all the people they’ve sacked or because they are worried that they are leading us into an entirely digital age. Stores hope that rehiring checkout staff might reduce the amount of shoplifting and may encourage shoppers to pay for what they’ve picked up. Still, we will take what we can get in the war against the menace of the digital age and a world of social credit.

8. It seems that December is going to be the hottest month in history. Someone at the UN says that 2023 will be the hottest year in history. Since it is generally agreed that the summer of 2023 was a miserable washout (so cold that it is blamed for rotten sales of, among other things, ice cream) the warm weather must be about to start now. If there isn’t a heat-wave over Christmas then there will doubtless be apologies galore to come.

9. Readers sometimes want to know why I don’t sell my books directly from my website now that pretty well all my publishers and agents (other than Korsgaard Publishing) have deserted me for daring to tell the truth. I would love to do this but there are problems. First, I would be banned within seconds if I tried to set up a commercial payment account. There is no way for me to charge for books I sell. Third, no printer will print my books because Mrs Caldicot and I are considered too dangerous. Fourth, I am lucky enough to have readers all around the world. Postage costs from the UK to America or Australia would mean that the price of sending a book would be prohibitive. Amazon prints and sells in numerous countries and so their postage costs are much lower. Third, if I spend my life putting books into jiffy bags and carting them to the local Post Office I will have no time to research or to write. There are lots more good reasons but those will do to start with.

10. It seems that anyone who says anything remotely critical of a black individual is automatically labelled a racist and that anyone who says anything critical of a Jew is automatically damned as being anti-Semitic. Following this line of thinking, I’ve decided that anyone who criticises me in future will be considered to be both racist and ageist since I am a white, elderly, Christian, heterosexual male and as such a member of an ethnic variety which can probably be considered to be both a minority group and an endangered one at that.

11. Anyone promoting the covid-19 jab as safe and effective is a dangerous source of misinformation. This was clear in 2020, it was clearer in 2021, it was painfully obvious by 2022 and today it is blatantly apparent to anyone with two functioning brain cells to rub together.

12. So many people have died young in the last couple of years. Today, I heard that Benjamin Zephaniah has died at the age of 65. At that age he was just getting into his stride. I had great fun making a video about vegan cookery with him some years ago. May he rest in peace.

13. A financial company is in trouble for having tricked the tax authorities in Germany out of 388 million euros. Apparently the company tricked the tax people into refunding all those millions in dividend taxes that had never been paid. You or I would probably have trouble getting an honest refund of £23.50. Maybe the answer is to think BIG.

14. Surgery, general practice and dentistry were infinitely better in the 1950s than they are now. It is true that there are more old people around than there used to be but this is because there are more people around than there used to be. Any improvements in general health and longevity are a result of cleaner air, less smoking, better food, fewer industrial accidents and fewer industrial pollutants. Drugs, doctors and dental breakthroughs have added nothing. And the advantages brought by these environment improvements have now ended.

15. The Home Office in the UK appears to have decided that immigration cannot and should not be controlled. The wishes of electors and ministers are being ignored. The civil servants responsible for destroying Britain (and aiding the global conspiracy) should be rooted out, arrested and deported.

16. In addition to killing untold thousands of children, the Israelis have destroyed around 100,000 properties in Gaza. (Gaza has been rebuilt three times in recent years because of attacks.) I suspect that an entire generation of Palestinians has been successfully radicalised.

17. The notion of `innocent until proven guilty’ has disappeared. Today, anyone (particular someone in sport or entertainment) who is accused of a crime or misdemeanour must be `rested’ or `fired’ until they have proved themselves innocent (not always easy or even possible). Pressure groups, lobbyists, hysterics and trolls ensure that the new way of doing things is followed.

18. According to a report from Consumer Reports (quoted on The Expose website, which I heartily recommend) electric vehicles have 80% more problems than proper cars – the ones which run on diesel or petrol. If you’re thinking of buying an electric car read Colin M Barron’s book `Why I will Never Buy an Electric Car’ – and then you won’t.

19. Bus and train services are closing down. Taxis are difficult to find. The banks are closing down bank branches – making life difficult for the elderly. GPs are refusing to see patients in the flesh. Ambulances take days to pick up seriously ill patients. And there is a move to take driving licences off the elderly. You can, I hope, see a pattern in all this. We are being led by the nose into the world of 15 minute cities. To understand the future we face please read my book `They want your money and your life’.

20. I know of two people in their eighties who are too frightened to visit an optician for an eye test. Both are frightened that if the optician finds anything wrong with their eyesight (however trivial) then a fateful report will be sent to the DVLA (Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Authority) and they will lose their driving licences and be marooned in their homes. They know that once they have lost their licences they will almost certainly never get them back.

21. Little more than a couple of decades ago, British GPs working in the NHS provided the best GP service in the world. Now they provide the worst service in the world. The fall in quality and care has been dramatic and unprecedented and is taking us back towards the Middle Ages. It’s as if Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs found themselves playing in an amateur football league, lost somewhere in a rural backwater.

22. The BBC succeeds in taking the wrong side on almost every issue. Its current lunacy is to promote climate change as though it were real and to dismiss all opposition as part of some conspiracy theory. By doing this the BBC distracts from real issues, creates fear among the gullible and the slightly dim and promotes a dangerous conspiracy which is destined to help destroy the global economy and result in billions of deaths. And Britons are expected to pay a licence fee to support this pseudoscientific nonsense. Naturally, the BBC never debates the issue. As with covid and the fake pandemic, the truth must always be suppressed. Incidentally, I’ve decided that just as the phrase `global warming’ was changed to `climate change’ the title of this fraud must change again. In future this pseudoscientific nonsense will be officially known as Climate Change Bollocks.

23. The people who suffered most as a result of the sanctions on Russia were non-Russian companies, investors, pensioners and westerners who like to keep warm or eat hot food and whose investments and dividends were crushed. It is now painfully clear that Russia is going to win the war against Ukraine if for no other reason than that America has run out of money. The sanctions damaged the West far more than they damaged Russia.

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